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I want to quit smoking marijuana but I don't know how to do that . Can you advise me ?
I am not a very big smoker.

It takes a great deal of dedication if you are addicted. Since it is illegal there are no patches to help.

My advice would be get a supportive friend to help you. Anytime you have a craving call that friend and have them help you through it. Don't put yourself in tempting situations (parties with pot, etc.) and stay away from those who do it while you are quitting. Change your routine. If you normally smoke pot Friday nights, start a movie night instead or go to dinner with friends. If you smoke after school, join a club or play a sport. Fill up the time!

Seriously, though, I wish you all the best. E-mail me if you need help.

Ray J
Don't put the J to your lips. It is that simple.

there's nothing in weed that is physically addictive. the only addiction is a mental one. so unless you're a pansy, then you should be able to simply just stop. did you know weed adds estrogen to your body? so maybe you are a pansy....just quit.

gradually then suddenly

Kate J
Get it out of your house and stay away from people who do it. I wasn't a very big smoker either and I quit because they random drug test all the time where I work. It's really more psychologially addictive than phsysical.

1. Stop purchasing the ganja.
2. Stop rolling the spleefs with the ganja you already have.
3. Don't light the spleefs you've already rolled.
4. Don't inhale.

Simple as dat, mon!

First decide you are going to quit and then Do it !. Take some responsibility and pride and do something that isn't pleasant, but certainly isn't hard....it's a choice and you don't need months of therapy, meds, rehap to do it. Get used to the fact some things in life aren't the easiest but you don't need to hold somebodys hand to do it....or have an orchestra full of sympathy. At least you want to quit. That's great. Just get out of the co-dependant/dependant/helpless victim mentality that is so rampant these days. Take some pride in your ability to make decisions, be responsible for them and have the guts to take on life without crutches.

don't get it to ur home, stay away from it.
if ur fiends are taking ask them also to stop. if they don't stay away from them.
just concentrate on what u does.
avoid thinking of the same.

i use to be a big stoner and it was fairly easy for me to quit. since you're not a very big smoker, it shouldn't be any trouble.

1. distance yourself from those that use

2. gradually quit (quitting upbruptly is almost impossible)

3. have a positive attitude and self confidence.

you have any urges, try something different like getting laid or drinking. and every time you wanna spark up, remind yourself how long you went without smoking...i used to remind myself like that and always thought of how i wasted all that time trying to get clean only to do it again.

but seriously, if you're "not a very big smoker" it should be no problem.

STOP! Just say NO. Find a Healthy HIGH
An ANTI-drug.

Heather J
i used to smoke every day all day...i couldn't watch a movie unless i was high because it just didn't seem interesting enough...first thing i did...stopped hanging out with my pot head friends...thats the hardest thing...immediatly spend the money you were gonna spend on pot on something else or save it....i'm a girl so i spent my reefer money on make up and body wash...lol...keep busy with things that use pot use to keep you from doing...like i couldn't play pool if i was too stoned...now i play on the time...when you quit smoking...try to improve other parts of your life to...when i put down the smoke i also started eating healthy and exercising everyday and only drinking water...get it in your head that you want to be better.

Just dont smoke it anymore and you will be cured.

ok im 24 and smoked for along time the only thing that worked for me was to seperat my self from the thingks that present the habit to you like friends ect harsh but its the only way to stop and not go back sorry

Boomer Wisdom
Get a new hobby.

Have you considered weight training?


Just changing your life-style so you can work yourself into making money and buying a yacht someday?

Good luck. Reality takes focus, and you can't find it in the bottle and you can't find it in a weed.

Don't do it—it isn't supposed to be addictive..

Emma D
I say try quiting cold turkey. I found that when I stopped I didn't really have any cravings for it. It's more the social part that made me want to smoke. So i say don't buy any weed, and avoid going places where there will be a lot of it. But it's not like you'll have to give up your social like all together. If you're friends are smoking, go for a walk for ten minutes. Don't try to stick around when they do it, the temptation might be to much. It worked for me. Good luck.

Y!A = censorship
I was once a heavy pot smoker (daily). Then I reached a point in my life where it was time to move on -- not necessarily from the marijuana, but just in life generally. I moved out of state, got a new job, and made new friends. I did not take any marijuana with me, and I made no efforts to try to acquire any in my new home.

For years, I had convinced myself that I was addicted. Any time I went more than a few hours without getting high, I felt empty, agitated, anxious, depressed... I spent over a quarter of my life either getting high or trying to get high (from the age of 15 to the age of 24), not to mention all the money I spent on the stuff (only smoked top grade hydroponic, which as you may know is NOT cheap). I always just assumed that I would never quit.

