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 Quitting Smoking?
If smoking takes 20 years off your life, then when you quit, do you get that 20 back, or is it a case of damage done, no repair?...

 how do i get rid of this cough?
Ive had flu, and a virus and been treated twice with antibiotics, also given up smoking a week ago, i cannot shift the cough, i cant sleep when i lay down i start cough again, and phlegm comes up its ...

 PLEASE HELP ME! I cant breathe when i....READ DESCRIPTION!?
Both of my parents smoke cigz and I'm 13, also i cant breath when i smell the smoke, like my throught tightens and i just start crying sometimes. What is wrong, should i go to the doctor or is ...

 I have cut down my smoking, from 20 a day, down to 8 a day...??!?
sometimes 5 a day instead.
but all of a sudden have got a terrible chesty cough, bringing up greem phlem(sorry, cant spell it).
Is this because i have cut the ciggies down?
Will it get ...

 Can a sinus infection be transmitted to another person?

 How many women sleep with a snorer?
And if it sn't snoring its some other god forsaken bloody noise? To be honest, i've had enough. It's been so long since i got a good sleep that i'm permanently ratty and ...

 i have really bad chest pains and finding it hard to breath..?
M y chest feels like sum 1 is sitting on me while im getting stabbed in the heart, im also finding it really hard to breath don't no why....
Additional Details
i have had these ...

 My throat is killing me, and I'm coughing blood!?
My throat is really hurting me, I thought it was just a cold but I never had this pain. I can’t swallow, I can’t smoke, I can’t drink or eat I’m in hell can anybody tell me what’s wrong?...

 What would happen to me if it is my first time smoking?
I'm thinking of just smoking one cigarette probably with some of my friends at a party just to see what it's like...I wouldn't get addicted right off the bat would I?...

 What does it mean when your chest feels tight, like theres alot of pressure on it and its hard to breath?
My friend is having a problem it came last night and she said it feels like her chest is tight and its hard for her to breathe. She said that her breathing was really short and shes been trying to ...

 What's wrong with me?
Recently, I am experiencing severe chest pains, causing me sleepless nights. I have asthma and have been taking my Salbutamol inhaler constantly. I can't rely on that all the time but I feel ...

 how do I get rid of my cough?
Ive had a bad cold since Halloween Ive been to the dr and they put me on a Zpac and Ive taken other antibiotics and they haven't worked. What can I do to get rid of my cough??????? its so bad ...

 What are those disgusting things you can cough up?
The look like little tiny white balls and they smell soooo bad.... I cough them up every once in a while and idk how to get rid of them... my sister said thwey are puss balls..IDK its disgusting can ...

 has anyone stopped smoking and actually been happy about it?
i have given up, cut down etc, but i was never happy with the thoughts of never ever having just one when i wanted, so are smokers or ex smokers ever happy when they decide to give up, or do they ...

 what are the harmful effects of smoking? drinking?
which one is worse?
even if someone smokes a year or two.
others smoke their whole lives.
can one or two years of drinking or smoking cause permanent damage?...

 Will i be able to make my lungs healthy again?
I have black lungs from smoking tobacco for 6 years on my 18th birthday i want to quit.

Can i make my lungs healthy again or they just going to be black permanently?...

 Why does it hurt when I breathe through my nose?
Whenever I start breathing through my nose it feels like my nasal cavities are burning. It's really uncomfortable.

What should I do?
Please no one say "breathe through your ...

 Why smoke when you know it kills?
Why people kept producing cigars when they know that cigarrete smoking is dangerous to their health? Are there any advantages?...

 Is there anything that you can smoke that's not bad for you?
I like the activity, but hate the health risk....

 Does it matter if you breath into a paper or plastic bag when having a panic attack?
I just wondered whether there's a difference....

Is there anything you can smoke that isnt harmful for you?
Like it could be water vapor or something.. just anything that looks like smoke
Additional Details
hahah yea my friend and i have done hookah but a 1 hr hookah is = too 100 cigs.. weed works but honestly we are just looking for something to practice blowing smoke wrings on :p

hookah is less dangerous its way healthier than cigarettes.
and weed isnt that harmful either

that fruity stuff arabs smoke

there are electronic cigarettes? I dunno if they are bad ha ha

Baylee David
smarties r bad for you too. duh! u could get magets in your lungs bcuz smarties r sticky. they could be worse than cigarettes! and snorting lemonade mix or sumething can cause magets in ur nose! so everything is harmful to smoke!

your my angel
yes. weed has medicinal properties. so puff the magic dragon my friend, puff away to bliss!

what quincey said is called hookah and no


Other than smarties no.

And baylee you haven't had much of a childhood have you? lol

The smarties don't even leave your mouth, you actually asked the doctor about that? lmao

well water vapor isn't smoke. smoke comes from burning something. the particulates in the smoke and accompanying fumes can do some serious harm. try smoking a whole pack of cigarettes at once.


rainbows and unicorns.
toss in a couple of flowers, but stay away from the weeds.

Wondering if
i'm kindof confused about this question, but there are some cigarettes that aren't as harmul as the regular kind. such as cloves. they are only like 40% tobacco and 60% cloves, and they don't have all the weird chemicals like rat poison in them.

man get high on life, friendship,oxygen

and some acid

SMOKE is bad for you!

No, if you're "smoking" something, it's going inside your lungs. BTW, Black & Milds DO contain nicotine. All tobacco products have nicotine in them because it's a naturally occurring substance in the tobacco leaves themselves.
I can't think of anything that would look like smoke for you to practice with, sorry, good luck with that though...

t4stes l!ke kevin b4c0n
Black & Mild Cigars do not have nicotine in them and most people who have quit smoking start on those because it's like a substitute, i don't think their harmful for you

uhh wtf???! NOOOOOO


I can't think of anything -- e cigarettes don't cause cancer but they don't make very good smoke for smoke rings, it disappears the moment you blow it out.

Saul Good
Well if you vaporize weed it isn't harmful to you. But if you smoke it it is.

not really.. anything thats burned is bad for you.

if your looking for watervapor like things the closest you can get to it is hookah/seesha...I guess you could jsut put less tobacco flavoring?
idk if your scared of harming yourself just dont do it. lol

No, all smoke is bad for you

and technically, water vapour isn't smoke.

But I guess that would work

I dont see why your looking for something, if someones pressuring you just tell them to F off.

The truth is, anything that you actually SMOKE is harmful to your lungs and your body. Water vapor, on the other hand, is taken in with every breath, so it's an entirely different story. In the winter, when you can see your breath, you're actually seeing the water vapor in it, so, theoretically, you can "smoke" water vapor.

water vapor isn't smoke i don't think it is harm full. anything that is burning and that you are inhaling is not good for you. think about the concept.

No there is no smoke you can inhale that is not bad for you.

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