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Mum of 6, to be 7.
My daughter has started smoking! Help!?
Hi, im Gillian, and lately, my daughter of 14 has been acting a little strangely, first she would come home reeking of very strong perfume, then i found a lighter, which she claimed to be one she had picked up to stop her little brother from playing with it, although it was nothing like my lighter. Soon after, her hair would stink of smoke and i confronted her about it. She admitted it but promised she wouldn't do it anymore, but i think she still does, because all my signals havn't stopped, what can i do?


Septimus W
Tell her to smoke roll ups instead. They are a lot cheaper.

Barbara =]
Be strong yell at her slap the **** out of her talk to her about what a terrible thing shes doing!!

You are her PARENT and you don't exercise any discipline, but come on Yahoo to ask for help?

What a disgrace! You remind be of Barack Hussein Obama dealing with the bad guys of the world.

You need to ground her and tell her smoking friends that if they ever come around her again, they'll be sorry they were ever born.

This is a household that is out of control, with the chief inmate (your daughter) now running the asylum. WHERE IS HER DAD? At the local bar or divorced and remarried?

She is 14, so what is the problem? Accept that she smokes, and provide her with cigarettes, but make her do extra chores for them. If you are about to be a mother of 7, you need all the help you can get.

Think about it - you couldn't stop her from starting, so you won't be able to stop her from continuing. Fourteen is a quite normal age to start smoking.

You smoke, she smokes. Blaim yourself.

Do not worry. Teenagers go through a very rebellious stage. I know I am guilty of doing a few things I aint too proud of! :)

Smoking is the cover of a deep problem that your daughter is having because smoking is an escape.

You should talk to your daughter. Ask her about any problems in school. Give her a bigger allowance coupled with bigger responcibilties. Take her up to the mall and buy her a new wardrobe. Take her to get her hair fixed. Buy her some cool new lipgloss.

My mom got my hair highlighted when I was being a rebel. I felt like I was a new me. And thats how you want your daughter to feel. Sometimes they don't quit because they still feel like they are a failure for starting in the first place. You want her to feel as though just because she messed up because of the past, there IS a new future and with a new future, a beautiful young lady will arise.

If this doesn't work, take her to therapy and to an animal shelter to volunteer. Have a psycologist work on her emotional problems and have the animals from the shelter give her a confidence boost. Teens love animals and it will make her feel good about herself knowing she is helping other little critters!

Donna Hill
make her eat one or smoke alot in one go or take her to a hosp where people are from smoking

It does not matter what you do she will probably carry on,I tried all sorts with my kids but nothing worked.It needs some serious backing from the government with adverts etc now to stop kids from picking up the habit,they ban smoking in public places and preach about how anti social smokers are but nothing is done to deter the kids from lighting up.

be the meanest mom ever and punish her

take everything away...

She is just following your lead. You mind as well just let her smoke. Even if you tell her not to or ground her she will just go behind your back and do it anyways. You two can smoke and bond together now.

You are talking to someone that has been smoking for the past 28 yrs.
I have tried to stop myself and failed too many times.
I started when i was about 10 and have not quit.
The states are working on this issue, making the cost factor of buying them ridiculous. Some packs already up to 6. $ a pack.
They are also making it harder just to light up where ever one wants.
The first solution of your problem is taking care of its source.
Obviously your child is getting the smokes from her peers.
Start talking to her friends parents, that is if they even care about their own kids. You control all aspects of your child's life. It is up to you
to take more control of the safety of your child's life.
Take away any extra activities, grounding her, no tv, cell phone, games, friends etc. Obvious the child will not make good choices in life and it is up to their parents to guide them in the best direction.
Good luck!

I did that last year lol.
I was 14 aswell
dont panic !
if its only recently then i doubt that she is addicted and that.
i did it occasionally but not since my mum found out. she gave me a huge lecture and didn't trust me for like a month. i wasn't allow to go out as much as i used to and she was always asking questions. i havent done it for like a agesss & i wouldn't want too,
losing trust from your mother is the worst thing that can happen !

tell her to use mouthwash !
LOL. sorry.

Here, I researched it and found some pretty good websites for you to look at or read:





Good luck to you and I really hope you can help your daughter!

She probably still is and you her to stop. I suggest you sit down with her and talk to her about it because 14 is so young! I am sorry your being put through this and its going to be tough. Ask her why she started and why she needs to start. Talk to her pediatrician about this because they can probably provide you with the best answers.

Hi Gillian, I'm 15 and i think really there is not that much that you can do. Does she know about the consequences of smoking? Do the people she hangs out with smoke? If they do, it's going to be hard for her to stop. Some people in my year smoke and I'm sure that nothing their mum said to them would make them stop smoking. Sorry I'm not really helping you but I don't really know what you can do :(

Big bad wolf
If you tell her not to smoke it will just make matters worse as I also get the impression you smoke as you stated about "your" lighter. Inform her of the consequences of smoking. Tell her for every cigarette she looses 11 minutes off her life - that usually shocks them.

Chloe Parkes
well im 15 i started to smoke at the age of 10

my mum sat me down and wanted to know every think i told her
now just sit her down just you two ask again, tell her in a calm voice she smells like smoke
and just dont go mad at her thats what kept me from telling my mum
tell her that you dont like it or what ever
but tell her that you love her no matter what!!!

michelle s
im a smoker and i would be gutted if my kids would smoke, really there isn't much you can do to stop her, but i would start hiding my cigs so she couldn't take any and also my purse, im not calling your daughter a thief but she has to get the money somewhere.

Tell her how it can kill her!! Simple as, scare her into letting her know it's bad!

Show her them pictures of people's rotting lungs and arteries filled with tar.

They aren't to nice.

try showing her pix of what smokers lungs look like, show her vids of people talking about it, and finally take her to a nursing home and introduce her to people who have to carry around oxygen or are bed ridden from smoking. trust me it works, thats what my dad did for me, ive never smoked but that insured that i'll never start

Make sure she doesn't have any money to buy cigarettes with!

well tbf... if you smoke... your kids are much more likely to!

why not go to stop smoking classes together? then you can support each other.

well you can only blame your self if you smoke you are only reinforcing a negative habit

Martin M
its very hard to tell someone to stop if you are smoking yourself.

You need to lead by example

I smoke but it is a killer...perhaps you could show her some graphic pictures of what it can do...best she stops before she is hooked...apart from her health...it's an expensive way to damage yourself

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