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♥♫♪Through the Monsoon♥♫♪
Questions about smoking.....?
*If someone is a regular smoker, about how many packs of cigarettes do they smoke in a day?

*About how much does a regular smoker spend on cigarettes every week?

*How many people die from smoking each year?

Any answers are appreciated :)

gavin r
depends most smoke 1-3 packs a day and spend about 20-35 dollars a week and a person dies every second...

regular smokin is approx 10-15 cigarettes a day..

£20 a week approx

Hundreds of thousands people die each year of smoking related diease etc

Hope This Helps

* One pack of Ciggs a day
* well i live in Ny and ciggs are roughly $8 a pack, so $56.00 a week on ciggs
* I do not know but im sure its a very sadly High number.

There is no such thing as a "regular" smoker. Someone could smoke anywhere from a few cigarettes a day to three of four packs a day. Cigarettes come 20 in a pack, 10 packs in a carton, and can range a little bit in price. If you smoke 1 pack per day, and they are roughly $4 a pack, a carton costs $40 or so (most times even more, around $50). You'll have to do some research, maybe check out the American Cancer Society website to see how many people die each year from smoking.

A regular smoker might smoke half a pack of cigarettes or more per day (that's 10+ individual cigarettes). I think any more than 2 packs per day and you OD on nicotine (and yes, you CAN OD on it).

Assuming a pack of cigarettes costs around $7--at least where I live--the regular smoker would spend anywhere from $21 per week (smoking a little less than half a pack per day) to $91 (smoking 2 packs a day.. yuck!) per week.

In the USA, 440,000 people die each year from smoking related diseases.

Hope I helped!!

1. Most all smokers, I have known, smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes per day.

2. The cost depends upon which state you live in (because of the taxes imposed) and whether the smoker buys loose tobacco to roll his own, or purchases them by the carton (which has 10 packs) which is a bit cheaper than purchasing a pack at a time. So, this can vary widely, anywhere from $10 to $35 on average per week.

3. Again, this figure can vary widely. I don' believe anyone can give a precise figure on this. Worldwide the figure is way over 4 million a year, with over a million of these fatalities, alone, in China. That's over 11,000 per day. And, every 6.5 seconds a current or former smoker dies.
Then there are the figures for those who die from the smoke of others....second-hand smoke. At least 3,000 die from shs yearly. I say, at least, because again, there are no definite precise figures on this, either.
All these deaths are the deadly fatalities resulting from the disability or disease that the tobacco caused, such as emphysema, heart disease, lung cancer, etc.

as a smoker i can get your first two

i smoke around 15-20 ciggarettes a day
thats 30 GBP a week i dont know your last one but hope it heled a bit

I smoke 2 packs of 20 a day

They cost each about £5 each so £10 a day so £70 a week

There's an average of 5.4 million deaths a year due to smoking.

Carolyn F
I am not sure how much a regular smoker smokes.

I am an abusive smoker and smoke a pack of 50's a day.

At $18.95 a pack of 50 that is $132.65 aussie dollars a week.

Hundreds of thousands die every year from smoking. Can't believe how stupid I am for keep doing it.

If you are thinking of taking it up please Don't.

1) regular smoker = smokes daily. could mean 3 cigarettes, could mean 1-2 packs. Different for everyone

2) cant answer thes, see #1. Besides, cigarrettes cost different in each states. In Michigan they are between $6-8/pack, so 1 pack per day = $ 42 - $56 per week

3) a lot, way too many. Cant be exact on this either because so many people have multiple illnesses (Cancer, COPD, heart conditions...all can be caused by smoking, but they are often over looked when recording cause of death) so whatever you think the number is, double it.

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