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 Has anyone heard of or had a nodule on or in the lung?
The x-ray said I had a 2.1 cm nodule. I went yesterday for a dye CT scan. I guess I'll hear something by Friday (maybe).
If so...How did things go for you?

Thanks for any ...

 Did I have an asthma attack or was it something else?
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 why do people walk in sleep . what is the remedy ?

 If any body know about it ?
I have sinuses problem cause flu and cough continue im very distrube nose is block if u know abt any medicine(tablet, nasal spray etc plz. diagnose me....

 Raw throat from coughing so much?
Ive had a cold for about two weeks now,and mid-cold I got the flu.
I have been coughing so so much that my throat is BURNING and completely raw.
Its like 3:00 am and I cant ...

 how do they test you for asthma?
i seem to think i may heve developed asthsma how can they ...

I have a chest cold (or something) and I have to sing in a concert tomorrow. HELP!!?
It might not be a chest cold but I have a lot of phlem in my throat and my voice is all raspy. It wasn't so bad before I took this cough medicine and it made all this mucus come up but now I can't sing and I have a concert tomorrow. Any help? Please, nothing that will make more phlem come up.

Maybe the way to approach this is to ask yourself "Why do I want to sing in this concert" --- and then ask "What will be the consequences of my not singing in the concert?" Then, ask yourself "what will the consequences be if I do sing in the concert and damage my vocal cords?"

You write that "it might not be a chest cold" ---- do you really want to take a chance that you could ruin your vocal cords for one concert? Our bodies speak to us --- and yours is right now. It's telling you that it's not well ... adding stress (singing) will only cause your body to delay getting well. In the long run (say, five years from now) - which is of more importance to you --- singing in one concert (tomorrow) or singing in hundreds of concerts (in future years). Are you willing to take the gamble that one concert could cause serious damage to your health - throat - vocal cords?

If it were me, I'd listen to my body --- it's shouting at you ... rest, take care of me, don't put me under any more stress, give me time to heal.

Good luck! ;-)

Drink some hot tea, and look in the drugstore for EmergenC. It is a vitamin C powder that you dissolve in a drink, and is supposed to help with colds, I have used it and it was pretty helpful.
Do not drink milk or eat a lot of dairy; that will just make the cold worse. Eat healthily and go to bed early. If you still feel really sick in the morning, maybe you shouldn't do the concert, because you don't want to damage your voice or be miserable.
Good luck and feel better!

the wind
don't do it , your health is more important , and you will spread germs !

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