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 im sick, someone please help?
So, today, i didnt go to school.
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 Are you a smoker..............?

 ive stopped smoking and feel real ill?
i stopped smoking a week ago and i feel teribble my throat hurts and is making my asthma bad ,i felt great before i stopped why is this happening to me?...

 do you breathe when you pass-out?

 My nose is itchy. I'm sneezing like crazy, but I don't have a fever. May be allergies but not sure. what to do
My nose is incredibly itchy like I have to sneeze every few seconds, and I am sneezing every minute. I thought I was just allergic to my desk at work but I'm home now and still suffering. Any ...

If you hear yourself wheezing on inhalations, what does that mean?
Is it an indication of asthma or a respiratory infection?

It means you have cancer.

just a bit chesty what size are they???

GEENA L biotches!
go 2 the ER ..quick!!

id like to know this myself

Ryan Zeron
possibly asmha or however you spell it

do you have a cough or cold if so it may be the early signs of a chest infection, if there is any pain when you breathe in then it could be pleurisy(wrong spelling i think) where you get water on your lung and need antibiotics, if it is just wheezing then it is probably ashtma or an allergy all of which could do with being seen by a doctor especially this close to xmas and even more so if you have pain with it.

More likely a respiratory infection. Have you done this before? (Wheezing usually happens with expirations; asthma makes it hard for you to breathe, but harder to expel the air from your lungs.)

f*** Y!A
could be either... you should go to the dr. so they can do tests... if it is not an illness, you might have to take a methacoline challenge test to see if it is asthma...

First check with your doctor at school or a free health service. If you don't have a disease, you are either hanging around a lot of second hand smoke or smoking too much. Quit while you can. You'll live 20 years longer.

either your lungs are filled with mucus or it could be a sign of asthma. go to your doctor and get it checked out.

It's more likely an infection.

Asthma usually causes wheezing when you exhale, not when you inhale. It is possible that you'll hear wheezing upon inhalation only or on both inhalation and exhalation in asthma, but most of the time the wheezing only happens when you exhale.

Wheezing upon inhalation is usually a sign that something is going on lower down in your respiratory tree, like in your lungs or alveoli (air sacs). It could be a simple respiratory infection that's causing a build up of lots of mucus in your lungs, pneumonia, pulmonary edema, or a foreign body lodged in your lungs among many other things.

Go to the doctor or the ER if you have any shortness of breath, cough up blood, dizziness, or confusion.

Feel better!

Lady Clarissa
it could be either. If it keeps up then you need to call your doctor and get it checked out.

I'm no doc but i've had that before and it was just cuz everything was all clogged up from being sick. But, yeah, the doc told me it was good that i came in cuz it coulda been asthma!

▐▀▀▀▀▌ Yahoo Answers ▐▄▄▄▄▌
Respitory problem, or nasal, blow your nose and cough.. if you already have and that hasn't unlodged whatever booger that may be around, then try steam.. call a nurse if you are worried.

i have asthma and this is a sign 4 me 2 take my inhaler u sould see ur docter

That your ears are working well.Ask a doctor,such matters are best not left to amateurs.

could be or many other things see a doc or a pulmonologist

Probably infection. I would see my doctor soonest.

Could be asthma, bronchitis, or even just allergies.

the crusader
probably more of an indication of respiratory infection. It may not even be serious enough to bother with. Give it a day or two. Try something for mucous, such as Robitussin or Mucinex. If it doesn't improve after about a week or seems to get worse, see a doctor.

Wheezing could be a sign of asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, pneumonia, in children also it could be croop.

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