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claire bear. Grrr!
I have cut down my smoking, from 20 a day, down to 8 a day...??!?
sometimes 5 a day instead.
but all of a sudden have got a terrible chesty cough, bringing up greem phlem(sorry, cant spell it).
Is this because i have cut the ciggies down?
Will it get worse when i give up next week?

Atheist till death
i heard it is meant to do that i cut down from 20 to about 10 this week but nothing yet im waiting for it

Shalot xx
no, its bound 2 happen its a short time thing dont worry

You can't really know for sure. I know when you quit you cough more but I'm not sure about cutting down. It could be form that or you may be getting over a chest cold.

DD 91

buying them
I wanted to quit them
so i quit buying them

now i cant smoke because there arent any around the house

Yes it is because you have cut down and yes it will get worse before its gets better. It is because your body is trying to get used to a change. I t will get worse next week because your body will be getting rid of the rest of the rubbish in your body from smoking then it will start to get better. GOOD LUCK :)

First off, well done! You've more than halved your cigarettes, that's fantastic!
I don't think that quitting ciragettes will have any negative health complaints in connection, though.

you soak your smokes in petrol and then dry them out. When you light up your face will catch on fire. I'm sure after a few times of that you'll give up. Or dip the ends in something that tastes really bad

Dave T
yes the crap is still inside and will clear after a time. give it up now

mr. y
its probably not from your smoking change,just an infection.

your body is detoxing. the chemical buildup is most case phlegm- sometimes thick and can be yellowish.

you may notice it isnt that bad after a cig or two and if you completely quit it will be a few weeks of more detox for your lungs. musinex helps- or generic equivilent (guaffissen i think is the main ingredient- check it out)

people say that they bring up phlem as there lungs clear but not sure about the cough

Why wait 'til next week? Quit now, and you'll get better.

yes,,its the phlem breaking of your chest walls,,,cut down myself to 6 a day,,from 12,,,,,getting there

congratulations. this is normal to have this cough. when my dad stopped he had a really bad cough for a while then he got over it and feels great now. this is just your body getting rid of all the yucky stuff caused by smoking. i wish i could stop !

Ali D
CONGRATULATIONS, keep-up the excellent work.
It will take some time, but NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT.
N.B. steam inhalation (with or without Vicks) may help to ease it. DO NOT TAKE ANTI-COUGH MEDICATIONS.

Johnathan Harton
No, i used to smoke cigarrettes before 3 packs a day and when i started quitting just like you are right now i had the same symptoms, seems that is just the body reacting to clean our lungs, keep up on trying to quit, now i can't stand a person smoking next to me...

Your Own Personal Jesus
It is normal for the cough and phlem to come up.

Well done and good luck :)

sometimes the effects of smoking cigarettes can take years to show up, cutting back or quitting will not change the damage already done im afraid but it is a smart choice.

gangadharan nair
* Within 20 minutes of quitting - your blood pressure and pulse rate drop to normal and the temperature of your hands and feet increases to normal.
* Within 8 hours of quitting - your carbon monoxide levels drop and your oxygen levels increase, both to normal levels.
* Within 24 hours of quitting - your risk of a sudden heart attack decreases.
* Within 48 hours of quitting - nerve endings begin to regenerate and your senses of smell and taste begin to return to normal.
* Within 2 weeks to 3 months of quitting - your circulation improves and walking becomes easier; even your lung function increases up to 30%.
* Within 1 to 9 months of quitting - your overall energy typically increases and symptoms like coughing, nasal congestion, fatigue, and shortness of breath diminish; also, the small hairlike projections lining your lower airways begin to function normally. This increases your lungs' ability to handle mucus, clean the airways, and reduce infections.
* Within 1 year of quitting - your risk of coronary heart disease is half that of someone still using tobacco.
* Within 5 years of quitting - the lung cancer death rate decreases by nearly 50% compared to one pack/day smokers; the risk of cancer of the mouth is half that of a tobacco user.
* Within 10 years of quitting - your lung cancer death rate becomes similar to that of someone who never smoked; precancerous cells are replaced with normal cells; your risk of stroke is lowered, possibly to that of a nonuser; your risk of cancer of the mouth, throat, esophagus, bladder, kidney, and pancreas all go down.
Consult smoking cessation clinic for treatment of withdrawal symptoms.

Yes it is because you have cut the cigs down. But not to worry ^_^ it's a good thing. Just like when you quit smoking (as I have)Your body is trying o get rid of it. Best thing would be if you can to totally quit smoking especially ince you have cut back so much! hee hee Grats to you ^_^. After a few days things should subside. Allow it all to come up, keep a tissue handy.

Yes it is and yes it will, but only for a short time. Once your body has adjusted to not having the cigs and once all the crap has broken loose, the cough should stop.

Just your lungs clearing out. It might but it will get worse if you keep on smoking. Good Luck!!

Miss Mazie
You are probably coughing up gunk that's built up in your lungs. It's so worth it, though!! And right on for you!! GOOD LUCK!!

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