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I think it is time for me to stop smoking help how did you do it?
the things i am worring about is my family will keep on about it while I am stopping I think I will go to Doctors clinic to help has any one else done this years ago I tried with patches but I kept getting terrible nightmares has any one else had this problem ? I cant use the chewing gum as I have false teeth help any suggestions if you have done it Don't bother replying if you have never smoked

There is a medication called Wellbutrin to help you with stop smoking

Claire J
try doing for someone.. like just think of ways to persuade urself to stop smoking.
if that doesnt work

go to rehab for smoking.

If you have been smoking for lets say over 30 years, the damage has been done. Enjoy your golden years and have a good time!

Falafel softball
I heard someone had their friends tape their fingers together and drink alcohol (an activity that would make him want to smoke because he is used to smoking and drinking).

Robert D
You just need to decide that you will stop, and that you are now an ex-smoker.

No compromises. Just make up your mind.

Edit: Interesting the number of thumbs down for those that want to support you. Are they all from children who have no concept of the future?

i gave up for 3 months a few years ago. found it easy as was the right time for me but then i ran into problems and started again. u need to find somthing for your hand to mouth action. always have asmall pen or similar to hand that u can use. it will save u hitting the biscuit tin. the patches are good too. i used to give mine a rub when i felt the urge to smoke. good luck.

brought up a different addiction

in my case....it was world of warcraft - an online game
afterwards didnt have time for smoking - or for anything...hey! atleast it wont kill me or others surrounding me

Bryan H
my husband has been a heavy smoker for about 25 years - at least 40 a day, sometimes 60. He had a mini stroke about 3months ago, and decided to give up, he went to a hypnotherapist 3 weeks ago and has not smoked since, he says he sometimes fancies one but overall it's not really bothered him - I'd say if it works for him it's definately worth a go! We have saved £180 in 3 weeks. I am chuffed to bits with him! I personally gave up nearly 5 years ago, by reading a book by Alan Carr. You have to be in the right frame of mind to want to give up. Good luck!

MUM OF 2 &BRIDE 2 B(june6th 09)
i have been trying 2 give up 4 ages and i find it hard! u can call nhs direct adn they can send u a info pack on how 2 quit i triedthat 2 but didnt work it all depends on ur willpower, good luck

I had a very bad sore throat for 3 weeks which helped me to give up.

My wife just stopped and much to both our surprises was not a bear with a sore head!
It is all about willpower. You just have to want to do it! Not talking about it before/after the decision helped her stick it out.

True Brit
I haven't smoked - sorry. But I do work in a pharmacy. Pop in and talk about their smoking cessation programmes. If you're in the UK you can do a course with a qualified person. They can help you with patches, or inhalors.
You also get various strengths of gum - some last 16 hours, so you should be able to sleep at night. It depends on how heavy a smoker you are.
By the way, many people give up, especially if they rely on willpower alone. It's an ongoing process.
Good luck.

I used to smoke a lot but packed it in after loads of failed attempts...

the thing i missed the most was the action so heres what i did. I bought the gum - i did the exact same tasks as normal - going outside and standing where i would for a cig - only difference was i had the gum and messed with it etc. same everywhere else - same places and things only swapping the cigs for the gum.

after two weeks i swapped the weaker gum with a 3 weeks span before normal chewing gum - now 18 months later

i am as free as a bird!

Good Luck - if you need advice mail me!

get everyone involved family/friends as they will spur you on!

Also I joined the gym - I was always skinny - I am now pretty 'Buff' and have kind of gone from not bothering about health etc to being a healthy eater, fitter, stronger, healthier and more cash too!


I got the Chantix pills. You get a prescription for 4 months. If you don't take them with food they make you sick to your stomach. Otherwise I didn't have a problem with them. The medicine in it goes to the receptors in your brain that nicotine does. I still smoked for a couple of months after I started them but gradually tapered off. You're supposed to be ready to quit when you start taking them. The hardest part of smoking to quit was the habit of when you wanted to have a cigarette. They cost $120 a month. You think it's a lot, but it's not any more than buying cigarettes.I still want a cigarette about 30 times a day but the desire just flies in and out it doesn't stick around and pound on your head until you give into it. I was a 2 - 2 1/2 pack a day smoker down to none in 4 months. I had to quit. I came down with emphysema and pulmonary hypertension. When you can't get any oxygen and you're going through the motions of breathing you know it's time to quit. Quit now before it gets you as bad as it has me.
I also wanted to say that I bet you lost your teeth to gum disease. Me too. The gum disease is caused by smoking. Don't you wish you had your real teeth back?
Good luck.

sheila l
i turned on the tv some one was counting some items about 25 buckets they were lungs i stopped then thanks tv. ps you may end up in the bucket ?

i have just given up after 30 years of smoking 20 a day. my daughter made me promise and i have now not had a ciggie for 6 weeks and ill never have another one again. at first i decided i was going to go cold turkey and not use any aids, but after 3 days i was very cranky and really wanted to smoke. i went to the chemist and decided on the inhaler. you probably know but its a plastic cigarette with nicotine cartridges. i immediately felt better and was amazed at how much the craving disappeared i think it better than patches because you have the bonus of keeping your hands busy. i hope you succeed it is hard to quit but worth it on so many levels. good luck,

I used to smoke 20 a day and have done for many years. About 4 months ago i read something about "e cigarettes" and decided to try them, mainly for saving money, but within a week i found i didnt need real cigs at all, you get virtually a tobacco taste, you feel like you're smoking but its just vapour,even the tip lights up, my mate has also packed up real cigs with these too. Basically an e cigarette is made up of a battery, an atomiser and a nicotine flavoured cartridge , there's also e liquid which is flavoured nicotine oil and comes in different strengths and flavours which you can top up the cartridges with.

Robert W
Just think of the money you will save - and what you can do with it, better than sending it up in smoke !

I'm with Robert D on this. I smoked for thirty years until I finally realised I was paying a fortune to ruin my health and was potentially committing suicide, albeit slowly. I stopped but relapsed a couple of times until the last cigarette I smoked after a gap of about a week made me feel so ill and faint, I really have no desire to experience that again. I've been given up around eight years now and although I occasionally think I'd like one I know it'd be a slippery slope and just remember how awful my last cigarette made me feel. I wish you luck, it's really down to making the decision and sticking with it. I hope your family are supportive for your sake.

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