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Problems breathing when laying down flat.?
When trying to go to sleep, i feel i can't breathe well, and have to manually control my breathing and take a big breath once in a while.

Is it serious? If so, is there anything i can do about it without seeing a doctor at first? I'm only 13 and would consider myself obese really.

Additional Details
I don't feel a breathing pattern either really. It's realyannoying. Although i can breathe, my body feel desperate for more air. I'm feeling really tired too today.

sounds like you may have liquid in your lungs, or poor respiratory capacity, or even maybe a broken rib? see a doctor

Hey Sam, As the other answers are pointing out, you need to place at least 2 pillows under your head. Then I would suggest to inhale vapour before going to bed. Just a bowel with some very hot not boiling water in a bowel, a towel over your head and just deep breath. But if you say that you are a bit obese, the Doctor bound to say, loose weight but he'll send you first for some tests, you might be a bit asthmatic and he'll give you a ventilator. You must go and see a Doctor. I doubt it is serious I am convinced it can easily be put right. So I just wish you good luck

you need to see your gp - a 13 yr old shouldn't have breathing difficulty - are you asthmatic or have hayfever
it sounds like it could be anxiety, breathing is not something we have to take control of - our body does that automatically and you say you feel the need to take big breath's once in a while and anxiety or panic attack can cause this.
this could also explain the tiredness
my only advice is that you speak to your parents and see your gp as these are problems that need some investigation - sorry
in the meantime - try using more pillows at night and it might help

Exercise and a good diet is what you need.

Ashok GS
I found this site useful for some tips for other healthy sources...

may be u could search and find it here...


maybe u think about breathing too much and believe that u have issues with it, where in fact if ur mind was concentrating on something else like readin a book or watchin tele, than u wouldnt think about it and wouldnt hav a problem. Dont worry ur fine, but see a doctor anyway

David K
try raise your head up with another pillow and that might help with your breathing problem , if that does not work go and talk to the doctor to be on the safe side .

Storm Chaser
Sleep with your head slightly elevated by using a couple of pillow. If it does continue do check with your doctor.

My grandpa had the same problems, and his turned out to be heart attacks, but you arr only 13. You need to go to the doctor if you have to remind yourself to breathe. Good luck! Or it COULD be asthma.

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