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 How do I reduce my bad breath?
I take medicine, could that be it, and how can I stop making it smell bad instead of brushing my teeth all the time....

 My mother hasn't smoked in 7 years. She just started again. How can I get her to quit?

 whats the best way to give up smoking?

 What is the best medicine to take to go to sleep?
I have fibromyalgia and i can't sleep, I finally can go to sleep 3 or 4 am and then of course get up way late, now i feel it is a pattern and i cant break ...

 former smokers only plz?
hi iam 19 years old girls 5ft3 140lbs iam a former smoker i quit smoking 5 months ago cuz of breathing prob now after that 5 months i cant run for 5 min i get daisy and cant breath and everthing ...

 I have a persistant cough that produces mucus. How do I get rid of it?

 My 81 year old dad has pneumonia and is in the hospital.Isn't this extremely danerous at his age?
He also has emphysema.
Additional Details
Please pray for him.Thank you....

 Smoking is good or bad?

 i've just coughed up about 2 pints of blood?
i think it's coming out my ears but i can't see because it's coming out of my eyes and nose? ...

 Does a collapsed lung just go away?
My 21 yr old husband had pain in his upper right chest when he breathed for a full week - but now he says it's 95% gone and he refuses to go to a doctor's appt I made him today. I am sooo ...

 How can one kick this habit of smoking cigarettes.?
I have smoked for over 30 + years and really need to quit.
I know it is ruining my health and no doubt shortening my lifespan, but honestly, this is the hardest thing I have ever tried to ...

 Can shortness of breath be related to stress?
I've been very stresed out lately due to school and for the past month I've been having shortness of breath. I'm not wheezing or anything, I just can't seem to inhale completely ...

 I'm an ex-smoker. Is there any way I can help CLEAN MY LUNGS?
I used to be a moderate cigarette smoker for ~5 yrs. I recently quit a couple of weeks ago.

I was wondering, is there anything I can do to help clean my lungs back to their original ...

 I've smoked 3 cigarettes and I am incredibly frightened?
Well i'm only 14 and i've smoked 3 cigarettes so far and i don't think i've ever been more scared in my life. I feel this nagging sensation telling me to smoke more in the back of ...

 how to stop sweating in PE?
i have PE, and afterwards i get really gross and sweat shows through my shirt, especially on the back. i sweat really easily. any help?...

 how to stop my daughter smoking?
i have just caught my daughter smoking for the second time!
i am so mad!!
myself and my husband are both ex smokers... we stopped smoking 5 years ago.. we don't let any one smoke in ...

 For some reason I cough up blood?
Ever since I'd been diagnosed with asthma, when I struggle to breathe I seem to cough up blood in my flem. Why?
Additional Details
I'm 14 year old....

 i smoked today im my bathroom and im 12!!!!!?
wat should i do!
i stoll my moms cig and i smoked it
it felt good but im not tempted but i want to do it again
im friend smokes and she loves it!
i think i do to but i dont no cuz ...

 About secondhand smoke?
If you do your best not to smoke in front of anyone, what are the chances that someone will breathe in your secondhand smoke?

For example, I do my best to only smoke in private places when ...

 diseases caused my smoking?
besides cancer, what diseases can you get from smoking?...

the doctor
Is there anything that you can smoke that's not bad for you?
I like the activity, but hate the health risk.

Mr. High
ur face

I love to smoke too but my new cigarette will be Chantix...:(

nope. putting smoke in ur lungs in any shape or form is bad. pot smoking is 3xs worse than cigarette smoking, which is bad already. id quit.

Nope, not that I know of everything ends up in your body no matter what you are smoking.

Yes. Chicken. Beef. Pork chops. Oh - oh!! And baby back ribs! MMMMM! Smoked ribs falling off of the bone! Yum!!

Rami K
The only thing that has the least risk of lung damage or brain damage is Marijuana. Believe it or not, but it killing your brain cells more than cigarettes, is only a myth.

Yes, it's illegal. But it's better than cigarettes.

Also, things like pipes, hookahs, cigars, etc. are worse for you than cigarettes.

You can always smoke something like mint or something. But that doesn't do anything but make your breath smell bad and good at the same time. Like a sour minty flavor. Lol

NO! the smoke that you are burning will still get into your lungs!

Theres nothing for wad i noe. but dont try smoking, it is bad for you. It can kill. Juz like wad happen to a friend of mine

I'm not sure if this is bad for you, but some people roll up used cat litter in cigarette papers and smoke that.

Don't smoke anything.
Smoking be bad for j00!


are you serious? lol! well my husband says black and milds since you don't inhale. he only says it, but im not for sure how true it is.

black top

well let's see.....there is smoked ham, and smoked turkey...oh, if you didn't want food items...hmm...
well, some men like women to smoke "their cigar"

omg, that was bad....so sorry...just trying to throw a little humor into such a silly question.
Everyone should know by now that inhaling any type of smoke into your body is not good for you.

Bible pages





Smoked Ham is good


Ugh. No. The whole thing about any type of smoking is you are introducing something that isn't oxygen in your lungs.

Look Out
Am I missing something here.

Why would any sane person want to inhale smoke into their lungs.
Isn't that what fireman are trained to help people get away from?
Stand over a fire and inhale smoke. RIght!!

Oh yeah, it makes me a man/woman.Right!!

about like graffiti makes a boy a man to paint other peoples property with their gang logo

Smoking really impresses the girls/boys
Oh it
It's all about belonging

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