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I have chronic asthma. My co-worker loves to wear perfume & scented lotions. How do I ask her to stop?
She knows this agravates my asthma & seems concerned when I have my attacks (which are getting progressively worse) but doesn't understand perfumed air fresheners are the same as perfumes. How can I make her understand?

You say, please stop and if she doesn't you request to be moved.

Try to tell her the truth in a humble manner. she will understand you. As a point of proof, request her not to use once and she will experience the difference. if she really cares about your health she will respect your commands. Advice her to use less scented perfumes is she really have to. Thanks.

Sue her!

If she will not listen to you go to your supervisor or to human resources if available this co worker is effecting your health. Many hospitals for example now forbid staff to wear cologne

well just go to her politely and say you may know i have asthma and it really bothers my breething when you spray your perfume and put on lotion so can you please put a smaller amount on or put it on in another room please

You have to tell her that this is seriously affecting yor health. It will probably offend her but these days it's not appropriate to wear perfumes at work because of this issue. If you have a Health and Safety Board at your work, ask them to make a ban on perfumes and colognes. Or you may have to take this up with Human Resources.

Since this is at work, instead of approaching her, why don't you approach your boss - with a doctor's note - to let your boss know of this situation, so you boss can handle it.

I'm pretty amazed that she knows this aggravates your condition, yet she continues to wear perfumes and scented lotions, but let the boss speak to her and other co-workers about this situation.

Good Luck and be well.

Just explain it to her again, nicely.

"Suzie, thank you so much for being concerned about my attacks. Unfortunately they can be triggered by ANY scent or perfume -- not just perfume worn by a person. Could you do me a favor and not use air fresheners, lotions etc? It's really hurting me."

Just tell her politely that her perfume aggravates it, if she is not bothered try to get your sitting place changed , you can also take up the issue with the management if you feel so as its perfectly within your right to stop getting ill

Sadly she may not even care. I have severe asthma as well and people just don't care anymore what they do to someone just so long as they aren't inconvenienced.

» Ðëe®'§ Êÿ€ «
ask her staight away !! it isnt sin is it now ??

Dictionary Queen
Explain to her the exact problem. if you don't it could end up costing you your life! trust me, I've been there. Just try to talk with her calmly and if she takes offence change jobs :P

Dream cocoa
just explain to her u have asthma

just shout it at her tell her you'l die otherwise

hurricane camille
Fake an attack, slump over her gasping for breath (make her VERY uncomfortable) croaking "perfume....perfume....air.. please...... no perfume....

No, I'm just kidding. Just have a heart to heart talk with her. Serious and polite. Just explain in plain English. It is not because she is a bad person, she just doesn't know. I'm sure when you explain sweetly she will be glad to see your side of it.

You get more with honey than with vinegar.


She either doesn't realize she's causing you a lot of suffering, or she does realize but thinks that it's her life and she should be allowed to live it as she pleases.

Just apologize profusely (even though you shouldn't have to, it will still make her feel better about your request), and explain her why it is so crucial that she stop. Try not to make her feel bad, or you will have problems at the workplace...

Just ask her in a polite way to not wear these things. Explain to her that because you work in a close environment that they irritate your asthma more than usual. If your asthma is getting worse I would suggest you see your physician as soon as possible. There may be more going on than just this co-workers perfume.

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