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My throat is killing me, and I'm coughing blood!?
My throat is really hurting me, I thought it was just a cold but I never had this pain. I can’t swallow, I can’t smoke, I can’t drink or eat I’m in hell can anybody tell me what’s wrong?

Drink lemonde water or warm water.

Sounds like you might have strep throat. You should go to the ER. It is catchy.

shirley e
I am not a doctor but you sure need to go see one immediately. It probably is strep like the person above me said and your throat is raw. Go see a doctor ASAP

Honey W
Go to the accident and emergency NOW!

go to da doctors n find out we dont av a clue cos we didnt get a degree in medicine

Go to the doctor or Emergency room since it is Sunday.

A doctor can prescribe the right medicine and get you starting to feel better ASAP.


Your sick. Maybe strep throat. You still have your tonsils?

sounds like you have pneumonia.. the blood is from coughing so hard and the crap from your lungs..
go and get an cough suppressant with an expectorant in it.. it will loosen the lungs up so that when you do cough it will come away better but it will help the throat too
take some advil for the throat pain.. drink lots ot keep the throat moist.. hot as apposed to cold drinks will help.. tea, neocitran etc
I'd tell you to go and see the Dr too..but being a man you probably won't go so do this till you feel better

Strep A or Tuberculosis...............Go to the ER, it could be life threatening...........blood should not be excreted from places that doesn't normally excrete blood..ie: your mouth!

What's wrong is that you're on the computer instead of at a doctor or ER.

Doctor time for you mister! Or if that bad go to A & E (ER if you're from the states).
That isn't normal.

you need to go to the doctor asap - a bleeding throat is BAD!!!! it may be strep throat and you ned an antibiotic ! hope you feel well soon!

It's irritated.
You need to gargle with warm salted water.
Don't smoke right now. You may have an infected tooth.
Or swollen glands.
Or inflammed tonsils.
Go to a doctor & get it checked out.

You may want to STOP SMOKING and see a Doctor ASAP!

Curious George
You're a smoker. Stop it.

why are you here waiting for answers from strangers on a web-site. GET TO A DOCTOR, YOU IDIOT.

umm doctor

Kodoku Josei
Go to the ER ASAP


go to the doc

go to the doc asap

Sounds like tonsilitis or strep throat. Have you looked at your throat with a flashlight?? If I were you, i'd get in to see a doctor asap. Also, if you can take Motrin, you should try to have about 800 mgs. to get some of the inflamation out.
Trust me, I know throat pain. I had my tonsils out last month because I kept getting sick with it every 2-4 weeks.
Get it checked out, and I hope you feel better really soon.

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