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Jewel Mayo
Is Marijuana smoke as harmful to you lungs as cigarette smoke?
I just quite smoking cigarettes but I still smoke weed occasionally. Will my lungs eventually heal even if I continue to smoke marijuana occasionally? Also, I don't want to hear from marijuana haters. Thank You,
Additional Details
I have been coughing up some really gross grey looking stuff. So I guess my lungs are trying to heal themselves but I honestly like to smoke pot sometimes so I can breath better. It really helps me breath. Weird.

Marijuana is more potent than tabacco suprisingly. It is 4 to 6x more toxic than Tabacco depending on the weed you're smoking. there is no filter when you roll a blunt or use a pipe/bong... so that is what causes the potentcy to be stronger. Also, you tend to hold marijuana in your lungs to get a higher high, in which you do not do that with cigarette smoke. So, in short, yes marijuana is harmful to your lungs.. but if you're just smoking occasionally i'd say you're okay. you're not what i'd call a "pot head". don't worry about it... plus when you smoke weed less it takes a lot less weed to get you high so when you do smoke you're probably smoking less than an average regular smoker.

BTW, i'm TRULY shocked at how people answered this question. EVEN NATURAL, NO ADDITIVE TABACCO CAUSES CANCER. okay? and just because weed is natural doesnt mean its any more better for you. its not...

Pocket Protecktor
Here's the skinny...

Fresh air = "good..."

Any smoke = "bad..."

(But think about this...you inhale "way" more smoke while smoking a cigarette than you would ever inhale with a joint. Also, you wouldn't smoke joints as many times a day as you would cigarettes, so...pot is better than cigs...

...in more ways than one, doh...)

Jan W
Congratulations on your decision to stop smoking cigarettes. Here is a good summary of the research regarding the harmful effects of cannabis smoking: http://archest.fsm.it/pne/pdf/63/2/pne63-2_tashkin.pdf. There is a more recent study by the same researcher (Tashkin) that produced findings that heavy marijuana use was not associated with increase in head and neck cancers, and there have even been studies suggesting that marijuana use may play a protective role in development of some cancers. In any event, it seems clear that the chemicals in smoked marijuana can have an adverse effect on the user's lungs in ways similar to tobacco use, though the research is not as clear for that result with marijuana. So, the answer probably should be: the safest way to heal your lungs is not to smoke cannabis or tobacco. Clearly an occasional use of marijuana would be less destructive than regular, heavy use.

ya if you only smoke it occasionally like a few times month they will heal also you can buy these pills from nutrition stores that help clean your lungs out.

Declan Good
Its probably the same if not worse for your lungs, but it can cause other problems such as panic attacks and derealization. From personal experiences of both, and having two of my brother smoke it occaisionally, you DO NOT want derealization. Really messes with your mind more than your lungs.

w r o n g.
Tar is is tar, unfiltered joints, or bongs, or bowls dont filter it.

Nice try.

Its the chemical effect on your body (not the tar) that has been studied to heal.

Yes, marijuana can hurt your lungs just as much as cigarette smoke. Marijuana contains tar, which is the main cause of smoke-related lung damage.

But you're better off smoking marijuana because it doesn't contain as much tar, and it also doesn't contain all the dangerous filler material that cigs have,

yes your lungs will still heal because you probally don't smoke a pack or 2 of joints a day and most likley ocasionally smoke marijuana which means your lungs still have time to heal after smoking weed everytime. also you are coughing up nasty stuff cuz your lungs are healing themselves. also when you quit smoking cigarettes your lungs heal 87% which is excellent. smoking weed is worth it smoking cigarettes aren't

The jury is out......some studies say it is worse some say less. I know one thing the pro-marijuana crowd doesn't care about studies.no matter what science is behind it they will lie and say its harmless just to further their pitiful agenda.

Grey phlem is pretty much tar and junk from cigs and smoke.. so thats bad.. but good that your coughing it out.. I will say they will still heal just not as fast as if you would quit smoking everything. Though weed is not good for your lungs your right about breathing better. It opens up your airways but only for the time being.

Marijuana is used as a medicine and you need a special prescription to legally smoke weed (Not all countries agree on this). About your lungs, I don't think smoking weeds can heal it, you need a specific drug for it, Marijuana is not a Panacea or Cure-All.

Ender Wiggins
try brownies or tea,

It depends. Do you smoke alot of bush or hydro? Sometimes the hydro can really have an impact because of all the chems.

who cares man, smoking weed makes you feel awesome =)

John Ceder
To all the Posters above there is a simple answer,
it burn the active ingredient THC off the plant without actually combusting it = no smoke!
Its much healthier and no side effects =)

Actually, smoking without a filter is worse than nicotine. Your lungs are supposed to heal once you stop smoking, but if you are still smoking weed, i.e. taking smoke into your lungs (and holding it there) you are still damaging them.

Don't know, but it's terrible for your diet (cheetos) and motivation to do anything. I will say that the smoke is way more fun than the cigarette kind :)

smoking is bad...

Flingershock (Suspended)
Well, many of the toxic chemicals created by burning are retained. Lots of carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and sulphur dioxides are crowding out the oxygen you normally breathe. Less oxygen to brain = less brain cells.

Nope its not even the same thing, and your lungs will never really heal at least not all the way....

Congrats on quitting :-D and feel free to smoke weed every once in a while its not near as damaging, though Smoking anything is not good for your lungs its not near as damaging either :-)

i believe its not as harmful as weed and well for me i havent had that i smoked cigarettes for a while and had shorter breath stopped and smoked weed and my lungs actually fill with more air its been hypothesized that weed actually opens up your airwaves good for asthmatics i guess

Party Marty Graw
The smoke particles are bigger and there is no tar and nicotine. However, I have heard and read reports where the active ingredient THC can cause permanent damage to one's chromosomes.. I don't know if it is true but it does give one pause.

Cherry Bomb :)
yeah smoke is smoke it's not good for you period.

David H
No. It isn't the smoke it's the tar in the smoke in cigarettes that clogs up your lungs. There is zero evidence that marijuana smokes harms your lungs. Although this is relative to other smokes obviously it would be better for your lungs to cook it in a brownie and just eat it. Also the most recent study shows that when marijuana smokers who smoked cigarettes were compared to just cigarette smokers the marijuana and cigarette smokers had a lower risk of cancer so marijuana does something to lower the risk of lung cancer. And smoking out of a bong does help the lungs because the water filters out the irritants and cools the smoke down.

Cigs are more harmful because they have many ingredients. Non natural ingredients. and as you know, weed is an herb. Thus meaning weed isn't as bad, but it can hurt your lungs.

It's about the same amount of tar, but it is less harmful because of the massive amount of chemicals in cigarettes that weed doesnt have. All smoke isnt good for your lungs. Weed isnt as big of a deal, and if you dont smoke it as often as you did cigarettes, dont worry about it.

Your lungs can purge some of the tar(have you noticed coughing up black stuff yet?) and heal maybe a little bit, but the damage is done and they will never heal completely, but congratulations on quitting smoking!

It is more harmful. I have read that it has about three times the tar of a cigarette... But, people who smoke marijuana typically don't smoke as much as someone who smokes tobacco.

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