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I'll try to explain....I quit smoking 4 months ago and haven't looked back. I am a nanny for twin baby girls so I'm constantly running around and up stairs all day. I'm not lazy ...

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 i think i have swine flu...can it kill me?
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runny nose
sort of a fever
had an headache before but after taking paretmol its gone.

just rang my gp and waiting for the callback to ...

 cough, ahsma, or possible chest infection?
About 2 years ago I had a chest infection and had to wait for nature to make me better as I can't take antibiotics, anyway, since then I have found that I keep getting coughs and my chest hurts, ...

New non-smoker, am I crazy?
I quit smoking six days ago and I'm going nuts. I really, really, really want a cigarette, but, on the other hand, I'm resolved to do this thing. I've been smoking imaginary cigarettes (I unwrap the imaginary pack, take the imaginary little foil out, pull the imaginary cigarette out, light it with the imaginary lighter, inhale, and watch the wonderful little imaginary cloud of smoke go into the air. I even tap my imaginary cigarette on my imaginary ash tray to get rid of the ashes.)

I know six days does not a true non-smoker make. I have Nicorette gum. I bought a box of it, but I haven't dipped into it yet. My imaginary cigs are doing the trick so far, but it looks so stupid. Especially in public, but I tell myself not to care.

I think that's awesome!! I love it!
See, that's a brilliant and creative way to stop a habit...
A solution I've never pondered..
You should patent your discovery and become the next big thing!! yea!
(Then everyone else would be doing it too...:D) And we could break social good-for-nothin boundaries so that people could come out and help each other like a real community, and it would be so beneficial for all! Wow--It could be the start of something new! Love it! :)


I found keeping my hands busy really helped...sometimes I just held a smooth stone in my hand so it would have something to do...

You hang in there, Girl, we're all rooting for you..BIG HUGS, to you..

The B r a z i l i a n t ? ?
YAY PUDDIN'!! a very healthy decision in deed, think each time you want to smoke a ciggarette about how proud everyone is of you and even reward yourself each time you decide not to smoke, things like excersising, singing, and gardening will keep you preoccupied and will help you keep your mind of those nasty nasty little devils. Hang in there Puddin' this too shall pass and when it does, you wont need those things anymore :} and Im rooting for you too

Theophobic Deist
Haha, that's funny. It's going to be hard the first few weeks....months :) but you'll be ok eventually.

I gave up smoking cold turkey in 1986. It's not easy but you can do it. Try eating some hard candy, it keeps your mouth busy. Above all, don't give in to the "I'll just have one" temptation or you will be right back where you started.

It's difficult and I commend your resolve and your strength. You are over the worst of it now, and you CAN do this ! :o)

Jack C
You're doing great. Fantastic, really.

And that last bit, great job. :)

I don't think you're crazy. I don't smoke, but i know smokers. I think you're quite courageous and if thisis working for you, i say you keep at it!

I am happy for you whoever you are. I've been told quiting smoking is so incredibly hard and i really hope you keep at it.

Good luck! :]

A little birdie told me to tell you that imagery is a healthy sign, that your smoking was more a behavior than a true addiction and you should be able to change your behavior a tad easier than an addiction... for what it's worth.. HANG IN THERE! YOU'RE DOING YOURSELF AND THE ONES WHO LOVE YOU A HUGE HEALTHY HONOR!

Kentucky Dave
WOW! I've never heard of your technique! It seems to be working for you very very well.
I quit over three years ago, and I can still remember those first few days. My body felt really, really strange on about the third day. Kind of like when your hand falls asleep, and then after you move it around and that tingling feeling kicks in ~~ that's what my whole body felt like, off and on...the weirdest thing, but it passed. My lungs ached a little too, but I knew they were cleansing themselves, so I was okay with that. You have to put things in your mind like that. The human body is a miraculous thing, and I'm glad mine was functioning well as I was quitting.
I'm glad to hear your story, and to share mine with you ~~ we need all the support we can get, huh?
I have never felt better...realised this after about 3-4 months. It was like just one day I was outside and the fresh air felt so invigorating. I started to do deep-breathing things after that, to purposely take a few deep breaths a few times a day to "exercise" the lungs, and it's the best feeling knowing the poisons are out of my body. I think it took about that long, and it feels awesome.
Most of all, I got my old energy back!! Like a second wind.
What a blessing to know that you will be there soon!

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