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 My boyfriend was laying down w/ my head on his chest and I could hear wheezing. What does it mean?

Additional Details
He is 55 and has smoked since he was 16....

 How can i prove to my doctor that i don't have asthma?
First of all thanks for looking.
I have started my first stages to becoming a Royal Air Force pilot however speaking to a careers liaison officer on Friday there is one major drawback ...

 My best friend is coughing up a greyish black mucus! Does anyone know what it is? (she doesn't smoke) Thanks!

Additional Details
My friend is 14 and she doesn't smoke or do drugs at all. She said that the mucus is even a bit acidic! She accidentally coughed onto the toilet seat and when ...

 My mum is in the next room and is snoring SO LOUD even over my earplugs which is rare and I cant sleep!?
My earplugs drown it out but tonight is taking the mick. I need to sleep it is midnight i got to be up in a few hours and its really annoying, im not waking her up because Ill be dead....

 i can't breathe?
I have been diagnosed with rhinitis...the symptoms are a continuously blocked nose..so blocked sometimes i find it hard to talk..even when i blow my nose it feels like it blocks styraight back up i ...


 panic attacks?................................…
always in school when im asked to continue on reading out loud to the class or read an essay out that we had the night b4 my voice starts trembling and i cant breathe and i have to stop.the teacher ...

 How does smoking shorten lifespan?

 What is kerry katonas illness?
on the crazy in love advert kerry says about having to go to rehab for her 'illness' what is her illness exactly ...

 Whst are the Pro's and Con's of Smoking?
What do you think is good about smoking and what do you think is bad about smoking?...

 How do you help someone having an asthma attack?
a friend of mine was having an asthma attack today and luckily had her inhaler with her, I was wondering if there was any way to help someone who was having an asthma attack that didnt have an ...

 is weed bad for lungs?
is smoking weeed bad for ...

 i feel SO anxious ,just gave up smoking, will it stop??
I`m 51. been smoking roll up`s for 20 years, ivè got to stop before they stop me.
I have patches,not touched one cig since 5 days ago,
I feel so on edge,up tight,nervous,started coughing,i`...

 12 hour nosebleed??
My father has had a nose bleed for about 12 hours, and has tried to stop it many times. The bleeding will stop for a few minutes, but then it starts gushing out blood again. He is 50 years old. What ...

 how do i stop snoring? help!?
i snore a bit and its really embarrassing when we go for excursions and my friends tease me. i am really thin so its not obesity or anything.please help me out of this problem!...

 Someone smoked in the same house as my 2 year old :(?
On Christmas day, all the family were at my brother in laws. I didn't know until that day that his house mate smokes in his bedroom upstairs. I could smell smoke in the house faintly all day but ...

 Does your bed partner's snoring keep you awake ?

 Where can i smoke without mum knowing?
At home of course....

 Why are smokers attracted to garbage science to prove that smoking is good?
I got this answer for another question:
Armand Van Hoye:

Paracelsus knew 500 years ago that every substance can be a poison.

If you drink 15 l water in one hour, it is a ...

 Do I have the swine flu?
Probably not, but meh.

A few months ago I developed a cough, was spitting up phlegm, pressure in my lungs, and so on. The phlegm is cleared up but I still cough occasionally. Often I can ...

I don't like smokers, and refuse to be friends with any.?

Additional Details
I have tried to be friends with some people who smoke, but they always end up smoking around me, and I hate everything about cigarettes. Don't you think it would be quite awkward to ask them not to smoke?

destination heaven
Good for you!!!!

I think that is too extreme although it does help in that it gives the other person a choice be, your friend or be a cigarettes friend.

I don't smoke. But I do have smoker friends.
I understand that smoking is a very bad habit to break.

Where is the question?

Then I suppose you wouldn't want to be friends with me then....

I mostly hang out with smokers. But I hang out with a lot of nonsmokers too, including my girlfriend who does not smoke. Everyone knows that when they are at my house or in my car, I'm going to smoke. Whenever I'm around their house or car, I refrain from smoking near them (doesn't mean I don't smoke.)

Contrary to popular belief, most smokers will respect you if you ask them "nicely" not to smoke around you. But you also need to be realistic. Know that they will need to smoke occasionally and make the accommodations for them to do so.

Barry M
I think the tragedy here is the fact that you have already judged them as unworthy of your friendship. Unless you are perfect (and your question definitely proves you are not), you probably have more than one bad habit that annoys other people (talking on your cell phone all the time, drink too much, etc.) Simply ask them to not smoke around you if it bothers you that badly. Most smokers I know are reasonable people who are happy to comply with the wishes of others. They are doctors, lawyers, nurses, firemen, policemen, clergymen, professors, military personnel, politicians, judges, waitresses, etc. In other words they are normal people who happen to have a problem being addicted to a drug that is more powerful than heroin. Instead of judging them, perhaps it would be wiser to offer them help, friendship and support. That would be the human thing to do.

Good luck finding friends. With your "holier than thou" attitude, you are going to need it.

the L eagle (DaRk WiNgS)
i seriously feel sad for u, cuz with the way u judge ppl ull end up having no friends whatsoever. r u trying to tell us that u have no addictions ? maybe u pick ur nose ! i feel disgusted from that ,ppl shouldnt be ur friends ,at least smoking isnt as disgusting as someone picking his nose huh? ,ur a confused and sad human being.

So what's the question?
"Am I an Arrogant Little *[email protected]*" ?
or are you looking for friends because you don't have any?

Well, I can understand your aversion to smoking in general, but do you have any idea how judgemental you sound?
Is that who you really want to be? Do you have any idea how many cool, fun people smoke? That's okay though, I'm a non smoker, and I wouldn't be friends with someone as shallow and thoughtless as you. I don't think the smokers are missing out on anything by your decision, so by all means carry on!

I understand you don't like smoking..but I don't understand how you can say you don't like smokers...they are people with an addiction..believe it or not ...they are also human beings... can be very good people and make very good friends...I think you are a little extreme...but of course that's just my opinion.

thats a shame. you are probably missing out on alot of good friends...maybe the next thing for you to do would be to not be friends with anyone who is a vegetarian...good idea huh!

bLu *
That's a little bananas. I mean think of all the great people you are missing out on because they smoke. I think you should be-friend anybody and if you find out they smoke you should politely tell them you don't want them to smoke around you and why. I mean if they are meant to be your friend or they are good people they wil agree to not smoke around you. Who knows. you might help a ton of people stop smoking.

Devil and the Chimechangas
As a person who smokes, I think it's a little odd that we categorize people like that... Smokers and Non-Smokers. Considering that nobody can smoke in public anymore, I think it's fair to say that we can't even call people smokers anymore. But to actually refuse friendship because someone smokes... a little strange. Einstein smoked, Fyodor Dostoeysky, Ernest Hemingway, Oscar Wilde, Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Waits, and some of the most interesting and important people smoke. Would you really refuse an audience with Daniel Day Lewis becuase he smokes?

My name is Jonas
I'm a smoker and your attitude just makes me know that there's no way I could be your friend. Lighten up, we're not meth-heads.

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