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So I smoked weed for the first time 2 days ago?
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 All you smokers out there? Why smoke?
I mean it stinks, how the heck do you get addicted to it? It also can kill you, but you already know that right? Why take somethin that will kill oyu?
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Yes its ...

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 Can Marijuana get in your system from just being around other people smoking it?
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 First time smoker, how do you start?
When Im depressed, I want to smoke, many times Ive wanted to turn to a ciggerate to calm my nerves, I want to be a light smoker, what cigeratetes do you recomend?
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But ...

Male supervisor put his hands on me at workk?
I had a job the work was what I loved doing. But the company which is with so many issues and never has a day where we can come to work and do just our work theres always something going on there. One day the Supervisor who is an Rn Male descieded to hit me all in the face and say rude things to me and a resident. I was scared cause at that point I knew I could loose my job having somone assaulting me. can I ask would anyone be able to sit there and having a male supervisor beating on them or calling them names and talking to them rudely to do the work when you were? I was not able to hold my anger when he held me by the neck and hit me in the face repeatly. How would you or anybody would u have handled it would u at that time cared to have lost the job? please answer

i wouldn't have cared about my job at that time because he is ABUSIVE and RUDE.
i wouldn't be able to hold my temper at him, much less feel safe at work after that.
if you haven't already, tell *his* supervisor that he was abusive to you and a coworker.

i would have called the cops (even though im a guy)

That is not only wrong and definitely harassment, it is illegal. This guy should NOT be able to get you fired, but the other way around. If that is not the case, then WHAT AN AWFUL PLACE TO WORK! Don't put up with that at all. If he did this to you, he surely shows other signs of having issues and you should not be doubted, but evidence is also important in claiming harassment. You deserve to work in a safe environment and so do your co-workers. Rip this guy a new one for everyone's sake girl!

ok, if this is serious, quit now and call someone. This is wrong and should be stopped right now. Dont wait any longer. You should never have cared to lose that job if it jeopardizes your happiness and your dignity. Good jobs should be a place that you enjoy going to everyday, and have good relations with everyone you work with. This is not a good job, so why keep it? Get rid of it! and tell someone! Please.

Girl you need to report it im not sure if it happend recentley though that is abuse and it is agenst the law. I have had an experiance lik this and life and its hard to live with

Imaginary Light
Call the police, that's not something your boss is allowed to do..

dsch ♥
Hmmm yeah, don't do what the second guy said girllll.

Your better than that.

I would tell the person highest up in the company.
If he is the highest, go to the cops and make a police report.
From there you can press charges. Thats an assult. You know that though.
He could get in a lot of trouble where as you could get money ;)

Don't quit, it's something you love.

You need to go and see an attorney-at-law.

u shoulda called the cops on his punk a$$!!! then reported him to his supervisor cuz what he did was assault n battery! turn his a$$ in girl, dont let that bytch get away with it. and no, u wouldnt have lost ur job from him assaulting u.

Jake R
get his *** fired and take his job. That coward should be locked up in jail.

Since he is a supervisor, find out his supervisor and tell them that he hit you. You could also tell the police about the assault. Keep telling people in your company until they do something.

William M
Hit him back or tell someone if he has been doing this for a while you cant lose your job. If you were fired that would be illegal. They cannot fire you for being abused on the job. Kick in the ****** nuts girl.

Jo March
Why would they fire you, if you're the victim? all the police anonymously. I'm sure they'll fire HIM rather than have the police coming in all the time.

Hell no! No one deserves to be treated like that! That's bs! especially in a working environment! Sue their ***!

what are u still doing there? why did u let him do it in the first place?
try to get it in video, call the cops...sue him..

ok, i dont have a job yet---but it sounds like if he is hitting you, you should report it to the police. you won't be the one to loose your job-he will.! hitting you is deffinately unacceptable. and on top of that EVERYONE KNOWS HITTING A GIRL IS AGASINT THE RULES! (:(you could aslo try to get a lawyer and sew them)

hope that helped.
good luck.

Alex R
you should report him and press charges...even if you lose your job...he will lose his aswell or even moree....report this to a higher person..dont say anything to this guy..do it quietly so it hits him unsupectedly..gl


Sue his ***...NOWWWW

Call the police! There's no way you could get fired for that! If anything you could sue them and get rich!

He should be worried about losing his job and not you. I think that you should either report it to the police or talk to your supervisor's superior about it.

Wait...are you serious??? THAT guy can lose HIS job!!! Not you! Press assault charges on his ***!

I would have beat the sh!t out of him. But, that's just me. I would talk to a police officer. You can have him arrested. Are you married? If so, get your husband to have a "talk" with him. I know my husband would probably kill him.

Talk to a police officer, or a supervisor. DO NOT LET HIM TREAT YOU LIKE THAT!!!!!

saxaphone player
i would of quit the job and Press charges.
i'm sorry for what happened
good luck.

you should take him to court for hitting you you could get a lot of money to


press charges.

Lindsey T
First of all if he hit you- call the police! That is assault and there is no way you can be fired! Second- what in the world hospital do you work at???? That is crazy- go to HR and the police, but atleast your HR right away- if he did this to you he did it to someone else I bet!

File a police report TONIGHT! The faster the more credible.

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