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 Problems breathing when laying down flat.?
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 albuteral helppppppppp???
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 my dad sometimes stops breathing in his sleep. helpp!?
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 Constantly producing phlegm - No cough or cold?
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 Throat symptoms, but can't visit doctor now?
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Is it dangerous to leave mild asthma undiagnosed?
Someone recently told me I might have mild asthma, which is something I'd never really thought of before, but it makes a lot of sense.

During childhood, I used to get bad coughs and chest infections every winter, and because my parents didn't "believe" in modern medicine (I know, they were very silly and irresponsible), I was never taken to a proper doctor about this and I was given various homeopathic treatments, which never worked at all.

The severity has got less as I've grown up (I'm 19), but I still get regular bouts of bronchitis (about twice a year; every time I get a cold). I also have had allergy problems since I was 12. I've never discovered exactly what I'm allergic to, but I get irritation in my eyes, nose and throat, as well as mild wheeziness. I went to the doctor about it and he asked if I had close relatives with asthma. I said no, so he said it's probably just hayfever.

My question is, could I possibly have had asthma for years, but was never diagnosed? And if so, is there any point in going to my GP about it? It doesn't bother me much, apart from the recurring chest infections. Can leaving it untreated cause lung damage? Can your lungs be damaged by frequent bronchitis?

Blue Haired Old Lady
It is possible to have it for years and not have it diagnosed. It would be a waste of time and resources to go in to the GP about it at this point. Your lungs can be damage by frequent lung infections. Next time you go in to the doctor - discuss this. It is not worth a special trip to the doctor.

It is more important to eat right, avoid what ever it is that irritates your lungs (cigarette smoke, pet dander, mold, etc).

your asthma symptoms sound simlar to mine, you should visit a doctor.

I only have severe attacks after a cold or flu, although I had swine flu a few weeks back and that didn't effect my ashtma which was weird.

yes and i wouldn't kill you to not get it checked out. what harm would it do if you didn't

Um if your undiagnosed...how do you know if you have asthma which requires testing and about a month of documenting the results? I have mild asthma but time to time I need that inhaler almost to the point where paramedics have been sent, so yes it would be well advised to get treatment for it.

If you have an ongoing, recurring respiratory problem, you'd do well to mention it to your doctor.

Yes, the lungs and trachea can be scarred from repeated infections.


I was diagnosed with mild asthma growing up,but my pediatrician just told my parents to keep an eye on me and to come in if I was having any bad breathing problems. I did suffer from a lot of colds and respiratoy infections as a child, but it has become less and less severe. Mild asthma can dissapate with adulthood as long as you aren't around things that constantly irritate your lungs (smoke, insulation, smoggy cities.

Forest Detrick
I wouldn't go to your gp for two reasons 1 if he didn't set you up with a test to see what you are allergic to what good is he ? 2 if he said you have hay fever he just wanted you out of his office . if you have reoccuring bronchitis you may in later years get copd bronchitis which yes is damage to the lungs have you tried primatene mist or tablets ? this may help I find it does with my copd enphazma but you need to see a doctor that will help you not just brush you off as he is doing you now

Don't wait unttill it will worsens. asthma is not a joke

Dr Frank
What a disastrous and inappropriate answer from PJ! I think your diagnosis is correct, unfortunately as many as 3/4 of all mild asthmatics fail to get the correct diagnosis when they are young. I am ashamed to say this most common and simple diagnosis is still missed every day in the UK by poor GPs who give everyone a course of amoxicillin for every cough!

By all means consult your GP, hopefully not the same one that missed the diagnosis for years. A full set of PFTs ( Pulmonary function tests) would be a handy baseline.

Bad news your current episodes of 'bronchitis' are almost certainly likely to asthma episodes as well THEY ARE STILL GETTING MISDIAGNOSED!

If your GP is still failing to cope insist on a referral to a Respiratory Physician.

OK. Ignore PJ above, who said..." it would be a waste of time and resources to go in to the GP about it at this point. Your lungs can be damage by frequent lung infections. Next time you go in to the doctor - discuss this. It is not worth a special trip to the doctor. " (!!!!!!) I despair sometimes, I really do! People like her should stay out of the health section. Rather than give crap advise why not just say you don't know or avoid the question! There is no shame in it.

Poorly managed or undiagnosed asthma can cause long lasting damage to the lungs AND you risk having a bad episode which can be potentially life threatening- this is the main risk. When you take asthma medication, you don't just take it to relieve an attack, you take it for prophylaxis too.

If you are asthmatic, you need to be diagnosed so proper management can be prescribed. Please see your GP.

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