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Should I start smoking tobacco?
I'm 11 and I really wanna start smoking tobacco because I think I'm cool and cool people like smoking it. All the famous people smoke so why shouldn't I?

jesus ******* christ your stupid. Your only 11, if you want cancer be my guest.

Däy Dreämir
wth heck nooooooo ok it does not make u look kewl it will make u look dead if u smoke enof!!!!!!

As funny as you might think that is. My mother just died of lung cancer from smoking and my father died from alcohol abuse. My grandfather also died from smoking. It shouldnt be considered cool to smoke. You might think it's cool now, but later, when you get sick from lung cancer or one of your cool friends get it.. You might rethink that whole, All the cool people do it. Years ago, people didnt know that dangers of smoking now they do and there is no excuse for you or any of your friends to be doing it. You are not invincable. You can die from it. This brings back sad memories for me. For now, just be thankful you are alive and you have your parents. It's not fun anymore when someone dies.!!!

Labelle makes everything clear.
He- he! You made me giggle! :)

But *cough* no response...


No! here's why:

Ashley Acosta
no!!!!!!!! smoke weed!!!!!!!!

its proven to be bad for your health!!! don't go killing yourself just to be cool. trust me, its not worth it.

.. Friends with Benefits ♥
Kid your doing yourself a huge mistake, your going to die from cancer and at least a million people die per year cause of tobacco. If you start smoking now your going to smoke for the rest of your life and die cause you won't be able to stop. Kids these days are stupid.

♫ʞɔoɹ ʇı ʇ?ן♫

Daisy Lane
dont do it. baaad idea.

lol @ you answering this
you know the answer
and tbf do what you want just don't kill others in the process

+your too tooo young
+most of those "famous" people you talk about are stupid and don't know anything, AND are soo rich that they can't buy anything more, so they start smoking tobacco and such

Lots of people who aren't famous smoke too...the difference is the famous person can afford the surgery to make their faces look younger and their teeth whiter, unlike us average folks. Also, if you want to be like famous people, save your cigarette money for a nice car in a few years. Famous people drive Mercedes, so why shouldn't you?

Also, if you're cool, then why start smoking? It doesn't really make a cool person MORE cool, right?

Anyway, I would say don't smoke yet. Little kids who smoke are only cool to the other little kids who don't really know what cool is anyway. Otherwise you look like an idiot.

But it's whatever, if you want to spend your allowance on tobacco thats your decision.

The fact that you chose to post this particular question in the RESPIRATORY DISEASES section makes me want to set my hair on fire. Honestly.

<PoSiTiVe ViBeS>
No. You are 11 years old. It causes alot of health problems not too mention that you shouldn't follow other people Be your own person and do your own thing. You shouldn't follow things like that just cause "their cool". Becuase its not gonna make you cool for doing it.

Sandy K
You are to young, smoking tobacco is the worse thing that you could do to yourself, besides giving your self cancer,and always smelling bad. Please do not do this to your self. Read up on how smoking causes cancer.

Because you're not famous!

♪єℓℓιє ßєℓℓy♫
Okay, you're being really stupid and you're probably just asking this for attention...

seriously? you are really asking this? i don't even see why people would start smoking? lung cancer... ever heard of it? honestly it is not cool. it smell, makes your fingers and hands and the whites of you eyes yellow, teeth yellow. mouth, lung, throat and tongue cancer. and like no famous people smoke. and when they die of cancer you can tell them that that put it on them selves.

For your sake please don't, not a good idea. I'm not trying to make you sound like a kid but you're far too young to start something like that, not that there's any age that someone should be smoking or using tobacco products.

because all those cool people won't look cool in a year when they look 10 years older than what they are now. smoking does absolutely nothing for you. wait until you have looked at all the pros and cons and then make your decision.

There's nothing cool about smoking when you're 11. Do you see any 11 year old famous people smoking? Find something else to be cool with. Nobody (except the total losers) starts smoking earlier than 15.

absolutely! actually, forget tobacco, just start smoking crack.

You'll be homeless and dating old men for money in no time.

Joseph B

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