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Lila aka Cat Butt.
My roommates smoke...?
and i don't. i've noticed that whenever they smoke in the house i get headaches, and my ears hurt. is this a sign of being allergic?
Additional Details
cigarettes and marijuana

Wolf Go Rawr

smoke what?

i never heard of anyone being allergic to weed but it makes some people nocuous (sp?).
i would just go to a different room when they smoke or make them smoke outside. talk to them about it. don't be rude when you bring it up because they will just get offensive, but let them know how it makes you feel.

Probably. Do you feel better when you're in your own room, away from them?

♥Chocolate Lover♥
yah ask a doctor

You share an apartment off campus? Or are you on campus?

I would ask them to smoke outside

Heather Smalls.
yeah , or maybe your just sensitive to smoke.

the dude
maybe, it seems like u just dont like nicotine and your bodys respnding

most likely, u should ask a doctor

and ask your roomate to smoke outside

[Killer Instincts]+[Killer Body] Nina.
You could be allergic or it could be a reaction to the chemicals, fumes, and odors that cigarettes give off when being smoked.
If I were you, I'd ask the room mates to smoke outside for about a week and see if that helps, and if so, try getting some allergy medication if they don't want to smoke outside and take it once daily.

yes, i get headaches

You ears hurt.........what about you lungs and all your clothes smelling like smoke ?

yes it is. you should check out this website to find what could help you.

Little Light
most likely

Rhiannon Lost at Sea
it could be. you may have to ask your roomate to smoke (the regular cigs at least) outside.

do seems so... u better go find a doctor and ask if its so....

When i smoked, my wife did the had the same problems and she didn't smoke. Its not that your allergic, your body just cant handle all of that smoke, plus all the bad things in the smoke. Im sorry to tell you this but you might want to consider moving out or kicking them out. Its very bad for your health, trust me!

yeah maybe. ask them to smoke outside, or get new roommates

Adrian Matterson
Yeah, probably.

Don't let them smoke indoors. Second hand smoke is almost as bad for you as smoking itself. It's all the same carcinogenic material, just in lower concentration.

Either that, or move out.

No, it's a sign of your body getting poisoned. I can't stand smoke, smog or exhaust and I don't enjoy sleeping in it. Closing off your living space is all I can recommend and don't use air fresheners, you'd just be adding to the toxicity of the air. I'm afraid airing the place out is your best bet. For a comfortable sleep try a brand new comforter
v Gary is right; vote for him

Well, It might but more importantly it obviously makes you feel uncomfortable. Look if you split the rent, you should get equal treatment and respect. Let them know how you feel, and explain the situation and most likely they'll understand. But get up and do it, tell them. Don't wait for tomorrow!

*Danielle* :)
smokers are dumb and need a life!

I would ask them not to smoke in the house on count of your health condition.

yes. = (

get an air cleaner. and send them the bill .

thats just a sign of your body reacting to the poison in the cigarettes. tell them to please smoke outside or in front of a air filter. it improves life for everyone.

Yes, sounds like you are allergic. It won't get better either. You will smell like smoke, and all your stuff too.

This is simply an evidence of a proven fact: smoking is a health a Hazard. A New England Journal of Medicine study showed that young children who live in a household with at least one person who smokes had twice as many ear infections as those who didn't. Even if that person went outside to smoke. This is only one study you can find thousands.

The bottom line here is find new roommates. They won't stop for you. You have fend for yourself. Tell them you consider this an invasion of your health and privacy in no uncertain terms and that if it continues you are leaving. It is a violation of normal lease agreements unless you knew about it ahead of time. Find yourself some non-smoking roommates that feel as strongly about it as you do. If the lease is in your name find suitable replacements. If you are in a dorm room most universities have provisions to allow you to move.

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