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My husband snores so much I can't sleep with him... it's kind of a problem.?
he might have sleep apnia..not sure. he wears these nasal stip things that are supposed to work for snoring, but he still snores. Anyone know what we can do?

Chuck P
Tell him to sleep on his side. keep him off his back.

Richard K
sleep apnea is if he stops breathing and wakes up - if that isn't happening, then he just snores - if he doesn't think it's affecting his quality of sleep, it's not a problem for him (but it is for you). There is a product called snore stop or something like that, which is a spray that lubricates the throat and shrinks the tissue inside the throat and under the tongue - it may help. Otherwise, have you considered separate bedrooms?

Lisa T
Is he tired during the day? Does he wake up during the night? Does he ever gasp for breaths in his sleep? If so, he has sleep apnea. He will need to see his doctor and get referred to a sleep clinic. Polysomnography may be performed. There are a number of options. He may try certain types of oral equipment that will prevent the tongue from falling posteriorly. Also, he may be given a CPAP machine and nose or face mask on a trial basis. Then there is surgery. Anyhow, if you do go to the doctor, just say that you think that he may have OSA (obstructive sleep apnea)

i wish i knew, mine wakes me up with his loud snorts, i sometimes try and choke him with a pillow, or kick him, or close his nostrils with my fingers, os slap his pillow real hard, or shake the bed, or pinch his skin hard,
i try anything, but they only work till he falls asleep again
mine dosent want an apnea test, my dad sleeps with an apnea machine and has only told my husband the negatives about it
good luck, you r not alone

Jennifer J
y'all should sleep in seperate rooms, or get some earplugs

Is he overweight? After I lost 70 pounds, my wife commented that I don't snore nearly as much...

If it is sleep apnea (which is short periods where the snoring person actually stops breathing, then starts again), he may need a CPAP machine, which uses a small mask to force air into the patient while sleeping. My bro-in-law and several friends use them and all report much better sleep. Their spouses ALL say that they have no difficulties being in the same bed as the ex-snorer. They take a couple weeks to get used to (start at a few minutes a night then work your way up to all night).

He would need to undergo a sleep test by a specialist to determine if he needs a CPAP... Start with his regular doc and go from there...
Ed, RN

He really needs to see a doctor and have a sleep study done. Once you have an idea of what the problem really is, then you can make an informed decision on possible solutions.

j b
My husband uses Breathe Right strips - most of the time that works. Also, I bought a noise machine (ocean, waterfall, white noise, rain, etc) It really blocks out other noises. Try it and Good Luck!!!:)

Ask your doctor to set up a sleep study and see if he has sleep apnia .Snoring is wearing out his heart ,he probably holds his breath at certain times as he snores .The C-pap stops the snoring by breathing in a mask and the air is at a certain pressure so as you are breathing the back of the pallot can not hang down and makes you snore.
Hope this helps

Firstly, snoring is a sign of your lungs suffocating because of a lack of oxygen. If it has happened frequently and for a long period of time, I'd suggest that you see a doctor for it and ask if he can give him some anti-contestant medication. Snoring is minor, but it can become very dangerous if not taken with consideration.

Good Luck!

Nasal strips don't help, elevating his head does not help...nothing helps! I go thru it too, have been for 16+ years. I shake him, kick him, punch him..etc and sometimes if I startle him enough he'll turn and stop snoring for a few minutes(ahhhhh)..lol.
He needs to be check out by an Otolaryngologist (ENT specialist) and be sent for a sleep study to diagnose sleep apnea. They say that there is a surgery they can have to stop the snoring.
Good Luck...my next step is a pillow over his face..JK ..LOL!

Get some treatment for it. It's very bad for his health as well as for your sleep

Barry S
Go to the doctor and get referred to a sleep clinic for testing.
If he has sleep apnea you need to do something about it as it will be affecting his health for the worse.Do it soon.

black 8
take him to the doctor....

Have him get it checfk by your doctor. He may need a minor surgery to clear his nasal passage.

Katt H
Doctor they are the only ones who could really help.

I so feel your pain. Sleeping on his side is a good temporary fix but next time you go to the dr. with him have them check out his tonsils. That was my husband's problem and is 80% of the time the true cause of snoring is enlarged tonsils. Now don't let me fool you into thinking its some sort of quick fix because it's not, having your tonsils removed as an adult is very VERY painful but in the end you will both sleep better. Trust me I know! Good luck!

ear plugs or go to a surgeon

Snoring is a reliable sign that your husband has at least a partial obstruction of his airway, caused by the tissue in his throat. If at any time he stops breathing then resumes snoring, he has sleep apnea (absence of respiration's). About 70% of the people are overweight who have sleep apnea. Reggie White, defensive end for Green Bay Packers died at age 42 of complications of sleep apnea. The breathe-rite strips are useless and going through the surgery to trim the soft pallet and remove the uvula in the throat is a little drastic. You husband needs to be referred to a Sleep Disorders Center to be evaluated by a sleep specialist. ENT doctors are usually not sleep specialists. An overnight sleep study will show if your husband stops breathing enough to cause a drop in his oxygen level, which can lead to heart irregularities, increase in blood pressure, besides being tired all of the time. How do I know this? Because I have OSA, obstructive sleep apnea, and I have had the tests and I use a machine to assist me to breathe at night, called a CPAP or continuous positive airway pressure. It will make a difference in his and your life.

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