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If my daughter has an ear infection, is it absolutely necessary for her to be on antibiotics?
I am not sure if she has one or not. She was really ill and cranky yesterday, and pulling on her ear, but no fever. Today she is all smiles and not pulling on her ear, but she still has a runny nose. Is is absolutely necessary for her to take antibiotics if she does? I just don't want to start my baby out on a path of constantly taking medicine for every little problem, especially antibiotics because they can help cause an overgrowth of candida. Are there any alternatives?
Additional Details
Just to clarify, I have every intention of taking her to the doctor. I just wanted to know if there were any alternatives to antibiotics. She is only 9 months old and they are so harsh on a body.


Hot Mom
First you have to make sure she actually has an ear infection by taking her to the Dr. But if she does in fact have one, infections need to be treated by an antibiotic. Why would you want your child to suffer because of your beliefs that medicine is harmful? I think that's selfish! And Karen has no idea what she is talking about. Ear infections ARE treated by oral antibiotics, ear drops are used in cases where the patient has ear tubes in there ear. I work for an ENT doc.

Use a decongestant and if she gets worse use motrin for pain or fever. Antibiotics are only prescribed in children with severe bacterial infections, and very high fevers that last for prolonged periods of time. If your child gets a fever that reaches 102 degrees and does not respond to motrin or tylenol you should call your doctor. If it is the flu antibiotics won't work. Last, make sure he/she drinks alot of liquids to flush out that bug.

Some times, one may experience pain in the ear due to cold. I also feel sometime. Then I would take rest and it is all right by next day.

But it is with Children, you have to be careful and should consider visiting the GP.

See an ENT doctor. Treating ear infections is used with
ear drops. Not oral antibiotics.

Don't wait around. See an Ear Nose Throat doctor right away.

Scrabble Girl..... Let me warn you. I have two grand kidz, one girl, one boy who when they get them have seizures. I would suggest you get something for it. Good Luck!

You doctor will be able to tell if she has an ear infection and how bad the infection is. Sometimes they aren't serious enough to warrant an antibiotic, they might be able to treat it with just ear drops.

i suggest going to the doctor and getting antibiotics... better safe than sorry

good luck

Ear infection is not a little problem. Ears are dangerously close to the head, you know.... the one where BRAINS are? Eyes? Optical nerves? Self-diagnosing is a dangerous thing - and it seems like your daughter can't even talk yet, what are you giving her diagnoses for??? The previous answerer said "LOL" and yes indeed what the heck are you thinking about! Antibiotics for every little problem is not good, but a real infection is not such a little problem! Now, from your description - who knows what it was, I'd show her to a doc just to be sure. If it really is an infection - candida- shmandida, the kid needs to be treated!

Tyler E
no because usaly anti what ever........... it would have to be in both ears for it to absulutly.

Don't be afraid to take advantages of contemporary medicine. If I were one of the people with the same views as you on medication, I would at least use antibiotics if nothing else!

You never want to play with an infection that is that close to the brain. Make sure that, if your child has been prescribed an antibiotic for an ear infection that the entire course is taken so that the infection does not get worse. Ear infections are no little problem and can lead to some very horrific consequences if not taken care of.

yes...ear infections don't go away on their own....if she gets multiple ear infections consider getting tubes in her ears...i had to do that with my daughter. If you are worried about taking all the good bacteria out of your daughters system...health food stores sells the sort of good bacteria you can give your daughter...(that is a suggestion given to me by my doctor)

You should have to see a doctor to get antibiotics anyway. So calling your family doc probably isn't a bad idea. Also, if she started antibiotics make sure she takes all of them.

I personally would be very careful with ear infections in young children, especially if she has a history of them. There is a huge correlation between ear infections and loss of hearing and deafness. THis risk is probably higher than the risk of candida.

Like I said, talk to a doctor and get all the answers from someone trained.

I think firstly you should take her to a doctor, I mean only a medical professional can determine if the child has an infection or needs an antibiotic.

If she seems ok today it probably wasn't an ear infection. When a child does get an ear infection you really should get them on antibiotics as it can cause serious problems if it goes untreated

Since she is only 9 months, I would suggest massaging a blend of anti-infectious oils around the ear and down the neck (make sure she doesn't touch this & then put her hands in her mouth) ... Suitable oils include lavender, chamomile, and tea tree oils. You can also mix a drop of clove oil in a little grape seed carrier oil and massage that around the neck and ears.

You can also peel the skin from a bud of garlic, cut it to fit into the ear canal, wrap it in gauze, heat gently and place it into the ear canal.

Garlic (raw, fresh) is like a "cure-all" remedy .. it helps bring down fever, it is an antiseptic/antibiotic/anti fungal/antioxidant/decongestant, tones the heart and circulatory system, boosts the immune system, helps reduce high blood pressure, helps prevent heart disease and may prevent some cancer.

And for the people who criticize ... there is NOTHING wrong with seeking alternative medicine/treatment ... and for those who think it is, you are BRAINWASHED into believing what our government says is "good" for you.

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