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My Mother wants me to go to the doctors because of a cough but this is the problem...?
I am worried to go to the doctors with my mother because when I went on holiday a few weeks ago I smoked quite alot.. Some days I smoked 10 everyday and other days just 1-4. I also smoked tobacco with carboard as a filter. I had a small cough before I went to spain and at that time I didn't smoke at all. But since I have got back I have a terrible chesty cough. Is this a smokers cough? And if I went to the doctors would they say to me/my mother that it was a smokers cough?

NJ. the Gemini
I would like to know how old you are? because If it was I like your Mother & know that I am trying to save your life but you do not want it to be saved, I would let you know what you are doing to your self as if you do not know already, Then I would let you stay there & KILL your
self Just like that.
You do not like your self, or love your LIFE so who can love it for you?
I think you are just a followera because when you were in Spain none of
your LEADERS were there so you & your Mother hang out to gather
so you did not smoke but as you came back to your BAD LERDERS
then you started so you are not even a good followera because you. decided to kill your self with them so I think your Mother should show
you the good road & the destructive one then she leave you alone.
That is it from me. You ask a question & I have given you the most honest reply as I can think of>

kbark !
use the excuse of second hand smoke, say the people around you were smoking and you just inhaled the secondhand smoke .

Mal J
The doctor is not going to give you a breath test to see if you have been smoking or not.He may listen to your breathing/chest plus check your throat.Dont worry he wont bust you.

Most likely you have a chest cold that was exasperated by the sudden smoke intake. Yes, go to the doctor. If it turned into bronchitis you might need an antibiotic. Smokers cough takes years usually to begin. After the lungs have already suffered damage.
Trust me, don't even start with the smoking. My Grandmother died from emphysema, my aunt died from lung Cancer that metastasized to the brain. Plus smoking will make your teeth yellow, and messes up your skin. My aunt stopped smoking when she was diagnosed. Even with the cancer her skin looked better from not smoking a couple months.

♥ Bunz♥
Please don't smoke as it is not worth it.
I have never smoked in my life and I have had a cough now for the last 4 months ever since I got back from my holidays. I blame it entirely onto passive smoking from the smokers in the pubs I went into at night. My clothes reeked of smoke so I know there was lots of it around me. The same thing happened last year and the cough lasted 11 months. Therefore you don't have to smoke yourself to develop this kind of cough.

not necessarily. sounds like you already had a slight cough and the smoking exacerbated it. just tell your mom that you are old enough to go in and see the doc by yourself so you can tell him. it is just a cough. a smoker's cough is when you smoke a pack a day for 20 years and always cough......

It might be... why don't you go to the doctors on your own? Unless there's a possibility of telling your mum...
Hope it goes well.

Anthony D
What I would do would be to try and go to the Doctors on my own. Or I'd just tell my mum I was around people who were smoking.. cos second hand smoke causes coughs too.

I'm sure the doctor won't try to get you in trouble in front of your mother. Just say it was 2nd hand smoke (as suggested earlier). Good luck, I hope you feel better soon

passive-non agressive
nope a doctor won't do that. trust me

go on your own

no but dont smoke!

Purlple Dinosoar
They most likely would find out that it was a smokers cough and tell your mother, and they have the right to do that. What you should to is tell your mother you were smoking and tell her you are going to quit... and REALLY quit!! Judging by your profile picture you are pretty, and smoking is going to give you wrinkles, the cough won't go away, and you can get cancer... that is how my grandpa died, so just stop... it's for your own good.

Hope I helped.

Pia L
just say you want to go by yourself. then tell your doctor everything you just told us but not to say anything to your mom. It is your right to your own personal information no matter what age you are.

It is highly unlikely that your tobacco intake has caused this in such a short time, so get to the doctors.
But beware,long term cigarette use will cause damage, use this as s lesson.

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