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 How can I live without smoking?
Now that Im days into quitting Im starting to think "how can I live without smoking". Help.

If you have never been a smoker, dont answer my question with a dumb remark about ...

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What would be the main cause of a noise bleed in a 67 year old man. Is this something of concern....

 how easy is it to stop smoking?

 How can I stop smoking cigarettes?
Any suggections will be appreciated. T...

 what are some good smoking songs ?
i want some good songs to smoke to.
kinda like the shins, kmk, radiohead, im from barcelona,
i want some thing really chill, or rap (:
thank you if you respond to this! :D

 im 13 and i smoke do any 13 year olds smoke too ?
im 13 and i smoke i am just wondering if anyone else smokes at 13 too plz write ...

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 How to get rid of a cough ?
Ive had a bad cough for about a month and it was going away.Today after I came from school I took a nap and Ive been having a bad cough.I had some mucus in my throat and Im still coughing up some ...

 If someone's been smoking for 25 years, can their smokers cough disappear if they stop smoking?

 i have asthma, most of the time after i eat i wheeze. does this happen to anyone else? what can i do 2 stop it

 Why do i keep feeling short of breath?
i dont smoke & exercise ok
Additional Details
also i have had a chest x-ray & all is ...

 I've never liked myself and always mess things up. Should I start smoking to help my attitude?
It just seems like if cigarettes make people feel better, it might work for me too! Your thoughts, and also, what brands should I experient with......

 is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
My friend told me in the 1960s and 70s patients were allowed to smoke cigarettes in their hospital beds.
Is this true?
Additional Details
Wow rianna that is scary....

 How do you stop someone from snoring?
I live with my mom and grandmother and they both snore, it frustrates me....

 I've quite smoking for a week now...?
I've quite many time's before... but this time I intend to...
Majority of people I know smoke... & I have stoped for health reasons'

Have you seen the new images ...

 I sometimes "catch" myself not breathing... i'd even wake up when im asleep... whats up with that?
btw im 26 been smoking for about 8-10 years... and dont really do much physical activities, im 5'10 160...

 my son is a pot smoker?
my son smoked pot but now he stopped. how can i get him to start again?...

 how can i quite smoking?

 What can be done about the swine flu?
I know doctors would recommend rest, drink fluids.

Is there a swine flu vaccine? Should I get injected?...

Chris G
Is smoking good for you?
I am sick of hearing that smoking is bad for you, but is there anyway that smoking is good for you. Like can it make you taller, or is it good for your brain, anything?

Trust Me
Smoking has obvious harmful effects however it has been found that smoking assists in PREVENTING cancer. Yes you heard it right, scientists have shown how smoking helps prevent cancer, but it has been played down for fear of giving the wrong message.

For all you thumbs downers, I'm trying to find the reference, but it showed how by smoking the body creates anti bodies which also fight cancer. It's a hard reference to find because no one wants to promote the idea that smoking is good for you, but here's one reference for starters:

What a stupid, irrelevant, ridiculous waste of 5 points.

It must be a rhetorical question

taxed till i die,and then some.
Smoking is not good for you in any way shape or form.

Chip J
this is a silly questioonnn :D tahh for the 2 points tho

its good for you if you want to die early in pain, with a respiratory disease, or cancer,

Don't be blind.
Smoking never and will never cause goods in your life.
but if you will look at the blind and positive side, it can boost your confindence because YOU THINK, you are cool.

It relaxes you. That is about it.

if you want to die then yes you looser my gran died of emthasema of the lungs through smoking when she found out she had it she stoped smoking for years and years but smoking in the first place had done the damage and it killed her i was ther when she died and beleive me id never want anyone to go through that she was fine one day next she was gone

Bad for your brain, your lungs, your heart, people who live with you, babies and children around you, your breath, your clothes, your hair. Good for tobacco sales.

You really must be bored.

Snakeman !

Cigarettes smoke contains (amongst others) nicotine CYANIDE etc etc etc ! Smoking is the BIGGEST cause of cancer in the UK !

yes of course it is

cheryl s
To the poster "Nathan", my dad died of lung cancer last year and smoked for 30+ years. Guess his antibodies didn't kick in. Smoking will never be good for you. Did anybody know it's the leading cause of bladder cancer? Funny how much of our bodies it affects........

Hmm... i guess it suppresses appetite which isn't too bad considering the amount of obese people.

Also, it makes you a social reject so you have to spend more time at hme with your family, who are probbably all smokers too.

And! You make an additional contribution to the government via taxes and don't require your pension because you're already dead.

What - are you sad or what !!

Bronwen M
It can calm you in the short-term, but only because your addiction makes you tense when you're not smoking... haha...

David H
Its good for non smokers, because smokers pay their taxes for them. About £4 on every 20 packet.

I was told that second hand smoke was worse than actually smoking. So common sense said to start smoking to stay healthier.

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