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 im 13 and i smoke do any 13 year olds smoke too ?
im 13 and i smoke i am just wondering if anyone else smokes at 13 too plz write ...

 It's snot!!!!!!! What exactly is the purpose of snot?
I'ts annoying and makes you cranky when you have a cold but never seems to have a purpose.What exactly is the purpose?...

 If my daughter has an ear infection, is it absolutely necessary for her to be on antibiotics?
I am not sure if she has one or not. She was really ill and cranky yesterday, and pulling on her ear, but no fever. Today she is all smiles and not pulling on her ear, but she still has a runny ...

 How to get rid of a cough ?
Ive had a bad cough for about a month and it was going away.Today after I came from school I took a nap and Ive been having a bad cough.I had some mucus in my throat and Im still coughing up some ...

 If someone's been smoking for 25 years, can their smokers cough disappear if they stop smoking?

 i have asthma, most of the time after i eat i wheeze. does this happen to anyone else? what can i do 2 stop it

 Why do i keep feeling short of breath?
i dont smoke & exercise ok
Additional Details
also i have had a chest x-ray & all is ...

 I've never liked myself and always mess things up. Should I start smoking to help my attitude?
It just seems like if cigarettes make people feel better, it might work for me too! Your thoughts, and also, what brands should I experient with......

 is it true that the hospitals let patients smoke on their wards years ago in the uk?
My friend told me in the 1960s and 70s patients were allowed to smoke cigarettes in their hospital beds.
Is this true?
Additional Details
Wow rianna that is scary....

 How do you stop someone from snoring?
I live with my mom and grandmother and they both snore, it frustrates me....

 I've quite smoking for a week now...?
I've quite many time's before... but this time I intend to...
Majority of people I know smoke... & I have stoped for health reasons'

Have you seen the new images ...

 I sometimes "catch" myself not breathing... i'd even wake up when im asleep... whats up with that?
btw im 26 been smoking for about 8-10 years... and dont really do much physical activities, im 5'10 160...

 my son is a pot smoker?
my son smoked pot but now he stopped. how can i get him to start again?...

 how can i quite smoking?

 What can be done about the swine flu?
I know doctors would recommend rest, drink fluids.

Is there a swine flu vaccine? Should I get injected?...

 2nd hand smoking ?
i heard that 2nd hand smoking is more harmful than 1st hand smoking

2nd hand smoking occurs when a non-smoker are breathing in the smoke beside the smoker

so to prevent the dmg ...

 Should I breathe today?
well...should I?...

 What's the best way to get rid of excess mucus and chest congestion?

 My mum has been in hospital for 3 months.....?
and is due to come home in about two weeks. She is 77yrs old and had pnuemonia,septicimia and a hole in her lung. The doctors said she would not make it, but today she had a home visit to see how she ...

 I have chronic asthma. My co-worker loves to wear perfume & scented lotions. How do I ask her to stop?
She knows this agravates my asthma & seems concerned when I have my attacks (which are getting progressively worse) but doesn't understand perfumed air fresheners are the same as perfumes. H...

I like to fill-up my ashtray and then throw all of my butts in the street at once.?
Doesn't that make it easier for them to clean? I especially love littering on roads where some company says that they will keep the road clean.

What ever dude. You are just a waste of space.

brow beaton
you are a retard my friend. what's the problem with dumping them into the trash yourself.


Yes there is far worse things, but u have to remember that there is somone that has to clean those up.....so in the long run you are causing more hassel for someone else

Have you considered just eating the butts as you smoke along?

First Lady
Why not just dump them in the trash instead of the street? Just about it this way....yes, you're providing job security I guess for those who have to clean up our streets, but you're also wasting our tax money to pay these people who clean the roads because people choose to litter.

Sounds like you have thought this out. Don't really know I would have put that much effort into this decision, but I suppose in a strange way you are personally giving job security to the street cleaners and the employees distribution and manufacturing cigarettes.

Pretty nice living in a society you can do this and not get sent to the Gulag, ehe? America rules!

ღ♥ Cutie RRT ღ♥
wow, that's a, yeah, that's pretty weird, but to each his own, I guess.

[email protected]
No respect for the environment or other people..keep smokin' maybe you'll do yourself in soon!!

Some ppl will say or do anything to get attention from others! You have a very awkward way of thinking, dude! Wow! What is this world coming to? so...so....scary!

Mad Roy
I sincerely hope some cop sees you and the judge throws the book at you for littering.
Have a nice day!

This is a lack of self respect, respect for others, and respect for society and our environment. But at least you're honest about your disrespect.
Try to work on that, will ya?

You have a serious problem. Maybe someone will throw cigarettes and trash in your yard.....but from the way it sounds, you wouldn't care or even notice. Weird

I throw bags full of trash in the road. I pour oil in the ocean on earthday

Thanks for killing us all with that crappy residue.

if nothing else you can do suppose.

oh well. i guess there is worse things you could do.

I am guessing that you put this little "question" on here to raise some peoples hackles. Well you got mine!!!! First, Stop littering!!! It's an ugly thing to do to nature. Second, STOP smoking!! It's an ugly thing to do to your body!!

Calvin of China, PhD
Actually you have a great idea for assuring your street is the cleanest. They will need to broom sweep the street and you have a cleaver way to help them to see the mess. This could very well start a national trend.

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