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 question about smoking in the work place?
My Sister has a business in recruitment and is a non smoker. I will be working for her in 2 weeks. I smoke, which she hates as she completely hates smoking full stop. She thinks its filthy and very ...

 How do you quit smoking cold turkey, whats the best method, cutting back, or just abruptly quitting?

 sore throat cant talk well?
I have a sore throat but it doesnt hurt when I talk, Im just talking really low and I sound funny. Im coughing alot and I have some flem but not alot just a little bit when I cough. Not sneezing, no ...

 OK i've smoked ciggarettes, two a day for some time now.?
I'm addicted. Not heavily, i don't think, because i've only done about 2. But i do get the cravings. If i want to stop, how long will it take me? Untill i no longer have any urge, like ...

 I need to know how oxygen enters your lungs?

 How do you keep warm on a freezing cold morning?

 Is sleeping on the phone dangerous?
and we have probably been doing this for a year and sometimes we just put each other on speaker so yea....is it dangerous?
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well me and my girlfriend are in a long ...

 I don't like smokers, and refuse to be friends with any.?

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I have tried to be friends with some people who smoke, but they always end up smoking around me, and I hate everything about cigarettes. Don't you think it would ...

 what is nicotine exactly?

 I have a cough with pleghm, I don't know what to do?

 I'm in the medical field but I can't figure this one out. Maybe because it me and not a patient.?
I developed an acute sinusitus 2 days ago. I started a Z-pack yesterday. Last night I began to have epigastric cramping. No nausea or vomiting. I had a low grade fever of 99.8 (oral).Then this ...

 How much do you smoke?

 What testing methods are used for determining if smoking is bad for people.?

 What does it mean when someone says you have a "touch of pneumonia"? ?

 can someone help me on smoking?
Basically before ive smoked a few cigarettes, only ever one whole one the others have been shared with a friend.
Will it do the same to my body as a heavy smoker?
I regret ever trying one ...

 smoking cigarettes and throwing up?
Im 15 and i have been smoking for about 1 1/2 year. lately i have been throwing up after smoking a cigarette. Sometimes i don't but mostly i just burp and sometimes when i burp some vomit comes ...

 i have got really bad bad chest pains and breathing heavy?

Additional Details
cant go to hospital on my own till 11.00am and dont want them to think im wasting there ...

 what is wrong with me? i feel worse than yesterday?
i have had a stuffy nose since sunday. every times i blow my snot is mostly yellow. every time i get a stuffy nose my snot is mostly yellow.
yesterday when i blew my nose it looked like there ...

 My boyfriend was laying down w/ my head on his chest and I could hear wheezing. What does it mean?

Additional Details
He is 55 and has smoked since he was 16....

 How can i prove to my doctor that i don't have asthma?
First of all thanks for looking.
I have started my first stages to becoming a Royal Air Force pilot however speaking to a careers liaison officer on Friday there is one major drawback ...

Is marijuana safer or more dangerous than cigarettes?
Is marijuana safer or more dangerous than cigarettes? i just want to know.

Well, one joint is basically 5x as bad for your lungs as a cigarette. Marijuana is also much worse for your brain then tobacco. However, if you smoke cigarettes, you're probably smoking 5-7 a day, so as long as you limit yourself to 2-3 times a week (I personally only do it once at most), you should be fine. Also, cigarettes are much more likely to cause cancer in any part of the body then marijuana.

Smoke in your lungs is smoke in your lungs i would not do either

Smoke of any kind is unhealthy. Marijuana smoke contains the same bad chemicals that cig smoke contains, and many of those chemicals, like benzene, have been linked to cancer independently of smoke.

However, that only means that the smoked form of marijuana is not that great. On the other side though, studies are coming out showing that there is no correlation between marijuana smoke and copd or lung cancer. I suspect those results are more due to the fact that most people dont smoke near as much marijuana as people smoke cigs.

Other forms of use though, such as vaporizing or cooking in food, is DEFINITELY safer than cigs. Nicotine is a toxin, marijuana is not. Commercial cigs add tons of other chemicals, marijuana is largely unprocessed so it doesnt get that extra stuff. Cigs are chemically addictive while marijuana is not. To my knowledge cigs have no real medical benefit but marijuana does.

hey girl heeyyy
its definitely safer.

A doctor did a 30 year study on the effects of marijuana on the lungs, and he proved that you will never have lung complications do to marijuana.


it depends on how you act when your high

Dr. C
It is difficult to answer your question.

While much of the health risks of cigarette smoking is know, relatively little is known about smoking marijuana. One major reason is because the DEA classifies it as a schedule I drug. Schedule I drugs are those with "high abuse liability and no approved medical use." As a result, it is extremely difficult to obtain approval and supplies to perform reproducible, accurate, and rigorous research on the health effects of this drug.

Marijuana smoke has also been shown to contain carcinogens. Unfortunately, no study has definitively shown a link between marijuana smoke and cancer. However, there is good evidence that marijuana use is associated with greater lung problems, including asthma and COPD. Is it also associated with an increased risk of heart attacks. Marijuana use is associated with addiction and mental illness. Lastly, frequent marijuana users miss more days from work and have more health problems.

I can't believe I am fixing to say this. Marijuana is safer body wise than cigarettes. It doesn't have all those additives in it and it also doesn't cause the tar that cigarettes do. They do have a tar but not a dangerous one like with cigarettes. But both are very addictive and are hard to get away from. Cigarettes don't make you high like with marijuana . You can get a rush from a cigarette.

also to some of the other respondents.The average weed smoker smokes more than just 3 times a WEEK. lol what ever. ha I have a nephew that has smoked since he was a kid and he is 25 now. He has smoked more than that in a week. A day even . lol

dairy queen
i wouldn't say SAFER but definitely not as dangerous as cigarettes. as a lover of the green, i'm gonna always say to stay away from the man made, toxin filled cigs. they are bad for you in any way that you look at it. in moderation and with self control, mj is perfectly ok to me:)

Darren Barton
Iv'e done a lot of research into this, (both reading and personal experience) and by the looks of things, I seem to know more than some of the people here. Marijuana is perfectly safe, it contains none of the poisonous toxins found in tobacco. It has not had any PROVEN harmful effects on the body. It also causes no mental health problems. And that is true, providing that you do not have any mental conditions prior to using marijuana.

Baller Status
Timothy's wrong. Cigarettes are really bad for you; they give you cancer and put holes in your lungs. Marijuana actually reduces the risk of some types of cancer. And, unless you smoke a whole lot, your lungs repair themselves relatively quickly compared to cigs

cigarettes are much more unhealthy than weed. weed can even be good for you. weed is EXTREMELY rare, if even possible, to get addicted to. cigarettes can have you hooked after one. CAN have you hooked. you probably wont need nicorette gum if you smoke a cigarette, but its possible because nicotine is highly addictive. alcohol and cigarettes are way worse than weed. keep tokin brah.

Marijuana is a dried leaf that is crumbled, set on fire, and smoked. ONE ingredient: DRIED LEAF.

Cigarettes contain over 600 ADDED chemicals.

Here are some more FACTS:

“More deaths are caused each year by TOBACCO use than by all deaths from human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), ILLEGAL DRUG USE, alcohol use, motor vehicle injuries, suicides, and murders COMBINED.”


Here is a very well thought-out essay on the irrational views of supporters of the War on Drugs.
The author deals with the most common, and extremely flawed, arguments in favor of Drug Prohibition.


Milk is a “gateway” to bourbon?
FBI Director Robert Mueller admits, on television, that NO deaths have been attributed to Marijuana:


Alcohol use kills approximately 80,000 Americans annually.


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