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It's snot!!!!!!! What exactly is the purpose of snot?
I'ts annoying and makes you cranky when you have a cold but never seems to have a purpose.What exactly is the purpose?

clean out your system and get rid of germs

Blue Haired Old Lady
To wash germs out of your sinuses and nose.

Matt S
to clean out all of the foreign junk that gets trapped up in your nostrils

Mucous is actually used to help fight/block bacteria from entering your body! It catches passing bacteria and prevents them from getting into your system. But yes, I have a cold as well, and it is really annoying. ^^

Vive l' √Čire!!!
pretty much the same as earwax. it stops bugs and dirt frm getting up your nose, instead it all gets stuck in the snot and the snot gets expelled from the nose. it does the same with bacteria.

to keep germs out.

mucous is only excessive when the membranes are inflamed with a cold or to flush out dust or other particles.

Mainly to keep your air warm and moist. So you lose less heat via breathing.
Helps trap dirt before it enters your respiratory system aka your lungs. Works with your nose hair. It's not really meant to be in excess ( yes colds are irritating. ) other than that it has not much function. Some people say it's meant to keep your nasal passage safe by forming a moist film over the otherwise exposed passage but I think that's nonsense. Ok so thats all there is. Snot. Some people put it on elevator buttons. ARGH.

Snot keeps germs and dust from going up your nose.

For cleaning out your system hun!

Dixie N
Snot keeps germs and dust from going up your nose.

Amy B-G
snot is even there when you don't have a cold. while you have the virus it's purpose is to get rid of the germs, when you're notsick it's purpose is to keep dust and such particles out of your system.

You eat it.

The Irish Lass
Im eating maaaaan!!!!!!!(Its mucus...it cleans out all the yucky germs in the nose I suppose,and it protects ya from infections...now...back to my monster munch taytos!)

Matt A
The nose filters, heats and humidifies the air you breath in. We are designed to breath air in through our noses.

The snot helps to catch foreign objects and debris so it can be "blown" out. It also will help flush out irritants.

well, snot was made my all of the dirt particles that u get in ur nose when u sniff in. the pupose is...........there is no purpose it gets there by accident.

Along with the tiny hairs in your nose it traps all of the dirt and bacteria you breathe in to stop it going into your lungs.

Annoying, but useful!

Snot, is a mucus that is in your nose. It traps dirt and other things inside your nose to prevent it from getting into your body. If you did not have snot, you would get all the things that you breath into in your body. This would not be good. Snot serves the same purpose as your eyelid does. It is a protective function that gets allergens out of your body. I know this a little jumbled, but hopefully you get the basic reason as to why it is in your knows.

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