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My lungs hurt?
I'm not sick, i don't have a cold or anything. Both my parent's are smokers. When i lean backwards i get a pain near the back of me chest, i keep coughing up flegm and the latest one had blood in it. I can't take deep breaths when i does it hurts, and it makes me light headed. What could possibly be wrong here?
Additional Details
How many years have you been around your parents while they are smoking?

-How long have your parents been smoking?

-Do you smoke too?

To add some more details: I'm 17 my parents have smoked since around the time i was born inside the house and in the car. My dad's been smoking since he was 12 and my mom not half as long. I don't really smoke, a cigarrette here and there. The only reason why i'm not at a doctor right now is cause when i asked ym dad he said as long as i'm not coughing up alot i'm fine but i don't think that's right. Should i go to the emergency room?

julie b
Do we look like doctors? What do YOU think you should do??

Do your parents smoke near you, are you around the smoke. It could be the result of second hand smoke.

I think you need some loving parents.
WHY!!! have they not taken you to a doctor already???

if you feel a tight pull around your lungs you could be in risk of a heart attack!! go see a doctor immediatly!!

Well since both yor parents are smokers...well if they smoke around you then it is because of all the smoke..it happends. I would see a doctor if I were you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!! I hope you feel better.

Intuitive Witch
Get out of the house. FAST!

maybe you are second hand smoking. u should tell them to stop smoking in the house. drink more water.

Second hand smoke. Get to a doc.

It could be a chest infection or pleurisy. The only way to be certain is to see a doctor. If you are coughing up blood I would not recommend waiting until Monday, either go to the A&E or ring your' surgery which should give you the number of an out of hours doctor.

Semper F
i really dont know you may be recieving second hand smoke alot of smoker cough up flegmn take a mile run and see what happens if you cant breathe or possibly you are coughing up felgm than stop you are probaly recieving secondhand smoke. tell your parents.

mita d
you might have bronchitis go to your MD if you cough alot go to pharmacy and buy a comtrex day and night capsule or pills they are so good i was like that and i went to Dr and noting hep me until someone told me about them and they are so great. i recommend them

i ♥ hershey ♥♥♥♥♥
sounds like a serious upper respiratory infection{Uri} You need to seek a pulmonalogists [they specialize in lung disorders] Coughing up blood is not safe & w/your inability to take deep breathes ther is something sounds like its not quite right so please seek a physicians care good luck to you

you propely coming down with ashma cause my friend as the same thing

smaɪli feɪs (Smiley Face) ツ
Most likely second-hand smoke. You should see a doctor immediately! Other possible causes are: bronchitis, pneumonia, etc. But again I'm saying it's probably from second-hand smoking.

Any time you have blood coming from places it normally doesn't or shouldn't be go to see your doctor.

Causes of coughing up blood could be:

Blood clot in the lung
Cystic fibrosis
Goodpasture's syndrome
Inflammation of the blood vessels in the lung (vasculitis)
Inhaling blood into the lungs (pulmonary aspiration)
Irritation of the throat from violent coughing
Nosebleed that drips blood down into the lungs
Pulmonary edema
Systemic lupus erythematosus

Quit smoking.

Don't mean to scare you but that sounds like it could be serious. Def speak to a doctor!

anything from pneumonia to TB to a tumor... but most probably a bacterial infection... GET TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM NOW!!!

Hope (Rewriting Memories)
See your doctor. If your parents are smokers, you might end up having lung cancer from second-hand smoking.
And I have some questions that might help you:

-How many years have you been around your parents while they are smoking?

-How long have your parents been smoking?

-Do you smoke too?

lung cancer?

if u seen blood u should of been at the doctor the same day

now dont get scared coudl be els also

but if its sotmhing serious or chnaces are diminishing with ervy our u delay treatment

There could be a lot wrong, but if there's blood you should definiely get it checked out. Sounds like it could be related to a broken rib, which can lie undetected for a surprising length of time. To be honest, one thing tends to lead to another. The mucus causes caughing and prevents deep breaths, while the coughing can cause ruptures and therefore bleeding. It could even be tuberculosis. Get an appointment with your physician asap!

dude this sounds seriouse! anything that involves u throwing up spitting or urinating blood is very seriouse and unnatural....this may be also since your parents are smokers and they may affect ur lungs which are not old enough to handle ciggaretes....

my advice is to go to the doctor as soon as possible! it may get out of hand!

With both parents smoking I hate to tell you it's just the same as if you smoke. You are constantly breathing it in and it is damaging your lungs.

You will need to see a doctor, I think if you are not ill (I would have said sounds like pneumonia) then some tests will have to be run. Do this ASAP, you want to find out what this is before it progresses.

The last thing is tell your parents they are killing everyone else in the house with their habit and need to quit.

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