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PLEASE HELP ME! I cant breathe when i....READ DESCRIPTION!?
Both of my parents smoke cigz and I'm 13, also i cant breath when i smell the smoke, like my throught tightens and i just start crying sometimes. What is wrong, should i go to the doctor or is it normal, can i get hurt/sick from breathing it in all the time? Please help me, i dont know what to do, and im not sure if i have asthma or broncitas or any of that stuff, we just havent gone to the doctor to ask yet bcuz of i dnt have enshurance and it always costs ALOT when i go there. So what should i do, should i go get an inhaler or what?

Thanks so much everyone!


It's more than likely asthma and you need to see a doctor for that. It can be deadly if it gets severe enough. You need to see a doctor. I know you said you don't have insurance, but if it goes untreated it can get worse which would lead to more medical costs because you'd probably end up in the hospital. So please go see a doctor!

You definitely have asthma. when you smell smoke you cannot breathe. I am the same way!

it could be asthma
really, if you can't breathe when there's smokers around and your parents are smokers you should go to a doctor regardless of the cost

Firstly calm down, if you're panicking you're more likely to induce the very symptoms you think you have.
As for the actual description, I also suffer the same around my Grand-Dad, I am not used to cigarette smoke, so when I inhale it, my throat dries up, my eyes tear up and I find my breathing is slightly out of pace compared to when I'm breathing normally.
Just going out in the garden and breathing some fresh air usually helps me, I ain't sure if it would help you.
As for if you can get sick/hurt, you're inhaling all the stuff found inside a cigarette since they're exhaling it, 2nd hand smokers get it worse than those who actually smoke the cigarette apparently.
If possible try to keep some windows open or stay in another room, if you feel that something is seriously wrong then consider being checked out.

well you will get 2nd hand smoke which is almost the same as smoking yuor self. most people have no problem breathing smokey air so if you are having problems breathing you should go see a doctor or have your parents stop my uncle and aunt just started to stop cause they found out they spend about $3000 a year on cigs. if you tell your parents that it might be enough to stop them. along with adding about 3 years of life.

Well, the problem isnt yours. its your parents. Im guessing their heavy smokers? if so, get air cleaners for your house. Best thing to do is that if you can get your parents to try and smoke less, not for them, but for you. My parents dont smoke, so im ok, but i bet that much 2nd hand smoke CANNOT be good at all

second hand some is a killer. and your parents should respect you
enough to smoke out side away from you. you need to stand up to them and tell them to either stop smoking are take it out side.

that used to happen to me too when my dad would smoke his pipe...my throat would close. i was always amazed that his nasty habit took precedence over my ability(right) to breathe. ask you parents to consider your health and step outside.
all the best ...xox

yeah i think you might have asthma
go get it checked out asap
my mom has asthma, i know what its like
mabey you should tell your parents this to

Same happens to me when i smell ciggy smoke

dw ur totally fine

If it is realli bothering u tell ur parents, they r supposed to luv u

Peace, and may the penguin of happiness live in your refridgerator

Sounds like you have mild asthma. Ask your parents not to smoke in the house or car. In fact ask them if they would give up.If the won't you might be able to buy salbutamol puffer From pharmacy (depends where you live)

Ms Berry..<3
you can get a inhaler but, dont let them smoke in the house they should go outside and smoke this means your getting 2nd hand smoke

Go talk to your doctor.

You are really sick when you can't breathe or feel chest pain... you NEED to go see a doctor imediately... and your parents should smoke outside and away from you... second hand smoke can be more dangerous then smoking

Michael H
Some people have these problems when they are the victim of second hand smoke. I would tell your parents to smoke outside or away from you.

It's not healthy for anyone, and when the victim of second hand smoke is having more problems than the smoker, it's a bad sign. I would go to the doctor to see if you're having lung problems. If your parents smoke a lot, damage to your cilia can occur. When this happens, the cilia can't bring up all the junk from the smoke, which will build up.

That means less air for you, and heart problems. If your parents are excessive smokers and won't quit, there's not much you can do except stay away from them when they smoke.

If they can quit, then you'll be fine.

some people are allergic to cigarrette smoke. i doubt its asthma because you wouldnt just have attacks from one thing and without an inhaler the attacks are very hard to pull out of. i would just stay as far away from the smoke as possible. if they smoke in the house ask them to smoke outside. an inhaler couldnt hurt though so that would be worth a shot but they get pretty expensive

Second hand smoke is worse than smoking and it can
mess up your lungs as bad as if you was smoking.
go to your school nurse and talk to her.try talking to a family
doctor and explain the problem and see if he will give
you some sample inhalers.ask your parents to go outside
to smoke as it's messing up your lungs.

It sounds like you might have asthma. Certainly you are having a very bad reaction to the cigarette smoke. It would be best if your parents would agree that for your sake, they would smoke outside only, but at least ask them to only smoke in one part of the house as far away from your room as possible. Then try to keep your windows open when you can. Keep your room as clean as you can, no rugs, and try to keep your clothes washed so they don't smell like cigarettes.

Of course you can get sick from breathing it. Breathing someone else's cigarette smoke is called "secondhand smoke". It can be worse then smoking cigarettes yourself.

Good luck with your parents. I know a mother who just quit smoking after thirty years of two packs a day because she wanted to make her son proud of her (it worked).

When school starts again, you should go to the school nurse and tell her about your problem with the cigarette smoke and trouble breathing.

ᴋiᴙby ᴇᴀᴛs ᴋᴀᴚᴚ?ᴛᴢ
you need to tell your parents...
and when this happens to you just go outside adn get some fresh air.
And if it's possible GO TO A DOCTOR.

See your a doctor and make your parents stop smoking. They're killing you and themselves.

Buy as powerful an air cleaner as you can. Better yet, get your parents to buy it.

Also, have you told your parents this? Do they even know?

piece of pizza! ☺
It might be an allergic reaction or asthma when you are exposed to second-hand smoke :|

I agree with Stardancer and Alice that you should see your school nurse and counselor to find resources

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