Of course, I had never actually TRIED to quit before. I still firmly believe that marijuana is less harmful than alcohol, and should be legalized and regulated by the federal government in the same way that alcohol and tobacco are. I did not have any reasons to quit -- I have no criminal record, my job at the time did not conduct drug tests, I had plenty of money to support my habit, I had no health problems, and it was not interfering with my personal or social life. My only real problem (aside from the short term memory loss, the "munchies", and a few other minor side effects) was the powerful psychological addiction that the plant had over me.

When I made the decision to change the course of my life and break off all ties to my old acquaintances, I decided also to break off my ties to marijuana. I had thought it would be an exercise in futility; for nearly a decade, I had relied upon marijuana for my emotional stability. I had grown up with somewhat of a rough childhood (parents divorced at a young age, grew up in poverty, had a physically and mentally abusive stepfather, socially awkward in my younger years, etc.), which is why I felt the need to self-medicate. I had no idea what sort of mental or emotional breakdown I might suffer from giving up marijuana cold turkey.

For the first few days without it, I slept alot. I ate alot. I spent alot of time doing the things that I had liked to do when I was high, and I found that I could still enjoy them even without being intoxicated. To my surprise, I didn't think about getting high as much as I had thought I would. I had no way of getting my hands on any weed in my new home anyway, so pining over it would have been futile. Besides -- it's marijuana, not crack cocaine. I wasn't about to go lurking in the streets looking for a back alley pot dealer. That would be stupid and pathetic, not to mention dangerous. That's the sort of thing that meth or heroin might make you do, but it's NOT something you do to acquire marijuana.

In less than a week, my psychological cravings had nearly disappeared entirely. I never once suffered any physical withdrawals. Just like that, I gave it up and never turned back. I could now turn down even the most potently delicious ganja passed in my direction without even a moment of hesitation.

It's not that I'm afraid to get high again, or even that I don't think that I would enjoy it -- I'm sure it would be great fun, and I'm not about to promise that I will never ever smoke again. But it's been over 5 years since I last touched the stuff, and I see no reason to go back to it now.

I notice that one person suggested you turn to alcohol as a replacement. Um, yeah... really stupid idea. You'd be better off smoking pot than drinking your job, your liver, your family, and your driver's license away. Having a few drinks here and there on the weekends and having a glass or two of wine with dinner is one thing; making heavy drinking a habit is another. Take it from me -- marijuana may rob you of your motivation, but alcohol will rob you of everything else. I also dealt with that addiction in my teen years. Not only is alcohol more addictive, more destructive, and worse for your health (when taken in excess), but it is also physically -- not just psychologically -- addictive. The worst alcoholics can actually die from the withdrawal symptoms -- literally, not metaphorically.

Trust me on this one -- quitting marijuana is a piece of cake compared to trying to quit anything else. I'd have a harder time giving up donuts, coffee, gambling, or video games than I did giving up marijuana. You say you are not a very big smoker? Well, I WAS a big smoker... I smoked more in one day than most full-time stoners smoke in a week. If I can give it up without any trouble, ANYBODY can. Just put it down, pass the joint along to somebody else, and remind yourself that you don't need it. Peer pressure is bull****, don't give in to that crap. If your friends try to pressure you to smoke, just kindly point out that when you don't partake, that just leaves more weed for them to smoke. If they're true friends, they'll eventually stop trying to get you to smoke.

You can still be friends with them even after giving it up -- in fact, I encourage it. That way, you can test yourself to see if you have the willpower to turn it down when it is right there in your face. Remind yourself that it is not addictive and that you don't want or need it anymore. Of course it is fun and it feels good, but as you say, you WANT to quit. Which means that obviously, you've had enough of the silly intoxicating fun and the mellow kick-back-and-do-nothing feelings. It was fun for a while, now it's time to take up a new hobby. It's just a matter of saying "I'm done" and meaning it. Simple as that.

It's not hard to not smoke. The only hard part is telling yourself that you will never ever smoke again while you reminisce on how great it feels to be high. Much like they say in Alcoholics Anonymous -- one day at a time. Don't tell yourself that you will never smoke again -- just tell yourself that you do not need to smoke today. And tell yourself that same thing again tomorrow. And the next day, and the next, and the next. Don't spend a whole lot of time thinking about how good it felt to get high, or wondering about what kind of wild and crazy parties you might be missing out on. Eventually you will find that you no longer crave it, or even think about it at all. And you will find that life has plenty of fun and good feelings to offer on its own, without having to rely on a chemically induced state of euphoria. You will learn to appreciate the simple things, and to get "high" on life itself.

Best of luck. Put it down and don't turn back. I promise you, it won't hurt, and the cravings will be gone before you know it. Peace brotha, take 'er easy, live long and prosper, and all that jazz.

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