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 Does smoking cigarettes make you look cool?

 a question about the 1st of july smoking law!?
right i am not sure if i really understand this. i am a 16 year old girl smoker. from the 1st of july i can't smoke indoors anywhere but i can outside. is that correct? thnax in advance!!!...

 Is smoking good for you?
I am sick of hearing that smoking is bad for you, but is there anyway that smoking is good for you. Like can it make you taller, or is it good for your brain, anything?...

 Are you a smoker..............?

 ive stopped smoking and feel real ill?
i stopped smoking a week ago and i feel teribble my throat hurts and is making my asthma bad ,i felt great before i stopped why is this happening to me?...

 do you breathe when you pass-out?

 My nose is itchy. I'm sneezing like crazy, but I don't have a fever. May be allergies but not sure. what to do
My nose is incredibly itchy like I have to sneeze every few seconds, and I am sneezing every minute. I thought I was just allergic to my desk at work but I'm home now and still suffering. Any ...

 I like to fill-up my ashtray and then throw all of my butts in the street at once.?
Doesn't that make it easier for them to clean? I especially love littering on roads where some company says that they will keep the road clean....

 My Friends Smoke! Should I smoke?
well i just moved and made some new friends and there all smokers and every time we hang out they all smoke. so i don't no if i should start smoking or not, they say its not bad just to try one. ...

 i have a pressure on my left side of my chest and im only 14 years old and i have chest pains?

 how come I can't quit smoking? any suggestions? I'm at wits end?

 should i tell my dad i smoke cigarettes(occasionally)?
i already got caught smoking weed and suprisignly he didnt relle care.. now should i tell him about the cigarettes, or should i keep that 1 in? im not addicted!...

 Should I go to see my dad in Chapel of Rest?
My dad died on tuesday. He had dementia and had been a recluse for 18 months just staying in his room. I only went to see him last week and I feel ded guilty about that...
He was rushed to ...

 How can I live without smoking?
Now that Im days into quitting Im starting to think "how can I live without smoking". Help.

If you have never been a smoker, dont answer my question with a dumb remark about ...

 What causes noise bleeds.?
What would be the main cause of a noise bleed in a 67 year old man. Is this something of concern....

 how easy is it to stop smoking?

 How can I stop smoking cigarettes?
Any suggections will be appreciated. T...

 what are some good smoking songs ?
i want some good songs to smoke to.
kinda like the shins, kmk, radiohead, im from barcelona,
i want some thing really chill, or rap (:
thank you if you respond to this! :D

 im 13 and i smoke do any 13 year olds smoke too ?
im 13 and i smoke i am just wondering if anyone else smokes at 13 too plz write ...

 It's snot!!!!!!! What exactly is the purpose of snot?
I'ts annoying and makes you cranky when you have a cold but never seems to have a purpose.What exactly is the purpose?...

My cough goes: uuuuurrggghKwukKwukKwuk-ohohKwaaaaaaargh… yours

Why does your cough end with 'yours' ?
That must sound weird.

Proper Gander
Your cough sounds just like my fart! Spooky.

ღ*Pink Cat *ღ
Mine is Homina homina homina. ;)

I don't have one.

Mine's more of a KucckCoomKucckCoom-KukkKukkCoom

Mine is kind of loud Ugh huh huh uh, but i make it loud on purpose.

huff huff huff,grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, huff. Had it for weeks and can't get rid of it.

That's a dandy!

Oh my goodness! It sounds terminal! You are going to die! It should sound more like wKhoho-kuwKkuwKkuwKhgggrruuuuu! I might recommend writing your will and picking a place for burial...I am sorry my friend.

Yes mine sounds similar.

Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration

HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA!!!! Ahem... I mean... it sounds like you've got the bird flu my friend. Better write a will.

kellie r
hwack, hwack,wheeze hwack hwack wheeze ehm ehm

Tears are *Diamonds*

♥♫ Shy One ♫♥
GUMPHOahhuhhggEgggggNOOggGG mmMm

Bum Gravy.

same as you I guess.

LMFAO at this x

Bull S
eghuurrgghhh kakahuurghhh

mine usually goes something like this:

cough cough cough cough....breathe....cough cough cough cough....breathe again.....pause....hooooooouuuughhhhhhhh… breathe....jaklsdjfkljlkgjhghheiuguhdehj… purple....jklasdfjlkasjdghjlzkxjdfljgjas… a pat on the back....cough cough....cough....

there i think thats about right!

You guyssss are sooooo funny!!!!!!!
You made my laugh.
Get some cough medicine to stop doing what you are doing.

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