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My Friends Smoke! Should I smoke?
well i just moved and made some new friends and there all smokers and every time we hang out they all smoke. so i don't no if i should start smoking or not, they say its not bad just to try one. should i try smoking?

Randy F
Hell no don't start ever


Hallie L
I really want to share a story with you...

When I was 12, all of my friends started smoking. I was very very upset and tried to persuade all of them to quit. But the more I tried, the less they wanted to do with me. A year or so later- most of them confessed that they wished they had listened to me but were too addicted to quit. My best friend asked me for help. She couldn't sit through a movie anymore, she was coughing up blood in the morning. I told her I'd help but she still couldn't quit no matter what I did. Eventually, I became fed up with what I thought was her lack of self-discipline. I started smoking so that I could, "prove how easy it is to quit!" That was 8 years ago.

At first, it was fun in a way. I felt closer somehow to my friends (which is ridiculous sounding now. Smoking with someone isn't bonding with them.) Eventually, I grew up and moved away. I have tried to quit smoking 100 times. That stupid choice I made to smoke just because my friends did is one that I will regret for the rest of my life. I used to be able to hold my breath for at least 30 seconds- now I can hold it for no longer than 10 seconds. I am winded from walking short distances. At this point I know I will not be able to quit on my own. I am actually transferring to a college that doesn't allow smoking on campus or in the dorms partly because I do not want my health to decline anymore than it already has and I think it might be my only hope for breaking the habit.

Sure if you just had one it wouldn't be the end of the world. The statistics indicate that one cigarette shortens your life by about 8 minutes, so you'd probably just cough, hate it, and cut a few minutes off your life. That's not too big a deal. The problem is that once you have that one- you'll never be able to say "I don't smoke" again. Your friends will remind you that they SAW you have one. Then, you'll be in a more vulnerable position. Believe me when I say this:

Before you start smoking- you feel normal all the time and bad only when you're sick/hungry/tired etc.
After you start smoking- you feel bad ALL THE TIME and only NORMAL when you have one.

Anyone who would want to depend on cigarettes to just feel normal has very serious issues. If people keep bugging you to smoke, (like they did to me all those years ago) I don't endorse lying most of the time, but if you want to- you can even tell them that you WOULD try it, but you just went to have a check-up and found out that you have a heart condition, or lung condition or whatever. It would at least get them to stop mentioning it.

Also, if you were wondering if the 'good feelings' outweigh the cons of smoking- Cigarettes don't make you 'feel' anything really once you get hooked on them. There might be a little buzz the first few weeks or so after you start, but the little buzzes stop coming. Then you have to carry a ball and chain for the rest of your life you'll never be completely free from even if you do quit.

If you take 1 you may get addicted and wont stop!!!
You shouldn't have to change who you are to fit in!!
trust me....DONT

hope it helps..



Nicholas 1
I would advise you against it.

If you starrt you are almost certain to become addicted, and remain a smoker for much of your life. And in 20 years time you may not have the same friends, but you may have the same smoking habbit.

If you do want to start, think carefully about whether you would still smoke if your friends didn't, and if you want to be a smoker all your life. And ideally spend a long time thinking about it, because it will definately affect your life.

As for trying it, if you want to, you can. But stick to just the one, and make clear to your friends you don't intend to start.

okay, i know people are gunna hate me for saying this, but it wont realy matter to me. i started smoking, but it was because i was really mad at sumthing, and needed to calm down, but im now addicted to it. yess, the box says SMOKING CAUSES LUNG CANCER but i ignre it. i like smoking because if you actually inhale, like you should, after a few hits, it will give you a buzz, thing. some people get sick, but most will tell you it calms you down. its true, it toes, but it also lowers your stamina, makes you not run as fast, or as long, and can lower your immune system. you can try a cigg, and no, it wont hurt you, but try not to smoke excessively, it could reaaly hurt you. dont smkoke to fit in, or to be cool, smkoke because you want to.

if you friends jump off a bridge, would you do that too simply because they did it.

Everyone tries it eventually. Having a few will help you decide if you want to start smoking. So, give it a try. Write if I can help.

Twilight luvr
No you should not!!! everyone knows that smoking is very bad for you! think of all the things that could happen to you if you did...

Perfectly Imperfect
No. You shouldn't smoke to try to make friends. And they shouldn't force you to smoke either! it's terrible for you and VERY hard to quit! Be smart!

Think of it like this-

Would you give a cigarette to a child? Would you blow smoke into a babies face? Could you become a world class athlete if you smoked two packs a day? Does kissing a smoker taste nice?

You know the answers to these questions and also know the answer to your own question.

Chill out and if they dis you for not smoking then tell them to chill out.

No. Smoking is very bad for you.. If you're not addicted to it why bother getting addicted and ruining your health?

Don't smoke. That went out of style in the late 90's And besides that, it's bad for your lungs, is so expensive now a days, smells bad, it's hard to find a place indoors that allows it, and just isn't attractive anymore. Then if you do get used to it, you'll be out of action until you've had your 3:45 smoke, but you can't get it because you're stuck inside because of the bad weather, or you do get your smoke, but you're baking in 102 weather, or getting soaked in the rain. Then if you try to quit, habits are hard to break. And it's worse if you get addicted to the nicotine.

Don't smoke,

Don't let them peer pressure you into doing something that you actually don't want to do. Think it through before making your final decision because you don't want to regret any decisions you make. Also think about the consequences. I guess whether or not you should try smoking is ultimately up 2 u. :)

meh. one cigarette won't kill you, but friends that are pressuring you into smoking are kind of...not...friends?

i'd say don't start, because of the health thing.

Nope. I tried that, and ended up smoking for years. It's easy to start, but very difficult to stop.

I win
I wouldn't. Smoking is addictive. I'm an ex-smoker, you're not really missing anything.

I thought the same for awhile, not caring about getting lung cancer or having a shorter life, but smoking can hurt some of your other social factors. Sure, you may be gaining some points with these "friends" of yours, but what if you have a boyfriend who doesn't like the smell of smoke?

If you have friends who don't smoke, it would be nice of you to walk outside for a while and brush your teeth after every smoke before you meet them. There's also the addiction factor.

It's your choice, really! If you don't mind any of the above, then go ahead. Some people say there's nothing like a good smoke after a hard day's work.

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