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I have a persistant cough that produces mucus. How do I get rid of it?

Keeping your mouth clean really help a lot more than people think. Brush your teeth often and GARGLE. When I have this problem, I gargle with warm salt water or peroxide. Sounds silly I know but it works for me.

ima t
cough is not a disease rather it is a symptom of an underlined pathology. so go and see a physician.

gargle with salt water twice a day that will disolve the muscus and give your body a fighting chance to end the infection, if it last longer 3 days go see a doctor.

Vincent S
boil hot salt water and breath in the steam...###

dont drink milk and go to a natural health food store and get skinners salve and rub it on your chest and back and at night rub some on your feet and put on socks and sleep tight, wholistic health is the way to go!!!

politely ask it to leave

You might need a sputum culture done to find out what organism is causing it. Antibiotics won't help anything that is fungal, viral, or tuberculosis.

Try a cough syrup with a decongestant in it, that usally works

Ex Lax usually works. After a couple hours you will not dare cough.

Seriously now, try to find a herb that has Yerba Santa in it. It works every time for me.

If you are a smoker you might want to give up, if you are not a smoker and you have not had the cough for long i would not worry to much, that you are producing mucus is a good sign - you are clearing the mucus from your system. If it has been persistent for more than 7-10 days i would suggest that you see your doctor.

Fluids and alot of time in bed resting. You need to get better.

go to your doc to make sure it's not serious. If it's not serious you'll just have to let it run it's course.

go to your doctor and get anitbiotics...

Sugar Pie
You need an expectorant to make the cough more productive.

If it's been gong on over 2 weeks, just go to a doctor. You sholdn't be couging up junk.

cod liver oil pills will help you get the mucus out.

mucinex and drinking lots of water helps, but you should see your doc.

go to the doctor and ask for a prescription to a medicine

go to the doctor

Drink lots and lots of water. I had a Dr. tell me one time that water is the best expercant that there is.

my mom said that mucinex, i think that's how you spell it, works really well..

Crazy Mama
See your doctor if it isn't that serious, or you can try taking Musinex. But it sounds like your body is trying to get the excess mucus out of your body.

I have the same cough (and so does my 15 month old), but we are just getting over a cough.

If you have had it longer then two weeks, you really need to see a doctor. I've had some last longer then that, but I have asthma. If you have asthma and it causing attacks, then you REALLY need to see a doctor. Also if you having shortness of breath, see a doctor.

Most of the time it needs to run its course and just get all the mucus up! Just keep spitting it out! :-)

Also if you smoke, you need to quit. Smoker produce MORE flem (spelling?) then NON-smokers!

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