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 I've been having trouble breathing a lot lately and my mom will not take me to the doctor. what should i do?
like i said im having trouble breathing and the bad thing is my mom wont take me to the doctor and my dad says if its still going on when i go to his house which is like 2 weeks away he'll take ...

 What is wrong with my lungs?!?
So it is now Monday, last Thursday I felt this pain in my left chest/heart area, it was a sharp pain. It hurt to take a deep breath, but I did it anyways got get it over with and it felt like ...

 is bronchitis contagious?
im 13 and i have just gotten bronchitis from a high fever. i go to a elementary school k-8 and will they stop me from going to school if it is contagious?...

 please help.SMOKING............................…
okay well i am 14 years old. Yesterday i went outside and smoked a cigarette for the first time in my life,then i smoked about 4 more cigarettes.my parents have no clue that im started smoking ans i ...

 Is second hand smoking worse than actual smoking?

 why does it hurt me to breathe when i run in the cold?
and i will cough all night if i run in the cold..
Additional Details
when i say cold i mean about 55*F, sorry it's cold to me!...

 granny attack please help?
a feww hours ago my granny took to many of her pilss by accident.and then she thought she was dorris day and came at me with her shoe.her shoe is very pointy and could have killed him.i managed to ...

 My mom smokes cigerettes and is on oxygen. How dangerous is this?
My mom continues to smoke and also has to take oxygen. Is there any danger of an explosion? How close would she have to be to the tank in order for there to be danger?...

 Pain in upper left chest?
i have considerable pain every time i breathe in my upper left chest, (where you place your right hand during the Pledge of Allegiance) what is wrong?...

 How do you stop snoring?
Breathe right stips don't help.They help me breathe easier, but I still snore. Any ...

 I have been smashing down Asbestos cement ceilings, how dangerous is this?
I know Asbestos isnt nice stuff to play with =)

Ten points to the first sensible ...

 Do you snore?
If so, do you know a way of solving it?!
Additional Details
by the way, its not me that snores, its my brother.. lol a lady would never do such a thing!! ha ha ...

 should I stop smoking cigarettes?
I mean haven't we all seen that south park episode? ...

 My 9 mth old daughter hasn't attempted to take any weight on her legs yet, is this a problem?
I've just been advised today from another mother that the fact that my 9 mth old daughter hasn't tried to take any weight on her legs could be a problem. She sits normally but hasn't ...

 second hand smoke is it dangersous?
for other people ...

 bad weed? old weed? what was i smoking?
last night i rolled a joint from this weed i bought from a friend. the smell wasn't that strong and it's pretty green. smoked it and wasn't feeling that high not like the high i ...

 Can't get rid of a bad productive cough from a cold 2 weeks ago. Do not have health ins.?
So, I need some otc medcine and nothing seems to work. Have already tried by usual home cures. Please do not tell me to go to the Doctor, I really do not have the money....

 white spots in throat?
ive just recently had a sore throat blocked sinus's sore ears, and generally just feeling like ****, today i noticed white spots at the back of my throat that wernt there yesterday, i know its ...

 Having trouble sleeping can anyone help?
I am having trouble going to sleep. I work all day long and have to get up at 6 AM every day. When I get off work I work out finish y school work and clean up. I get ready for bed and cant fall ...

 What are some physical benefits to quitting smoking cigarettes?
Im 18 years old been smoking since i was about 13....my friend told me he grew bout 3-4 inches after he quit....hes bout 21....I was jus wondering if i might expect to grow som inches THAT WOULD BE GR...

My mum's had a sneaky cigarette, and doesn't want her No-Smoking group to know?
How can she 'evade/trick' the carbon monoxide machine which tests her breath for these fumes, or at least bring her levels down? By 5:45 GMT, to be precise.

why doesnt she just not smoke or at least be honest instead of trying to fool ppl, , shes only fooling herself at the end of the day , and not setting a very god example to her kids either

tell her to tell them she had a nicorete chewing gum to help with the cravings,don't know if she will get away with it but its worth a try,lol.

She could say she had been in a smoky environment for a while, but i doubt anyone will believe her

crazy child
Not sure that she will be able to. they are designed not to be tricked.

i've no idea but lets hope it detects her cheating!!!! bad girl

No she must be honest, I want ciggies all the time but my wife would kill me

I'm not bitter either.

Sorry she won't be able to beat it. She could try rigorous excercise for an hour or two b4 her group. This might reduce the Carbon Monxide

Your Mum is only human - and although she had a cigarette, the best thing she could do is just admit to the group she is in, that she lapsed. With your help and the rest of the group - perhaps she will be stronger next time. I am a smoker and have tried giving up many times - my willpower is not good, but I do admire anyone who can give up the "dreaded weed "and stay off it.

Good luck to her for the future - July 1st is not far off, but she still has time to win the contest

Jan S
oops - poor old Mum. She can't do anything about her blood levels now, but doubtless the group is used to the odd mishap - she won't be the first. Tell her to keep going, she can do it.

OoOh naughty! Lol I don't think she can...So looks like she'll have to confess and promise not to do it again ;op

maybe it would be better if she told them. the machine will be able to tell them that she has had one anyway

It's very hard to give up smoking, i'm sure they'll go easy on her for one slip up.She should tell them maybe next time she wants a ciggie she can phone someone from the group and have a chat until the craving passes.
Wish her luck.........

it depends when her meeting is but to be honest she should just admit it they will not be angry its not uncommon for people to have 1 or 2 cigs while on the programme. good luck they will not say anything about they are used to it honest xx

General C
just tell them. it's not a crime to have the sneaky one and she'll get better help/advice and future support if she comes clean

Just admit it, I bet most folks that quit have had a few smokes since they quit

Edward T
your mum will have to lie but, tell her to say she was on her way to the no-smoking group and saw a man trying to kill himself by sitting in his car with a hose pipe from the exhaust into the drivers window, upon seeing this she dragged him from the car, gave him mouth to mouth (which intern made her breath alot of carbon monoxide from the fumes in his lungs and the car) but saved his life and convinced him to start afresh

or she could just not turn up, that week

i prefer the first one myself,

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