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 what is wrong with me? i feel worse than yesterday?
i have had a stuffy nose since sunday. every times i blow my snot is mostly yellow. every time i get a stuffy nose my snot is mostly yellow.
yesterday when i blew my nose it looked like there ...

 My boyfriend was laying down w/ my head on his chest and I could hear wheezing. What does it mean?

Additional Details
He is 55 and has smoked since he was 16....

 How can i prove to my doctor that i don't have asthma?
First of all thanks for looking.
I have started my first stages to becoming a Royal Air Force pilot however speaking to a careers liaison officer on Friday there is one major drawback ...

 My best friend is coughing up a greyish black mucus! Does anyone know what it is? (she doesn't smoke) Thanks!

Additional Details
My friend is 14 and she doesn't smoke or do drugs at all. She said that the mucus is even a bit acidic! She accidentally coughed onto the toilet seat and when ...

 My mum is in the next room and is snoring SO LOUD even over my earplugs which is rare and I cant sleep!?
My earplugs drown it out but tonight is taking the mick. I need to sleep it is midnight i got to be up in a few hours and its really annoying, im not waking her up because Ill be dead....

 i can't breathe?
I have been diagnosed with rhinitis...the symptoms are a continuously blocked nose..so blocked sometimes i find it hard to talk..even when i blow my nose it feels like it blocks styraight back up i ...


 panic attacks?................................‚Ķ
always in school when im asked to continue on reading out loud to the class or read an essay out that we had the night b4 my voice starts trembling and i cant breathe and i have to stop.the teacher ...

 How does smoking shorten lifespan?

 What is kerry katonas illness?
on the crazy in love advert kerry says about having to go to rehab for her 'illness' what is her illness exactly ...

 Whst are the Pro's and Con's of Smoking?
What do you think is good about smoking and what do you think is bad about smoking?...

 How do you help someone having an asthma attack?
a friend of mine was having an asthma attack today and luckily had her inhaler with her, I was wondering if there was any way to help someone who was having an asthma attack that didnt have an ...

 is weed bad for lungs?
is smoking weeed bad for ...

 i feel SO anxious ,just gave up smoking, will it stop??
I`m 51. been smoking roll up`s for 20 years, ivè got to stop before they stop me.
I have patches,not touched one cig since 5 days ago,
I feel so on edge,up tight,nervous,started coughing,i`...

 12 hour nosebleed??
My father has had a nose bleed for about 12 hours, and has tried to stop it many times. The bleeding will stop for a few minutes, but then it starts gushing out blood again. He is 50 years old. What ...

 how do i stop snoring? help!?
i snore a bit and its really embarrassing when we go for excursions and my friends tease me. i am really thin so its not obesity or anything.please help me out of this problem!...

 Someone smoked in the same house as my 2 year old :(?
On Christmas day, all the family were at my brother in laws. I didn't know until that day that his house mate smokes in his bedroom upstairs. I could smell smoke in the house faintly all day but ...

 Does your bed partner's snoring keep you awake ?

 Where can i smoke without mum knowing?
At home of course....

 Why are smokers attracted to garbage science to prove that smoking is good?
I got this answer for another question:
Armand Van Hoye:

Paracelsus knew 500 years ago that every substance can be a poison.

If you drink 15 l water in one hour, it is a ...

Is sleeping on the phone dangerous?
and we have probably been doing this for a year and sometimes we just put each other on speaker so yea....is it dangerous?
Additional Details
well me and my girlfriend are in a long distance relaitionship and we like to sleep on the phone together cuz we just like to know when the other is asleep and we just care about each other to stay on the phone all night and wake up the next morning hearing each others voices...i miss her so much and yea people i know it sounds stupid sleepin on the phone but i just want to know is it dangerous to our health? cuz i heard about radiation or sumthing and i dont want to keep doing this if it endangers us....so is sleeping on the phone bad?

Twilight 4Ever

Mr Smith Goes To Washington
No. The only instance of sickness from cell phones is people getting rashes on their cheeks from the nickel plated speakers.

done it lot's of time's so i don't think so

Don't use a wireless phone.
I used to do this 20 years ago when I was dating my husband...

It may be, but im pretty sure its not to harmful.
I know it can cause pimples.

Crypto from Destroy All Humans
"glad i don't pay your phone bill" that's a joke.. from something i heard before.. but for real.. that is the cause of your phone bill being so high.. it's a waste of money.

get over her and get some b!tches from the corner if shes that far away.

Kamilla D
It's not really dangerous but don't do it often. But if it's a cellphone you shouldn't do that because you can get a brain tumor.

mrs. holden caulfield ‚ô•‚ô•
I doubt that radiation stuff is actually true. And since the waves go through the air it's not like the only people are exposed are the ones using their phone, it's everyone. That's really cute do it.

lmao hahahhahehhehehheeh.....okay sorry I had to get it out. I heard that if you take about 5-6 cell phones and put them around in a circle, put about three to four kernels of popcorn in the middle and have everyone call their cell phones and they will pop. I am not sure if it works lol but it would be fun to try.

Rainbow Monkey
maybe to your phone bill

no, but if its a cell phone make sure its not on the charger,... its bad for your batery to charge it while talking on it.. but no its fine

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