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 how do i stop snoring? help!?
i snore a bit and its really embarrassing when we go for excursions and my friends tease me. i am really thin so its not obesity or anything.please help me out of this problem!...

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 is snoring in a 4 year old bad?

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My mum is in the next room and is snoring SO LOUD even over my earplugs which is rare and I cant sleep!?
My earplugs drown it out but tonight is taking the mick. I need to sleep it is midnight i got to be up in a few hours and its really annoying, im not waking her up because Ill be dead.

just get some headphones and play a soft song, which will help you go to sleep.

or try putting you head under your pillow and then your quilt on your head.

don't do anything stupid like putting a peg over her nose - or sewing a tennis ball to the back of her shirt..... that's not gonna help one little bit.

Snoring is a serious problem and need to be corrected.

I sed to snore as loud as a freight train - but not since I bought a real product called Slumber Guard.

It uses the same principles as what the doctors use to treat snoring. The difference is that the treatment that the doctor gives you can cost kore that $1,000 - this little thing costs less than $100 - you get two in the box and they last for up to four years together.

I use it - and it works properlu. The reason why is that it controls the postioning of the lower jaw in order to stop it from allwoing the soft palate form collapsing into the throat. most snoring comes from the throat and not from the nsala passaages. that's why nasal strips often don't work.

Hedge Witch
There are inexpensive sprays that your mum could use.
At the moment though, if she is lying on her back, go in & roll her onto her side.
Tomorrow go & buy one of the sprays and tomorrow night insist she use it.

Dr Frank
Try Boot's wax earplugs, you will find them much more effective than sponge or plastic ones.

Shave her eyebrows off and paint her face green so she can be the Incredible Sulk.

go and put a peg over her nose-she wont be snoring then-i did it to my fiance but he woke up and wasnt happy..lol

You need to talk to her ... nicely, explaining that you are worried about yourself not getting enough sleep and even more about her because snoring affects the quality of the sleep the snorer gets. She may need to talk to her doctor.

If it really bad and she occasionally stops snoring or starts coughing or spluttering, she may have a medical condition called obstructive sleep apneoa. It is easily overcome by using a kind of respirator (a CPAP machine) at night which stops you snoring.

If she doesn't want to overcome her snoring, you might have to change the position of your bed, install a heavy curtain over your bedroom door, fit draught excluder around your door (it also keeps out noise) or find some other way to mask the sound. You might, for example, buy one of those little devices that makes the gentle sound of breaking waves of tinkling water.

I did not seek help with my snoring until I heard a recording of myself. I accidentally left my voice-activated dictaphone on the dressing table. In the morning, I found the tape full and listened to it ... but not for long as I was SO embarrassed. If you get desperate enough, you might want to try that with your mum.
Good luck.

ask your mum to go see doctor as its more than likely your mum has sleep apnea and this has to be addressed as is bad for her health

*** Princess ***
You poor thing!

Put a pillow over your head and buy her some nazal strip things tomorrow lol

Bo P
if she is on her back roll her on her side.

My partner snored like a train until we discovered the stop snore ring
It's an acupressure ring worn on the little finger when asleep and there are hundreds of testimonials on their website
Without the ring her snoring sounded like a drowning woman and I woke up irritable and tired every morning
For heavy snorers they recommend wearing two rings (one on each little finger) which is still cheap for a one off purchase

Celtic brew
your poor mum may have an allergy or a sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnoea, this is when the throat relaxes during sleep causing the throat to vibrate thus producing snoring,your mum needs to see her doctor to rule out any serious problems.your mum should also avoid taking any sedatives and avoid alcohol as they can cause the airways to relax.

When not IF
There are a lot of products out there but you have to keep buying them over and over.

I found a site that sells an ebook that will teach you how to stop snoring altogether. This really works.


Omg wow that is o9dd! and kinda funny too sorryyy but it is ha ha


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