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My lungs hurt. What might this mean?
Both my sides hurt on the inside going towards my back, behind my ribs. I Figured its my lungs. I dont smoke. Everytime I breathe I feel the pain on both sides simutaneously. Could this be pnemonia? What are the sypmtoms of pnemonia? I feel fine besides this. Any ideas of what it could be or how to make it better.

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your old
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could be anything, I would go to the Dr.

Lung cancer

second hand smoking

go to a Dr.

Hi! is my word
You could have had a heart attack but does your chest hurt.

Grandy is dandy
Go to a doctor ASAP that's a signal that you might have lung cancer

your lungs? noo noo no this a weird question your lungs cant hurt you have cramps

Cal J
Make sure it is your lungs not your chest or dorsi. If you run, take a break from it and stay out of the cold.

Trent E
I highly suggest you see a doctor. But it also sounds like Asama

you might be getting sick.. try going to a pharmacy and checking out something that may help, if that doesn't improve the pains, try a doctor. it might not be your lungs either... maybe try Advil first to stop pain?

Heyy H
go to ur dr immediately

good luck

answer mine? http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20081120194059AAHzDgH&r=w


could be pneumonia it could also be gal stones, or the flu

piano teacher
Could be lots of things..... pneumonia is one. Could also be a rib out of place, gas pains, muscle pains from exercise, etc. etc.

Give it a little time to see if it goes away on it's own. With not other symptoms (cough, weakness, fever, etc.) I wouldn't assume it to be pneumonia.

You may just have an abdominal cramp. pneumonia will make you feel like you have to strain to breath and your chest may feel heavy if there is fluid present. Do you have a spike in temperature? Are you gaining weight of several pounds within a day? These are signs of pneumonia. I don't really think you have it.

I'd go see a doctor, usaully there is major pain with pneumonia where sometimes you cant even move. It's still always a good idea to go see a doctor before it gets worse.

I would see a doctor immediately. It sounds like it could be pneumonia, but you should get checked out just to be safe. If you feel you're lungs "crackle" when you breathe, that is a classic sign of pneumonia. The doctor will be able to tell more when he checks with his stethoscope.

Please seek the diagnosis of an MD....you must have this checked out! Good Luck ...hope everything is fine!

You would know if you had pneumonia. It's simliar to bronchitis but worse (bronchitis turns into pneumonia) you would have a fever of 104, coughing, as well as coughing stuff up, very phlemmy (sp?), you can also hear a crackling like sound in your chest when you breath...it also carries along wheezing and difficulty breathing especially at night.

I had a pulled muscle on my rib cage and I could NOT take a deep breath. It scared me because I thought my lung was collapsing or something. So, I went to the doctor and he basically said I pulled a muscle connected to the rib cage, which can feel like it strings along the sides to the back (the pain that is). There was nothing he could do but send me home, and it went away in a day or two. Now, for me this only happend in one lung...as for you it's both. It's fairly easy to pull these muscles apparently, with coughing, sleeping awkwardly, excersising, strenuous activities etc...My suggestion would be to wait a day or two...if it persists or becomes worse, please see your doctor!

Till then, best of luck!

Sara B
Until you can see a doctor I recommend going to http://www.webmd.com and click on their "symptom checker" it will really help give you a better idea on what your symptoms could mean. I hope you feel better!

J-Luv The Bunny
If you've been having a persistent cough then it could be pneumonia or a respiratory infection.

Go to the docs ASAP to rule out anything serious.

Randi S
It sounds like you have some kind of a cold...yes, you can get a cold in your lung area. Or it can be some kind of a pull that you weren't aware of. This happens a lot. Pneumonia symptoms may be similar but it comes with coughing with phlegm and it has a strange taste to it. I've had walking pneumonia but didn't have any pains when I exhaled or inhaled but I did have the coughing fits which led to sore "lungs". If it doesn't get better in a couple days, go see your doctor for a check-up.

That is kind of how I feel when I have an asthma attack. You really need to go get it checked out though.

oh yeah
it could be
seasonal allergies
2nd hand smoke
in the mean time I suggest you see a docter, because if it is Bronchitis it could get worse. my aunt had to go to the emergency room because she had a severe case of it + she smokes.

Go to the doctor.
If you're not coughing I doubt you have pneumonia, but I'm not a doctor. Go see one.
Symptoms of pneumonia:
Cough, often producing mucus (sputum) from the lungs. Mucus may be rusty or green or tinged with blood.
Fever, which may be less common in older adults.
Shaking, "teeth-chattering" chills (one time only or many times).
Fast, often shallow, breathing and the feeling of being short of breath.
Chest wall pain that is often made worse by coughing or breathing in.
Fast heartbeat.
Feeling very tired (fatigue) or feeling very weak (malaise).
Nausea and vomiting.

Have you been coughing a lot? If you have - I bet you have pulled muscles. Or - if you have started a new exercise that could also result in muscle pain. Pneumonia generally involves a fever, cough and trouble breathing.

Well near the back of your lungs you have your two kidneys immediately below them have you given thought to maybe whether these are hurting and not your lungs?

Symptoms: Most people who have pneumonia initially have symptoms of a cold followed by high fever of 104 degrees, shaking chills, and a cough with lots of mucous. People with pneumonia may become short of breath. It is also characterized by sharp chest pain which worsens with deep breaths. In other cases there can be a slow onset of symptoms such as headaches and muscle aches.

These are some of the common symptoms. I dont think that you have pneumonia but it would be best to check it out with a doctor if it persists. Maybe it maybe and onset of cold or flu or it may just be air quality thats affecting your respiration. Try taking some theraflu which is like a tea based formula which really helps to ease any symptoms you may have.

Or you might have bronchitis. My little sister's lungs started to hurt too when she breathed she went to the doctor and she found out she had bronchitis. Bronchitis only lasts for a short time its not a lifetime thing. Its when your lungs are sort of squeezed and it sort of hurts when you breath. So go check with a doctor to see if you have Bronchitis;.

Hope you find this helpful and feel better soon.

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