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PLEASE READ THIS........i need help!!!!?
about a week ago, i went to my cabin i inhaled "dust off" and now i think i'm delvoping asthma.
me and my friend shared a whole can, neither of us died or anything. WAHT WOULD YOU ADVIZE???
Additional Details
ree j???
why would i write a topic about this kind of thing, especially if its a joke, NO ITS NOT A JOKE!!!

Ree J
are u kidding me?

I think you each should get your own can then try it again

Consider yourself lucky ''neither of you died or anything''.
Inhalants are an equal opportunity method of substance abuse
The user can suffer from Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome.This means the user can die the 1st, 10th or 100th time he or she uses an inhalant. Other effects include damage to the heart, kidney, brain, liver, bone marrow and other organs. Inhalants are physically and psychologically addicting and users suffer withdrawal symptoms. See Damage Inhalants Can Cause to the Body and Brain, Long-Term Effects of Inhalant Usage Users require thirty to forty days or more of detoxification. Users suffer withdrawal symptoms which can include hallucinations, nausea, excessive sweating, hand tremors, muscle cramps, headaches, chills and delirium tremens. Follow-up treatment is very important. If you or someone you know is seeking help for inhalant abuse, you can contact the National Inhalant Prevention Coalition at 1-800-269-4237 for information on treatment centers and general information on inhalants. Through a network of nationwide contacts, NIPC can help (but not guarantee) finding a center in your area that treats inhalant use.
PLEASE think about the person you want to be & start being that person NOW. Using Inhalants might make it difficult to think about it later....considering the BRAIN DAMAGE. Good Job putting it 'out there'.

Don't do that again, and go see a Doctor.

Cough on all the polishable furniture and buff it till you see your reflection.

Stop huffing before you kill yourselves. Tell your parents and get seen by a doctor pronto.

schedule an appointment with your doctor. he will auscultate you and determined if you have a condition. you probably have pulmonary distress.

you better see a doctor
yeah i'm sure it could cause asthma or worse
please go to the doctor

go to the freaking doctor.

pug hugger
Probably not asthma, but you could have seriously harmed the linings of your respiratory system. I hope you take this as a sign not to do it again. Just because you didn't die doesn't mean you won't next time. Maybe you need to seek counseling because you purposly harmed youself. If you did hurt yourself, it is the consequences of your actions. I don't want to sound mean, but we all have to pay the consequences for our actions, and yours may be serious. In the future, think about what can happen when you do something stupid like that.

How about going to the doctor, and not doing something so stupid again?

Darth Vader
Ummm...... Why did you inhale a can of dust off? Just go to a doctor soon and get the doctor to test you for asthma.

Zelda Hunter
Your body is trying to tell you something: "Don't ever do that again."

well you have really done it now! That can holds fluorocarbons that with the chemicals of the product have done irreversible damage to your bronchial tubes by damaging the air cell pockets which hold air and absorb it into your blood stream, not to mention what it has done to your brain. i would suggest writing a will as soon as possible!

You think you're developing asthma? What do you mean by that? Are you having long term problems with breathing like wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness? It is very possible that by inhaling "dust off" you did long term damage to your lungs. The problem with inhalants is that you always risk damaging your longs. The damage may be reversible and your lungs might heal, but you may require treatments while healing. Lung tissue is very sensitive and damages easily. I'd say, wisen up, see a doctor, and only inhale air from now on, don't be a fool. You're lucky you've cognition enough to type this question.

i would advise not inhaling dangerous chemicals! hello?!

It possibly can. However if it never happened to you before then it most likely never will. Best thing is to check with your doctor. He/She can give you a full checkup and let you know for sure.

Okay first are you stupid or something? You know better than to inhale anything!! Now it would be different if you inhaled it while cleaning or something, but to sit down intending on inhaling then that was way dumb. Don't ever do it again. You probably do need to go to the Dr. and yes it is possible to develop asthma from something like that. What is wrong with folks today, they act like they can't think for themselves. ghees Oh and by the way it's a good thang yall didn't die but did you stop to think you could die a few days from now. Start thinking for yourself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I definetly would not advise doing it or any other inhalants again. Get a grip

no, it would take repetative use of "huffing" areosol cans to develope respitory desiese. you are feeling the aftermath of doing this though....pleasent??? no, i don't think so. ......Don't do it again!! You could also be feeling worse than you really are by worring about it. calm down watch your symptoms and if they keep persisting see your doctor. ya know there are better ways of getting high that arent so stupid!
Ive read some of your other questions and you seem to be having this problem for some time...how long you been "huffin"? ...go to the doctor right away PLZ !!!

Paul H
Stop huffing stuff. It can kill you. Don't be an idiot.

Go to the Dr. and tell them the truth, believe me, they've heard all the stories. Then you'll know for sure.

Ellen N
probably just an irritation, but serious damage might have been done

You need to see a Dr.

if you are having a hard time breathing---you should go to the dr. you may have damaged something--or it could have triggered asthma. if it has never happened before--doesn't mean a thing---there is a FIRST TIME for everything. accidents happen...and people die. for the future, you and your friend need to grow up and stop being so stupid.

See a doctor and get rehab. You obviously have some problems beyond asthma.

Groo The Wanderer
Why on earth would you even consider doing something so completely stupid,nevermind actually do it!!!
Yes,go see a doctor asap!
Doubt there is any damage unless you keep doing it........
I really would advise you to not do something so completely stupid again!
Really....what makes people do that kind of stuff???

not the brightest idea i have to say.. i dont realy know what dust off is........... but if its a chemical cleaner or sprayer like fabreeze or anything it could be a chemical reacation... either that or an alergic reaction

First, let me just say that I'm sorry that some people have been so harsh regarding your question. Anyhow, I do want you to know that inhalants are very dangerous. They almost immediately kill brain cells. I would also advise that you see a doctor. He/she is bound to confidentiality, so their advice won't be shared with anyone. If you are having trouble breathing, you may have damaged your lungs a little. Maybe the doctor can precribe something to give you some relief while they heal.

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