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I smoked a cigarette and it burned the back of my throat?
It was my first time smoking a cigarette.
When I inhaled it burned the back of my throat. Is that normal, and I'll get used to it? Or what?
Additional Details
Please don't give me answers like:
"Smoking is bad for you"
"Don't do drugs"

Learn Your Lession?

Fdhgd F
Dont Smoke


Dont smoke again??

pamela d
don`t smoke lf lts doing this then


like, you want another one??

i suggest you don't pick up the habit.

try cross stitching... or do some bead work.

**** you guys are soo stoopid, marking mine, w/ a thumbs down, i simply just suggested she do something else w/ the hands!!! and what, u guys suggest that they DO PICK UP THE HABIT AND START SMOKING????? how dumb is that??!??!!!

so sexci
dont smoke lesson learned?

thats not good i wouldn't want to die early =/

Lucas M
That's dumb
smoking ruins everything.
just don't do itt.

you may even be allergic to something in it.

Who cares if it's normal or not? If it burns your throat why would you want to keep doing it until you get used to it? Smoking is a nasty, disgusting habit that has no redeeming factors - it's expensive, it stinks, it causes health problems. Just don't smoke!

Joshua H
Yes, it happens when you first try inhaling. It will go away.

aysha s
it was just probably yur first timee
its always different on yur first time

colorado kid
Oh sure you will get used to it !!! ....and, brown teeth, and coughing, and coughing up gobs of nasty crap your lungs are trying to clean out, and eventually, you might get used to coughing up enough crap, that when you cough up blood, it will just give you one more thing to get used to, so, go big, or sit on the porch ! oh, and all of these are normal, for chronic smoking...... and cancer, too....I suppose you could get used to that also.....

Rick H
Its normal for that to happen...
I smoked for 5 years, and gave up at 20...
Im 24 now and i will never smoke again...
I started to get SO unhealthy, not like fat, just my fitness...
I couldnt even walk up 18 stairs without panting and weasing...
Dont smoke, you will regret it later in life... Believe me...
Just say to yourself at least you tried.. BUT THATS IT !!!
Stop it whilst your not addicted to cancer sticks...

WATCH THIS ... also watch the other smoking videos...


The harsh chemicals in the tobacco will initially irritate your throat and later your lungs but even that will subside after awhile, you could try a lighter cigarette, or different brand. I will tell you that it has no redeeming qualities and has become very socially unacceptable, where as when I started it was the cool thing to do, that is no longer true, in most circles it is found to be a disgusting habit that is not tolerated . but that is your decision.

Miz Lamb
Yes, that is normal and so is the coughing fit you had from getting the smoke in your lungs. That is a warning that this stuff is not good for you, but you already know that.

I do hope this was only an experiment to see what all the fuss is about?? 40 years down the road you will have COPD if you continue and it is extremely hard to draw a good breath of air.

That's normal for beginners. After a few more times or so, you don't notice it.

Baby Incinerator
It's quite normal. I smoke very rarely, but when I do my throat is sore the next morning. It goes away after a couple hours though.

That is typical when you first smoke a cigarette for the very first time, it does go away. Don't worry about it, it doesn't mean anything except that your body isn't use to the smoke.

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