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My 81 year old dad has pneumonia and is in the hospital.Isn't this extremely danerous at his age?
He also has emphysema.
Additional Details
Please pray for him.Thank you.

Jack Kerouac
yes---prepare for the worst....

AsianPersuasion :)

Sorry to say it is very bad for him . Stay by his side as much as posible. Pray for him I will do the same for you and him XOXO

It's dangerous at any age,but more so at an advanced age. Try to stay positive. Many people recover from pneumonia with the right care. I had it,along with shingles,pleurisy,kidney unfection at the same time. I know I'm not as old as your dad,but there's some great doctor's and medication out there. Thinking of you,and rooting for your dad. Hope the med' kicks in soon.

Ouch - that is a double-whammy at any age....

Yep its bad...

I am sorry about your dad. Unfortunately, at his age, pneumonia is not good. Plus he has emphyzema. Pneumonia is not good for the elderly or the very young. They don't have good defenses.

My prayers to your dad, you & your family.

Unforunately it is very dangerous at that age.sorry and good luck

Quite possible , the method to assess the risk in pneumonia patient is called the PORT score ,if his only medical problem is the age then he could be a low risk patient but if he had any other medical problem ( heart ,kidney , liver, nervous system ) he will be classified as moderate risk,now if he had abnormal LABS then he probably will be a High risk,
please review the electronic model of the PORT score below,

With him underlying lung condition and his age, yes it can be very dangerous.

Yes. If it's not taboo in your family, considering he's 81 and has emphysema *and* now pneumonia, you might want to have a convo with him about his last wishes.

US Lisa
Any illness at 81 needs to be taken seriously. With your Dads history of emphysema it certainly aggravates his pneumonia. As long as your Dad does what his MD and respiratory therapists want him to do, I wish him the best.

Angela C
I would think so at his age, but he's in hte best place he could be

yes, it is EXTREMELY dangerous for him.....pray all you can. Ask others to pray for him. I really hope he makes it out of this OK.

I am only 39 and have Emphysema, I have to have jabs to protect me from Pneumonia every 10yrs, I am sad to say that it is not a good thing to have whilst suffering with Emphysema.

My thoughts and prayers are with you and for your Father.

Pneumonia is extremely dangerous for anyone at any age. An 81 year old with emphysema is at risk big time for pneumonia.

yes very i hate to say

Michael B
Yes, but keep praying.

Yes, it is very dangerous. Emphysema makes it even worse. I am so sorry.

Yes, honey that is extremely dangerous and can be fatal if left untreated. Just stick my your dad and make sure the doctors and hospital staff are doing everything they can do. and continue to show lots and lots of support to your dad. Good luck and God bless!!

Though many people don't recognize it, pneumonia can be dangerous at any age. And the emphysema is another complicating factor.
Though it sounds very basic and trivial, make sure all visitors and especially your father ask the staff EACH time they enter his room/bed space: have you performed hand hygiene? Staff don't necessarily need to wash their hands with soap and water anymore because there are the waterless products available. However, if there is any visible soiling on the hands, soap and water are required because the alcohol-based products won't work. Hand hygiene is the single most effective method of preventing the spread of infection. You don't want your dad acquiring any other infections while in hospital (such as Clostridium difficile, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus, Vancomycin Resistant Enterococci, or any other infection).
As well, it is very important to watch what is done by staff (e.g., using equipment that was used on another patient before cleaning it for use with your dad).
I wish your dad the safest possible care and treatment. Please be very active and involved in his daily care.

Love Child
I get so angry at some of these responses! Yes it may sound bad but anything is possible, he could be healed in a minute. Just have some faith. Keep praying. Its all in Gods hands and he knows what hes doing.

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