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 is snoring in a 4 year old bad?

My best friend is coughing up a greyish black mucus! Does anyone know what it is? (she doesn't smoke) Thanks!

Additional Details
My friend is 14 and she doesn't smoke or do drugs at all. She said that the mucus is even a bit acidic! She accidentally coughed onto the toilet seat and when she wiped it off it left a greyish stain, as if the paint was chiped off. I suggested that it might be bile but that is usually a pukish green color. Nanaimo isn't that much of a smoggy city either! She says that she does not feel any pain except for the fact that her throat gets sore from coughing. It's extremely strange, and I'm officially worried now! Walking pneumonia perhaps??

nope sorry thats nasty

grand theft auto
go to ww.answers.com and you get what you want it better than to have people who ppossabklity be a misleading answer

David K

what drugs has she been on lately?

i've done the same before and thats just because i was sick, slept with my mouth open, and was in a dusty cabin!
so maybe around that or something shes breathed in??

honestly i would go google on this i was freaking out one time when i coughed up black mucus opened my mouth and saw my tongue was black so i googled it and found out it was from pepto. i took for an upset stomache and i had sulfury food that night so the two had a reaction and i brushed my teeth and i was fine so don't freak out toooo much just google grey-black mucus or something and i'm sure you will find what you are looking for!

oh & don't go see a doctor just yet,, sooooo expensive these days,,
seriously do some research first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
google is the best(:

Sure don't, but i do know she needs meds from her doctor!
How long has this been going on?/?
It's a possibility she ate chocolate/oreos and the residue is in her mouth, throat and on her tongue and then it comes out with the mucus.
Basically, it looks blk bcuz of the chocolate food she ate? It can happen.

Well, with the discoloring in the mucous it sounds like a definate respiratory infection and she should go to the doctor. She could have bronchitis, pneumonia coming on...there is a variety of them. If she does not smoke then it could also be the infection or something else she may have inhaled such as weed, something second hand, environmental. Just throwing some options out there. Sounds pretty discouraging though to have to cough that up...suggestion is to go to a doctor. Good Luck!

i had that before,
but it was only the dust particles and whatnot from the air that i breathed in.
but it could be something different .. ?

hell no tell her to see a doctor

Mr & Ms Panama
if she's been coughing it for more than a day tell her to go see her doctor
other than being on drugs or working in a smoky, dusty envorinment, i wouldn't be able to know what it could be, but seeing a doctor is what she should be doing

Do you live in a smoggy city? It could cause the same kind of damage that smoking does. Does she have an autoimmune disorder? Has she been sick recently? That's really not normal at all, and she should be seen ASAP.

Jenny C
symptom of lung or respiratory problem. Your friend needs to see a doctor.

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