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Shawn P
I quit smoking 10 weeks ago and am still coughing up gross dark flem... Should I be worried?
I smoked since I was 16.... I am 34 now...

Yes, you should be worried. Im not experienced in anything like that really. But you should tell your doctor.

good luck!

Yes. You should go to the doctor. It'll get worse if you don't do anything about it.

I'm not a doctor, but anything you are worried about you should get it checked out. This does sound serious, although I am not a doctor.

Good luck! I hope everything is okay

if it carrys on then yes!

i think you should be worried i have an on going study about that,my
mother has stopped for a bout a year and my father still dose and he suffer from that and it can be signs of early long cancer or T.B.
so your best bet is to get that checked out just cause im young doesn't mean I'ma dumb take my advice;)

Miranda A
i would get a physical and make sure your body is in the condition it should be. I would be worried but then again it could be your body trying to get all the nasty stuff out of it that was in there from smoking all those years
But i would still go to a doctor its better to be safe then sorry

Yes ... see your Dr ASAP!!

If you have been coughing up the same gross dark flem since' long time you might not be worried .But if it is of recent origin you must consult your physician.It could be a bacterial infection .In the former case probably it is a chronic condition and might resolve gradually , though it would be better if you visit a doctor because smoker's cough usually does not produce gross dark flem .

me n' mona
I would worry if it continues for a while. However, your body is ridding itself of all the build-up in your lungs. Congrats on quitting!

well its one of two things ur body is refhresing all the lost tissue and has to get it out somehow hence u cough black gunk wich in most cases is mucus around the lungs and or the outer layer of the lungs themselves or two u have an infection either way consult ur docotr i am only a nurse

Congratulations for you.
Coughing up gross stuff is normal after stopping smoking and it can even happen after you cut way back but still smoke. The way my doctor explained it to me is that your lungs are filtering the toxins that you are taking in from smoking, You develop the smokers cough that is actually helping your body get ride of these toxins, After cutting way down on cigarette intake or you stop smoking the cough starts cleaning up your lungs even faster. This can last up to a year depending on how long and how heavy you smoked. Again Congratulations...

You smoked for a really long time, it happens. Good job quitting, though.

You might want to call your doctor or make an appointment simply to check out your lung function. Coughing up phlegm is unfortunately a side effect and may not go away.

Don't worry, your lungs are cleaning themselves out. Once the majority of the tar and stuff in your lungs is gone, the flem will subside.

future fate
Your lungs are just regenerating and getting rid of all the built up junk in there. It's a good thing.

Maybe you should see a doctor to be safe. However, my dad coughed up a bunch of dark flem for about 1-2 months when he quit smoking, then he stopped.

Congratulations on quitting.

Nah, it's going to take a while. It's a part of the process, and a not a very fun one at that.

♥ ɱuɱ σԲ αɳ αɳġєւ ♥ has aTDfairy
I quit 8 months ago, i only smoked for 4 years, I still get black in my flem

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