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Jeanette S
Should I go to see my dad in Chapel of Rest?
My dad died on tuesday. He had dementia and had been a recluse for 18 months just staying in his room. I only went to see him last week and I feel ded guilty about that...
He was rushed to hospital with pneumonia and died 2 hours later. I was with him when he died. I now cannot decide whether to see him in the Chapel of Rest. All I can think of when I think of him is his last minutes at hospital which were not nice.........Please help.....

you really should go, there wont be all the unpleasantness of the hospital it will be quiet and peaceful, i honestly think if you don't go you will then end up torturing yourself about it, take a deep breath go in pay your last respects even if you only stay a minute god bless mouse

I declined seeing my best mate and it's never been a regret in all honesty...It had been sometime since i last saw him but i still didn't go all the same, You have to remember that if you do go this image will be what you will possibly see for the rest of your life?? My condolences to you...

I went to see my Mum. I had a chat with her, albeit one sided. It is a personal choice, but wny not? For me, I wanted to respect my mum enough to go and see her. It was helpful to see that she really was dead. I was worried I would have felt guilty if I didn't go. But I imagine some people really are better not going. It was a bit scary because I didin't know how I would react, but it was ok and I'm glad I went.

I wish you well at this difficult time.

I would go and see him and say your goodbyes to him if you don't go you might regret it all the time and it will be on your mind that you didn't go and feel even more guilty .Plus you have to remember the fun and happy times you spent with him take care .

My condolences Jeanette.
Like others here, I agree that it is a very personnel thing. You were with him when he died, which is not something that many of us manage to do, for one reason or another.
They say that you remember the person, the last time you see them, and I think that is true.
If you choose to go to the chapel of rest, I think you will find that your dad will look much different. All the pain goes from the person, making them look at ease, and often gives the people left behind a feeling of ease also.
Nobody can tell you if it is the right thing for you or not, If you do go, you can always come out at anytime if your uncomfortable, the undertakers are always very considerate, and will do anything they can to make things go smoothly.
Whatever you decide, remember that you dad was aware of you at the end, don't beat yourself up about doing more, we all do what we can, when we can.
Good luck with whatever you decide.

So sorry your dad has died. I went to see my dad in the chapel of rest helped me to come to terms with him dyeing and also to say goodbye. It must be your choice though.

Only u can make that choice!! But i would say remember him how u did b4 he died and not seeing him in the chapel. But u have to make the decision or u could regret it .

Sorry for ur lose

I didn't go to the chapel when my father died.
My brother went and told me afterwards that our Dad "wasn't there" although there was a body.

When my Grandma died and I couldn't get back for the funeral I went to a park and thought about her for an hour.

Personally I don't think it matters whether you visit the chapel but try to find somewhere where you can be alone (preferably somewhere beautiful and peaceful) and have a think and a cry.

I'm so sorry to hear of your father's passing, Jeanette.

With regards to you seeing your father in the Chapel of Rest, it really is a personal thing but, personally, I would go to see a loved one.

As some have said, and dependent on your own belief system, you might consider it too late. I would counter that with you being able to get some comfort in the fact that you were able to say anything to your father that you felt had been unsaid whilst he was still alive.

I would agree that you shouldn't feel at all guilty about not being able to see your father whilst he was in care, but I would dispute that many people would have the knowledge to be able to ascertain whether or not your father would have been able to recognise you had you visited. I worked, for many years, with people suffering with various types of dementia, and just because someone was incapable of letting you know outwardly what they wanted to say, who's to say what's going on inside their head?

I appreciate that you may have found your father's passing as uncomfortable or distressing, but this may be an ideal opportunity to see him in a more peaceful and serene setting.

What I would say to you is that you don't focus on the negative aspects of your father's life ... or his passing, but to remember what he was like in happier times.

No-one in their right mind is going to suggest that it's going to be easy as there are several stages of grieving that you'll need to work through, but I would say think about your father, and speak to him. Again, dependent on your belief system, you may still 'feel' him around you, or 'see' him in your dreams. Accept this. Just take it as it comes.

Blessings to you and yours.

[email protected]
Take your time thinking of this and only go if you want to its a personal decision but from my own view of this they look very peaceful. All the best what ever you do.

yes go and see him ,if not you might regret it forever....its your last chance.

Take advice from the undertaker.
Sometimes it is better to remember someone as you knew them.

yes I would probably go, it will leave you with a calmer last memory of your Dad.
He won't really look like your Dad, though, like a 'copy' I remember my Dad telling me this before he died, so I chose not to see him, although I did see my father in law, and it was serene, but as if it wasn't really him anymore.
I guess that is what it was, just his shell.

You should, i did with my partner and it was a private moment to reflect and i am glad that i did. It took me a while to make the decision though

Paula B
I would think no. I saw my dad minutes after he died where he was 'sleeping' it looked. My mother told me not to visit him anymore. She's visited people in the chapel and said by then they are no longer there ( they look no longer there). My boyfriend was with his mum when she died and he went to see her in the chapel (he'd seen quite a few people at rest in the past) but was very upset seeing his mum. She was very gaunt and thin in life and this was worse when he last saw her. Some people get great comfort in seeing them visiting more than once. I think you have to go with you heart-but whatever you decide that is the right decision and have no second thoughts about it. Sorry for your loss, it's such a very sad time. My thoughts are with you

This is a very personal thing. I didn't go and see either my Dad or my Mum as I wanted to remember them before they died. Now my memories of them are alive and doing all the things that they enjoyed....maybe it was cowardly but I think it is what they would have wanted too.
Sorry...don't feel bad about not visiting...if he had demetia he wouldn't have known you anyway...best remember him how he was.

Sorry to hear about your loss.

My gran passed away last September. She went quite suddenly while in hospital having tests. My wife and I went too see her in the hospital, approx 2 hours after she passed away. I can still remember her lying there.

A couple of days later, I told my mum that I wanted to see her at the chapel of rest, which was subsequntly arranged for us.

The funeral directors do try and make them look as respectable as possible prior to any visits. To me, she look more peaceful and at rest than at the hospital.

I found this more a better way of remembering her than how I saw her at the hospital.

My wife didn't think she looked any different.

So I would suggest maybe you do go to chapel of rest, as you may see him in a nicer way, than how you remember seeing him in the hospital.

But it is up to you at the end of the day.

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