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 What is wrong with me..coughing, stuffy nose, clogged ears?
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 If I smoke just three or four cigarettes a day, will chances of lung disease still remain very high?
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 Should I go back to the doctor?
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 How to get rid of sore throats and coughing?
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Jim Henderson
Question about smoking...?
I'm not a real smoker or anything, I have about one or two per week, and on the weekends if i'm drinking I may have another two or three, I've been like this for well over a month and I've developed a terrible cough. It starts with an itch in the throat and becomes a very heavy chest cough, it only got really bad over the weekend. I've decided not to smoke to see if it goes away. Does anyone know if this may be related to smoking? and if it's not, does anyone know what it may be?

yes either you are getting a cold that goes away after the weekends, which seems unlikely or it is the cigerettes. What is going on is that you are getting something into your lungs that your body is trying to git rid of. And it is most likely the cigerette toxins. You are probably wondering because there are other people around you who smoke more but don't cough very much at all. Every body is different and if you have asthma or something that effects your lungs, it can harm you much faster than others.

It is related to smoking.
Smoking can wreck your lungs and reduce oxygen available for muscles
and cause sinus problems, especially in your chest, as well as mucus build
up. It may be tuberculosis. I suggest you stop smoking (:

Check out this website:


It's easily smoking related, every time you stop smoking for a few days your lungs are trying to recover and remove all the tar etc from the body by expelling them through coughing, mucus etc, however by smoking every now and then your interrupting the cleaning process and making it harder for your lungs to become clean. If you stop smoking for a month or so you will be able to notice the difference quite easily.

could be smoking as it is just bad in general. it is possible that it is from the smoking but if quitting doesn't help then it could just be seasonal allergies or congestion.

It probably is related to smoking. You are developing a cough when you smoke more on the weekends . Smoking with your friends can cause this problem due to second-hand smoking; its just as bad! Even if it doesn't have anything to do with smoking you shouldn't smoke because these things CAN develop; even worse things can develop.

Yes smoking caused this, it creates a itchy feelings in the throat causing you to cough.
Its too late now, after you smoked its basically permanent damage, so now your always going to coughing at times.

yes....probably related to smoking. How bout this....don't start smoking because it kills you?! IT ALWAYS KILLS YOU! 100% GUARANTEE!

well,I'm a smoker.the pain is related to smoking.because you smoke 'on-off'.so your lung
'didn't know' what are you.are you a smoker?or not?so,it's kind of keep on changing.it cannot
adapt. so,my advice,if you want to smoke.just smoke.if you want to quit.just quit.in my place,
in your situation,we call people like you as 'social smoker' (don't know if you ever heard this term or not).in my opinion, dont be a social smoker.you'll die faster than a smoker (maybe).i hope you'll
choose to quit as smoking is like burning a money (really regret for being a smoker but can't quit) huhu..best of luck to you =)

I have been a smoker for 14 years on and off. I don't think this happen because you smoking but if you quit it is even better. You should see the physician if you still coughing.

Well duh
Smoking skrews you over big time,
you should look up everything it does to you.

i wouldn't know but do take the weather in to consideration?

Smoking kills people.
They are also expensive due to all this tax crap.


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