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I smoked a whole pack of Marlboro Reds last night, but now...?
Okay so I've started smoking about a week ago...and last night I went a little overboard and smoked a whole pack.
I didn't feel sick at all and it wasn't unpleasant for me, just the thing is is that when I woke up this morning my throat is really really sore...I can't even smoke a single cigarette without it being really sore, you know.
Is this normal, and will it go away soon?
Thank you. :)
Additional Details
...I'm a girl... :o

Dr Ballbag
Probably the best thing is to light up as many ciggies as you can and smoke them in the next 24 hours. You'll feel fine after that.

First, I want to congratulate you on starting, and tell you that you are really doing good if you can smoke a whole pack of Reds in one night already! That is impressive!

This is probably normal irritation. Try drinking a lot of hot drinks, like coffee, and switch to a light cigarette for a few days. Marlboro Lights or Menthol Lights are good, but to me, Virginia Slim Menthol Lights are what all new smokers should be smoking.

Keep up the good work! Do you plan on being a heavy smoker, like 2-3 ppd? How old are you, BTW?

Well yeah its normal, It shouldn't last more then a few days. This happened to me not to long ago. The smoke is just really hard on your throat and needs a little time to heal.

PandaBear xoxo
yes. it's normal to hurt your throat when you smoke more than you are use to. it will get better, probably soon. and did you know that girls smoke more than men? it's a proven fact. so, enjoy your cigarettes, i know i do :) and it's not like you have to quit smoking until your throat stops hurting, just i wouldnt suggest smoking another pack until your throat stops hurting. work up to it, that might take more time, depending on how much you smoke, but yea...have at it. :)

******** up! take it easy man.

You're going to Boot Hill, soon partner! I reckon there will be a tombstone!

Mitch P
I guess it would be normal if you smoked a whole pack since the smoke does iritate your throat. Oh and why did you consiously decide to start smoking sounds kinda retarded

I know for me when i smoke more than normal it my mouth is really dry the next day, so the smoke probably just dried out your throat or something. drink plenty of water, that should help

x-tosh-spice-x R.I.P mj<3
lol ur like that because u have only just started smoking
u will get used to it in time
and i suggest u smoke marlboro lights they are less strong and well.. lighter lol

Lol if u just started smoking your throat isnt that used to the smoke, thats prob why it felt sore. Try taking it easy and smoke less. Your throath will get used to it and wont hurt anymore. Thats just what i think lol i've gotten that a couple times. The best thing to do is stop smoking though hahaa. But anyways ya its normal ur throat it just iritated it will go away soon just dont smoke while its soar or u can make it worse!

Nasty. Quit smoking.

Well, think of it like this. When you smoke, you're breathing all that smoke and all the other toxic chemicals down through your throat into your lungs. Of course if you do it enough, it's almost like your in a fire and you'll find a common side-effect from that is a sore throat. The problem is, smoking isn't good for you, and it has damaged your throat. It will go away eventually, faster if you give it some time without smoking, but what I don't understand is why if you only started smoking a week ago you feel the need to smoke this much? You're fast tracking yourself to one or more cancers-mouth, tongue, throat, lung etc. If you can, I'd quit, it's really not a great habit. And on a side note, I've actually refused to kiss a guy purely because he was a smoker, there was nothing else wrong with him, but I can't stand the gross taste and the fact that if I did start to like him, I'd have to be with someone who was always just a bit sick-smokers cough etc, and who could end up dying from lung cancer (not a pretty way to go).

Love my baby boy!
Yeah, your throat isn't used to all that abuse. Don't smoke and see if it goes away.

Well your body is telling you that it does not like it. That is probably why your throat is killing. Your body does not lie. When there is a problem it will show you through pain signals.

Plz stop smoking, it is your body, but if you want to be in a body bag when you are 40 years old then keep doing it.
Just remember smoking causes lung cancer and a variety of other problems in your body.

I'm not surprised your throat was sore. Even hardened smokers know better than to touch Marlboro Reds. I've been smoking 20 years and they'd probably make my throat sore too. The damage was likely caused by the high tar and heat from the smoke. It will get better if you give your throat a chance to heal.
Take my advice, knock smoking on the head while you still can. Starting smoking was the most dumbass thing I ever did.

Incidentaly, two of the 'Marlboro Men' made famous by the advertising, are now in their graves because of lung cancer.

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