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 I've been coughing nonstop for about a week now...Just started drinking robotussin but it's not helping;
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 How much time off work for bronchitis is 'acceptable' ?
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 why do i always feel like i cant Breath correctly?
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 Why do non smokers make such a big deal out of smoking?
Its like... if someone wants to smoke and their of a legal age.. basically whats your problem? If you dont like the smell or the actual smoke... move away from someone whose smoking.. you dont need ...

 giving up smoking......?
What is the best way that you have found giving up smoking...all ideas welcome ;o)
Additional Details
I really want to give up, my date that i am settling for is the 5th January!...

 pulse of 34 bpm, what does it mean?
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 Smoking at a very young age. What happens?
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 Breathing in dry air all day makes my nose dry and gives me a headache. How can I change this?
My home and my office are both very very dry from the type of head in the buildings. I have tried humidifiers but they aren't enough.
Is there some sort of nasal spray or swab that might ...

 Do you know the cause of my shortness of breath?
My symptoms: I often have a difficult time getting a full breath. It feels like there is a pressure right in the middle of my chest. I sometimes have to bend over to get a full breath, and ...

My mum has been in hospital for 3 months.....?
and is due to come home in about two weeks. She is 77yrs old and had pnuemonia,septicimia and a hole in her lung. The doctors said she would not make it, but today she had a home visit to see how she would cope and it was as though she had not been away!!! I just want to celebrate our great news with all of you and the people that were so encouraging and prayed for my mum weeks ago. I am so sure those prayers helped. Many, many thanks to you all. xx
Additional Details
Magic-Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry for your loss. I hope life is good to you. x

gangadharan nair
Pneumonia is acute inflammation of the lungs caused by infection. Initial diagnosis is usually based on chest x-ray. Causes, symptoms, treatment, preventive measures, and prognosis differ depending on whether the infection is bacterial, viral, fungal, or parasitic; whether it is acquired in the community, hospital, or nursing home; and whether it develops in a patient who is immunocompetent or immunocompromised.

Sepsis, severe sepsis, and septic shock are inflammatory states resulting from systemic bacterial infection. In severe sepsis and septic shock, there is critical reduction in tissue perfusion. Common causes include gram-negative organisms, staphylococci, and meningococci. Symptoms often begin with shaking chills and include fever, hypotension, oliguria, and confusion. Acute failure of multiple organs can occur, including the lungs, kidneys, and liver. Treatment is aggressive fluid resuscitation, antibiotics, supportive care, and sometimes intensive control of blood glucose and administration of corticosteroids and activated protein C.

Pneumothorax is air in the pleural space causing partial or complete lung collapse. Pneumothorax can occur spontaneously or from underlying pulmonary disease, trauma, or medical procedures. Diagnosis is based on physical examination and chest x-ray. Most pneumothoraces require transcatheter aspiration or tube thoracostomy.
Please see the web pages for more details on Pneumonia, Sepsis and Pneumothorax.

val f1 nutter
i'm happy for you both, enjoy your time at home together ~X~

That is gr8 news!

What lovely news. Hope she stays well. Give her my love

That is wonderful news. I will pray she keeps improving once she gets home. God Bless!

thanks so much for some good news sweety. we rarely get any updates on how people have got on. am so pleased for you and your mum. bless her heart for fighting it all the way. very best of luck to both of you for the future. lets hope life is kinder to you both from now on. take good care xx

Thats good to hear your great news! I hope she continues to remain in good health.

I know how it feels when a loved is elderly and ill, it can be so hard to cope with. My gran died with similar ailments to the ones that you mention in 1998.

lourdes r
way to go patswa

That's awesome!
hope you have a BRILLIANT day!

That's great news !!.

All the best to you and your mum :-)

I'm so pleased for you my mother had exactly the same thing was in hospital three months but didn't make it home she was 76 at the time. great stuff Hope she makes a full recovery. good luck,.

that is good news. and i bet you are over the moon. a mum is a very special person. and the one to most lose in live. as they say you only have one mum in the world. im glad she is a fighter good on her

Thats such great news. I hope everything goes well for you all.

Veronica Alicia
I was an hospital Care Manager till I retired - my job was to help older people get out of hospital and back home if possible or somewhere they really wanted to be.
We were always just as "chuffed" to see a success story - give Mum a big hug from me.

god bless your mum for a speedy recovery and hope she gets back to what she likes doing soon my love to you all

Olly B
Congratulations i hope all go's well

davis g
Well, it's great to know that your mom is coming home at last. God bless!

Ahhh. I am so thrilled for you all. It's amazing what a bit of will power can do, so you should never give up, and you and your mum obviously didn't. I wish her a long and happy life, and the best of health too.
Enjoy xx

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