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Erudite Pejorative"
Should I tell a "smoker" who is having a hard time breathing that he did it to himself?
He's 56 and has a hard time breathing and walking over a hundred feet. He was warned over the last 40 years. Should I say "I told you so"?

well, thats not very nice is it. he has probably been told by everyone else and doesnt need to hear it from you

if they've been smoking for that long, then they already know what's causing it. they don't need someone to rub it in, you could try to help them by offering up other suggestions for not smoking.

Should you tell your parents they shouldn't have any more children because they will be rude just like you?
I hope not.
At least you are asking before they say anything.

I don't think that a 56 year-old person was just born yesterday. Of course, he knows what smoking does to him. Fat people know. Lazy people know. People who work too hard know.
Let's clean up our own lives before we start ripping apart other's lives.
I've never written anything rude on this before, but I think you lack compassion.

It might be true, but telling him so would probably make him feel even worse.

What for?? He knows what happened but is addicted and not ready to give up his addiction. As things get worse you will want to be there for him as it will not be pretty and he will need a hand to hold when he is having air hunger.

Only if you want your head bit off


No but you could remind him that it isn't too late to give up. Most smokers are pretty aware of what they are doing to themselves.

Barney Blake
He probably has emphysema or lung cancer. Despite how nasty smoking is, and how people who smoke are so defensive when it comes to their cigarettes, NO ONE DESERVES TO GET CANCER, and saying, "I told you so" would be like saying, "I'm happy you have cancer". Its cruel and it lowers yourself to a level even below a lowly smoker. Keep your comments to yourself and be a supportive friend as he dies from his years of smoking.

Bryan N
No.Becuae if this is a person you like that is not going to help them.You should try to get them help.Like I use a medication to help me quit called chantix.

It'sa sort ofadvice, might be too late emphysema has taken over

no it won't change the situation and only piss them off. he knows smoking causes it. he's got copd and unfortunately it will get worse. some people quit smoking and some don't feeling the damage has been done. it's hard for people to quit even when it's killing them.

vasundhra g
'told u so' isnt the right statement...it wud probably upset him even more..better if u bring up things which prove it to him that he was wrong to smoke, but in a way that makes him leave smoking....

It's kind of like this...

You have a daughter who always drives too fast. One day she loses control and slams into a guardrail. You come to see her in the hospital. Do you rush in and say, "Haha, I told you so!"?

What's so different about this situation?

Absolutely not. The last thing anyone who is suffering needs to hear is that they brought it on themselves ~ whether they did or not. He is probably acutely aware of that fact, anyway. It would just be a cheap, selfish way of thinking you are scoring a few points, when the opposite is true. No-one who says "I told you so" ever scores anything other than the resentment of the person being thus insulted.

If you want to be helpful, ask him (nicely) if he wants to do something about his smoking, and if he does, find out about it with him. Nagging also is the probably THE best way to have someone stop listening to you. If you care for him, step back and offer support, but don't keep on about it. Good luck.

Obama, the Tard
That person already knows it.

No, don't say, "I told you so. He already knows it...and if he doesn't, he's got more problems than just his lungs! :)

You could talk to him and say something like..."I know you realize that your health problems are from smoking. What would it take for you to put those down? What can I do to help you quit? I just want to see your health improve because I care about you..."

absent farmer
People dont like to hear things like that.
My brother weighs over 500 lbs and still insists that his sleep apnea is not caused by his weight(or his knee pain, or his dislocated toes, etc,etc)

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