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Should I go to the ER or wait until monday to see the doctor?
I have the flu and just had an asthma attack. I am ok, now. Should I get it checked out or wait and see?

Are you sure you have the flu and not something else, like pneumonia? I would definitely go in, especially if you're asthmatic.

Better safe than sorry! Go get yourself checked out :)

go get it checked out
why wait?
you might regret not going in

You should go to the ER, you could get another attack during the weekend, better safe than sorry I always say.

Never play with Asthma. With flu together its best checked my a medical professional.Watch your health its all you got so dont lose it.

I don't wait and see with serious things like that. Go in now you don't want it to get worse. At least call your doctor's office and tell them what happened immediately.

Candice C
either go to the ER or say no hurt, no pain, no after effects. It works.

go to the e.r!! u could be really sick and something really bad can happen. Or atleast call the hospital and tell them and see what they say! its better to be safe then sorry.

Why Me?
ER Now!

Kara J
I would go to the doctor before this happens again! the doctor can give you some medicine to treat the symptoms and attacks. Go!!

Always be safe than sorry.

I'd say call your doctor and tell him the signs and see what he says you should do.

hope you feel better!

Go to the doctor - today! What if you have another attack over the weekend? I'd go to an ugent care facility if your doctor can't take your right away.

Mom, mommy, momma, & MOTHER
asthma is a serious condition (i'm sure you already know that), maybe you should call your reg. dr. and have him/her call you bk.. If they can't be reached then diff. go to the E.R., what if it happens again?

Go Heels
Yeah, asthma is nothing to play around with.

Mohamed K
Ask a doc

Definetly get it checked out, because you dont want it to get worse and then regret it.

Jonny Dangerously
if you're around sure.

If you have medical insurance that will cover the ER visit, then go ahead and go.

If not, go to Walgreens or another minute-clinic. The costs are low, and they are very knowledgeable. They will be able to help you because they are trained nurses. If they suggest that you need to go ahead and go to the ER or to your doctors on Monday, then do what they say.

Also, there are many free nurse-lines that you can call and they can give you some advice.

If you are okay now, I would wait until Monday. Emergency rooms get really crowded on the weekends. If you're not having an attack right at that moment, you are going to be the lowest patient on the priority list in the ER, and you will wait forever. Unless you have another attack, save yourself a major headache and hours of your life and go to your doctor on Monday.

Most hospitals have a ask a nurse line. I would call.

If you're ok now, there's no need to go to the ER. If you start to have trouble breathing again go to the ER. I don't know if you got the flu shot, but asthma sufferers are recommended to get the vaccine because of this complication.

Susie Q
the hospital cannot do anything for the flu... if you had an asthma attack, i assume you already have an inhaler...use it.

get some medicine at the drug store and see the doctor next week.

the emergency room is for emergencies, not the flu.

That's why our hospitals are closing down.... people using the ER for lame stuff like this and not being insured.

CarolAnn L
you might need a nebulizer treatment. that's probably all they will do for you. just make sure you're taking you daily asthma meds. and you keep your inhaler on you. if you're not on daily meds you should try Advair. my husbands on it and it really helps.

The Master
Well it depends if you're struggling to breathe. If you're breathing is normal then wait to see your GP. If you're having any difficulties and you're wheezy and your inhaler is not clearing it then go to ER. People die from Asthma attacks.

Have you got a spirometry? it's a device you blow into and it checks your peak flow. If it's very low then you should see the ER

go to the doctors

Vanilla S
A stuffy nose, sore throat or cough caused by a cold or the flu can be a nuisance. But if you have asthma, even a minor respiratory infection can mean major problems.
+ Take good care of yourself.
+ Pay close attention to your asthma symptoms.
+ Monitor your airflow.
+ Go to the ER if you have trouble breathing or if your throat is extremely sore. If it's not, then wait till Monday.

If you're ok then I don't see the trouble of wasting your time and the doctor's time for no reason.

Stephanie H
call your dr and ask professional advice

Buccaneers Fan #1
im a wait n' see kind of guy

If you have come out of your asthma attack ok and are comfortable then wait it out.* The ER will only treat you if you are having an Emergency. Hope you feel better soon.

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