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 what are some good smoking songs ?
i want some good songs to smoke to.
kinda like the shins, kmk, radiohead, im from barcelona,
i want some thing really chill, or rap (:
thank you if you respond to this! :D

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i dont smoke & exercise ok
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 is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
My friend told me in the 1960s and 70s patients were allowed to smoke cigarettes in their hospital beds.
Is this true?
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Wow rianna that is scary....

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i heard that 2nd hand smoking is more harmful than 1st hand smoking

2nd hand smoking occurs when a non-smoker are breathing in the smoke beside the smoker

so to prevent the dmg ...

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well...should I?...

 What's the best way to get rid of excess mucus and chest congestion?

 My mum has been in hospital for 3 months.....?
and is due to come home in about two weeks. She is 77yrs old and had pnuemonia,septicimia and a hole in her lung. The doctors said she would not make it, but today she had a home visit to see how she ...

My nose is itchy. I'm sneezing like crazy, but I don't have a fever. May be allergies but not sure. what to do
My nose is incredibly itchy like I have to sneeze every few seconds, and I am sneezing every minute. I thought I was just allergic to my desk at work but I'm home now and still suffering. Any idea what's going on with my nose?

iphone man
make an appointment with your doctor

Me, myself and I
It's definetly hayfever, probably from the aftershave/perfume, flowers, something you ate your allergic too or just the environment you are in. I would have some tea and get some hayfever meds.

Karen F
This is the time of the year the plants and trees are getting ready for autumn yes you have an allergy all you need is benadryl pink package. The news should have pollen counts at the time of weather in you local news and if you keep track of the days you get runny itchy nose and eyes with what is high on pollen you will see what it. Like it may be pecan or cedar or grass or mulberrys
Just take benadryl and you will be a ok

your allergic to something. most likely dust pollen and/or molds. see your dr. otc meds, i like chlortremton the best, walmart has an equate version that is very affordable. however, your dr can prescribe a nasal inhaler such as flonase to help with your symptoms.

Rachel C.
Blow ur nose alot????

Allergies I would think. Take some Benedryl.. Works wonders : )

The effects of allergies can last after you are away from the source. Take something to relieve it with a nose spray and you should be ok.

Eliza Sales
Throw about 8 altoids in your mouth...this will clear you up for a good time until your immune system recovers. Take a lot of Vitamin C (orange juice= :-) or in Vitamin C packets found at any drougstore. Put desitin on your nose.(also found at drugstore) Sleep!!

Try some benadryl.

Mr. BuBBleS
maybe to much dust in the air. try cleaning the air in your house.


Try benadryl (will make you sleepy) or claritin OTC (nondrowsy). Make an appt for an allergy skin test.

You may be allergic to something in the air or even something as common as dust. A doctor can test you for allergies and can give you a prescription to help.

Elizabeth L
sounds like allergies to me!

I would say it is the beginning of a cold,try and start taking some Tylenol sinus,I work at a car dealership in Ohio and we have been spreading our cold through out the dealership.I had one and it was a nasty cold and it last over a week and I was miserable,Hope you feel better soon.

More Lies & More Smoke Screens
Does sound like allergies.
Might I recommend ZICAM FOR ALLERGIES....
We use this product & the ZICAM COLD & both work very well for our whole family...

Lucy Moon advised loading up on Vit. C - NOT a good idea. Over loading on Vit. C can & will cause kidney stones. My step-brother can back me up on that.

true blue
Take some Benadryl. If it's allergies, it will help. Then you'll know what's wrong.

you got a big bogger stock on your nose! stop pretending its not there! sooner or later people will notice it!- just KIDDIN, try using a humidifier! take a shot of benadryl! if it doesnt stop for 2-3 hours, take another again.

Go to the doctor!

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