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Joseph NG
I can't stop cough when I try to talk, please help!?
Hi guys, I start cough last week, and now I can't stop caughing! Everytime I try to speak a word, my throat start feeling itche and I start cough, I been search around the internet and yahoo answer, but no help. Can you guys please help me? I really apprecaite.
Additional Details
Hi guys, I start cough last week, and now I can't stop! It really bothers me! Everytime I try to speak a word, my throat start feeling itche and I start coughing. I went to doctor,I take different kind of medicines, drink lot of water, no help. Well honey seem like a little helpful but after 10 minute, I cough again...I been search lot of information on the internet too, but none of them are useful. Can you guys please help me? I really apprecaite! Thank You! ^_^

EDIT: I also have runny nose...and can't stop too...

health r
Cough is caused by a number of ailments.
It can be treated by over the counter medicines
or home remedies. More information available
at http://ailments.in/cough.html

Water is the cure, Read this book-->Water: for health, for healing, for life by F. Batmanghelidj

You might be getting larengitus. The only natural thing I can think of that can soothe an irritated throat is some warm water with some lemon and honey. You should see your doctor and your doctor may be able to prescribe you with medicine that'll make you feel better and tell you what's going on.

You probably have brochitis. It has been going around. I had it last week, my son has it this week. Go to the doctor and get some meds!

jennifer e
You might have a cold or a runny nose that runs into the back of your throat.

Try blowing your nose and drinking lots of water. Or get a cough drop to sooth the throat. If it keeps up or gets worse, see a doctor.

Hope this helps.

I think you should go see a doctor

My husband had walking pneumonia with a bad cough .I gave him cell protecter by Gnc he stopped that night.his was a virus and medican from doctor didn't work try something to boost immune system and see a doctor.

Is it allergies or is it a cold ? Keep drinking fluids & tea with honey . Any liquids will ease coughing ; but you need to keep drinking . If it's allergies there are over ythe counter things to take : benedryl ; etc .
Certain prescriptions have been known to do that after you have used them a long time - whereas your doctor can change the prescription & give you something for the cough . Good luck . Also keep a cough drop or hard candy in your mouth .

getting overheated can bring on coughing spells too !

Sachee U
Stuff a cough drop in your mouth before you start coughing again. Drink lots of water. Drink some cough medicine. You can get that in a pharmacy. Go to the doctor. Scream, it actually helps your cough so you ignore the itchyness. Well, it helps me.

Sandi Beach
I'm Not a doctor but it sounds like you might have post nasal drip. It tickles your throat & makes you cough. Mine comes from infected sinuses & I take a sinus medication prescibed by my Dr. Try an antihistamine. If that doesn't work ask you Dr to check your sinuses for infection.

Son I am a very old man and your symptoms concern me don't take a chance on home or over the counter remedy's your health is the most important asset you will ever have please take my advice and see a doctor. Hope you get well soon.

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