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 Should i start smoking?
My friends think its cool....

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 i'm a 14 year old boy and started smoking cigarettes and worried about my parents finding out that i smoke?

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 three reasons why people smoke, even when they know it's unhealthy?

The Guy Who Knows Everything
Im 20 yrs old and i started smoking cigarettes ...?
because i felt stress out from life ..... is this a good reason to start smoking

So stop. Now you want stress, try cancer!!! See a psychologist. They are safer than cigarrettes. Besides smokers look seedy.

NO!! There is no good reason to smoke. Stop before you get used to it, and be proud to say, "No thank you. I don't smoke." :)



There is no good reason to kill yourself. I started smoking at 18 and never got addicted. I decided to quit when I was in my early 20s and oops. guess i did get addicted. It sneaks up on ya man. Try going for a walk or run when you are stressed. it works better, BTW im 35 now and still addicted dammmit

there is never a good reason to start

im 21yrs old...and i understand about stress..ive definantely had my share...there isn't really a good reason to start smoking..but yours is an understandable one!!

eyyy u fink ur bad im 16 n have been smoking since i was 8 n i am perfectly fine :D

no it isnt, you should quit as soon as possible, you will regret it later. when you have kids or even before you have kids, it gets REALLY expensive.... try going for a long walk or taking a long bubble bath with soothing music, talk to a friend.. smoking is REALLY not worth it, you are basically paying people to shorten your life

there are no good reasons to start smoking. if you're not hooked yet, throw them in the trash and never look back. i'm 24 and have been smoking since i was 16. there's not a day that goes by that i don't curse myself for being stupid enough to smoke. its disgusting, harmful, and ultimately will kill me if i don't quit.

go fishing or hiking or something relaxing when your stressed. hell, smoke some pot if you have to, but no ciggerettes.

No reason is a Good reason to start smoking! Please put them down now, and don't ever smoke again. I started 22 years ago, and its the one thing I wish I could change. It is the nastiest, ugliest, most unhealthy thing you can do. Do you want to wake up every morning for the rest of your life with your mouth tasting like a Ash tray? Or your hair stinking of cigarette smoke, your clothes? Really--please quit now, it will be much easier. It is really a Drug, and once addicted its very hard to stop.

Green Eyes
Do you really think anyone is going to say "YES" it is a good reason to smoke? What you are doing is adding to your stress because now you are going to be spending tons of money to support your bad, dirty, stinky, unhealthy habit. QUIT now before you become addicted! I've been a smoker for 40 years and wish I never started. I'm spending tons of money on "Quick Smoking Techniques" and I am more stressed out now than I ever was! Keep up the smoking, and you'll be smoking a pack a day in no time at all. Figure it out $6.50 times 365 days a year... can you afford that for bad health? Smarten up!

No not at all stop right now there no good reason to start smoking

No. When you feel stressed walk briskly and clear your head. If you could fast forward your life and see your health from smoking you would never smoke.

There is never a good reason to start smoking!
Trying chewing bubble gum. Or Jelly beans. They are good for stress too1

At the age of 20 you should know the answer without the help of others. If you are stressed out, take a hot bath, go for a walk/run. There are plenty alternatives to relieving stress than smoking. As a matter of fact, smoking makes you life more stressful, especially when you find yourself in situations where you are not able to get to smoke. The stress of needing that cigarette is awful.

There really is no good reason to start smoking. Try exercise or changing your life in some other way to counter whatever is stressing you. Find an outlet, a hobby, volunteer at your local church or youth club.

Whatever it takes.

Kick this habit now, before you regret it later.

Good Luck!

are you really asking this question?.... c'mon, there is no good reason to start smoking. Only negatives come from smoking...doesn't make you run faster or jump higher. Heck, it makes you smell like sh&t also. Just don't do it...save your money for something worthwile.


I don't think that there is ever a good reason to start smoking. My boyfriend is in his mid-30's and has been smoking for about 20 years and I have been trying to get him to stop for the longest.

Don't smoke. Do something else to relieve your stress. Go work out. Go write in a journal. Do some yoga. Go jogging . . . just quit smoking while you still can.

No. There is never a good reason to ever smoke.
You will have more than stress if you keep smoking.
You will ruin your health. Find another way to get rid of your stress without smoking. Cigarettes are addictive and fill your body with poison. It weakens the body. Can cause CANCER. Get into some kind of sports or exercising activity to get rid of your stress. Be good to your body; nobody else will. You just get one chance at life; don't destroy your body and mess up your future.

Susu R
stress is still going to be there after you put the cig. out you should find real ways of relieving stress

you need to stop now, before you can't. Your hurting your health and wasting money. Find a healthier way to release the stress.

no its not smoking is dangerous can can lead to more problems in your life such as lung cancer later down the road,

smoking is highly addictive and is very hard to quit

there are many other way to get rid of stress, such as walking, traveling and other outdoor activities

carrie h
As I sit here doing a breathing treatment I say absolutely not!Take up something else a sport or something. Smoking is not a good a habit and there will never be a good reason to start. I have asthma now and my mothjer died from emphysema so please stop.

Leggo My Eggo
Not really, it's actually one of the worst reasons to start smoking and it's an easy way out of not dealing with the stress, i know it doesn't make sense but i couldn't find another way of putting it

Jennifer P
There is no reason to start smoking. But, I can think of a bunch why to quit.

Less Confused
Nope...cigarettes actually raise the heart rate and blood pressure, which won't calm you down. Try the same breathing techniques you use with the cigs, but without actually smoking, and I'll bet you'll get the same stress relief.

Luke B
Its a terrible reason. Trust me, I started at the same age as you and it is without doubt the biggest mistake of my life. Stop now, the less time you've ben smoking the easier it will be.

No this is not even a reason to start smoking. You need to learn to handle the stress. How is smoking going to help you handle what is stressing you? How about trying meditation or relaxation techniques?

jersey city Joe
Take it from a smoker....quit now or you WILL be sorry.

IT NEVER works to solve one problem w/anothr problem, sorry, no.

find another way, walking is a great stress reliever, dont laugh til ya try it. it's also good for your body & mind.

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