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 how do we care for our Immune System?

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 Why has it been getting so cold at night lately?

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Grace Amar
I have panic attacks a lot...?
I get panic attacks, but only when I'm at school. In the past week I've had 5, and last week I had one nearly every day. :s They only last about ten minutes but I really hyperventilate and I get tingling in my fingers and cheeks and I've also started getting them in my feet. I've got exams coming up (GCSE's) but I'm not getting particularly worried or getting stressed about them.
I've read about Panic disorder, but I'm just wondering if I could have that even though I have no triggers?
Also, is it possible that I don't actually feel stressed, but my brain is on overload so coould this be causing it?
Thanks. (:
Additional Details
-I'm 14 btw if that helps with any answers?

Go to your doctor and get referred to a psychologist :)

Aw poor thing. I have the same thing, acute hyperventilation...AND chronic hyperventilation!
It's awful, I'm sorry you have to go through with this...but there is no "cure". My doctor said "use a bag"

NOT helpful by the way.

You are surely stressed over the GCSE's. What really helped me, was the "sleepy time EXTRA tea" i think it's by celestial seasonings...it has valarian root in it and actually WORKS.
Try reducing the caffeine, and drink a cup in the morning and before you go to sleep.
If you smoke, try not to and cut down for a bit. (Tobacco)

Sometimes marijuana would help me, but some other times it would just increase my anxiety.

Do things you love to do! Go shopping, take a bath, get some physical exercise.

Hope this helps! Take care darling, do try and get the tea it works miracles.

Blue Haired Old Lady
Do you get any exercise? If not - try it. A lot of psychological disorders are because people sit on the *sses all day and never get any exercise. The excess energy makes them have all kinds of problems, from anxiety to insomnia and other things.

go to your doctor.

i think its best you consult your doctor as soon as possible. i think you can have panic disorder without having specific triggers. often times the fear of having a panic attack itself can lead to a panic attack. it could be because of bottled up stress as well. also you could have generalized anxiety disorder, if you always feel anxious. it could also be a symptom of a physical condition as well, such as a thyroid problem which causes anxiety. so yeah i recommend seeing your doctor soon. just try to stay positive, and drinking passionflower tea and exercise helps a lot with anxiety. i hope you feel better and wish you best of luck on your exams :)

I was diagnosed with IBS a stress related illness when I was studying for my A levels. I never felt the stress and was a laid back exam taker but my body was obviously not going to let me stay that way. I feel that because I was not feeling the stress mentally that it took tolls on my body more. Now several years later I feel stress mentally and get less IBS attacks - which were very similar to panic attacks for me. I think you probably are suffering from stress related panic attacks even if you cant feel it. If you see your doc they can help suggest things to calm you down - lots of nasty tasting teas and stuff - they do help.

Jessica's Bizzackup
i have this problem, but only in social situations. u think this could be it? mine only last until im out of the situation.......

I think you need to seek professional help from a psychatrist if these panic attacks continue. As for the stress, relaxing is the best thing you can do for it. I have a friend who is pretty high-strung, and I tell her that doing things she enjoys and calms her down will do her wonders. I hope you feel better. :o)

william s
I used to get panic attacks when going to fencing. Then when I stopped going to class the attacks stopped. It was because I didn't like the teacher. I got so nervous. It's probably dread of doing the test or stress. If it doesn't go away after the test, or it gets worse or you can't function go to a doctor!

My only advice is see a doctor if you're really concerned, other than that, I wouldn't know enough to give you solid advice.

Panic attacks are awful -- I know what you're going through. Chances are that you really ARE worried about something, but haven't allowed it into your conscious mind yet.

The above suggestion about exercise is a good one. Valerian root (available at a health food store) is also good. Aromatherapy, soothing music and meditation are all helpful, too.

For myself, I use all of those methods, and I also take a prescription anti-anxiety drug called Xanax every once in awhile, when my symptoms are severe.

Talk to a doctor, sweetie. And good luck.

No one has the answer that would fit everyone. It's different from person to person.

In my case, I had a panic attack while sitting in the service department of a car dealer. It was everything I could do to not scream and run out of the waiting room. I just sat and rode it through and it never happened again.

With the exception of flying. I was scared to death to fly mostly because I felt claustrophobic in a plane. My husband and I went to CA to visit family. I was to leave first and he would follow in two weeks. As I sat on the plane waiting for it to take off, I once again had that feeling of extreme panic. But instead of giving in to it, I thought about my options. If I get off the plane, I will have to call some one to come back and pick me up. Then how do I get back to NY? And if I get off of this plane, will I ever be able to get on another??

That cured me! So basically, I would say, "fight it! fight it with every strength you have. Look it in the eye and say, sorry, but I'm going to let you take over my life!"

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